Chapter 188: Increasing the Price as the Landlord

Chapter 188: Increasing the Price as the Landlord

“Immortal, may I know what you wish to order?” When he saw Cheng Yu was dressed in a cultivator’s clothing, the first floor attendant asked extremely politely.

“I wish to exchange some spiritual stones. Can it be done here?” When he saw everyone in the first floor were diners having their meals, Cheng Yu asked curiously.

“Of course. We have a lot of operations in Qiongyu building. The first and second floor are hotels. The third and fourth floor are meant for cultivation goods. If immortal wishes to exchange some spiritual stones, please follow me to the third floor,” The attendant received Cheng Yu passionately as he explained.

Cheng Yu saw that the service in the Cultivation World was so much better compared to the Secular World. Whenever there were customers coming in, they would receive them passionately. In the Secular World, if you were to enter any of those luxurious places, people would first judge you based on your looks. Without looking like a million bucks, it’s better to not go to those luxurious places at all.

“What’s the fifth floor for?” Cheng Yu followed the attendant up the building. When he looked at those diners, he did not expect it to be so diverse. Cheng Yu was seriously curious as to what the fifth floor was used for?

“Oh! The fifth floor is an auction house. However, there usually isn’t any auction going on. After all, this here is the border of the Cultivation World. Even if there were any good treasures, no one would be able to afford it. Therefore, the things auctioned here would be a lot cheaper and we would only hold auctions during special days,” The attendant replied with a smile. Cheng Yu nodded his head. There was truly nothing to fish here. Otherwise, they would not have made the first and second floor as a hotel. If they were to only sell the cultivation goods, wouldn’t they have to declare bankruptcy?

They were actually killing two birds with one stone. Regardless of being a cultivator or a mortal, they would accept them passionately and would accept all kinds of payment. The only thing that was not answered was if they were able to exchange silvers to spiritual stones.

“Immortal, this person here is our manager, manager Xu. Manager Xu, I will step down first,” That attendant brought Cheng Yu to the third floor towards a middle-aged man who was sitting on a chair. The attendant greeted the man and withdrew.

“May I know what Senior needs?” The middle-aged man’s eyes brightened up when he saw Cheng Yu as he spoke politely. Cheng Yu looked at the other party. The other party was unexpectedly a Foundation Establishment Realm initial stage expert. No wonder he would be able to tell Cheng Yu’s cultivation. In the Cultivation World, they didn’t care about age, but about cultivation. As long as you possessed a higher cultivation, you would be the senior.

“Manager Xu is being courteous. I am here to exchange for some spiritual stones,” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Oh? May I know what kind of items does Senior want to exchange for?” Manager Xu was very curious about Cheng Yu. At such a young age and he was already a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert, it was something he had never seen before in Ningshui City. It would also be something that is rarely seen even in the larger cities of the Cultivation World!

“I have some top-grade Qi Gathering Pills here. May I know how many spiritual stones I exchange them for?” Cheng Yu took out a top-grade Qi Gathering Pill and showed it to Manager Xu as he spoke.

“Top-grade Qi Gathering Pills? The quality of this pill is so high? Unexpectedly so pure?” When Manager Xu heard the other party wanted to exchange using top-grade Qi Gathering Pills, he was not surprised. After all, Qi Gathering Pills were one of most basic pills all cultivators needed. However, when he retrieved the Qi Gathering Pill from Cheng Yu, he was surprised. Although Ningshui City’s Qiongyu Building was not able to bring out any genuine treasures, they had still seen lots of top-grade Qi Gathering Pills before. However, he had never seen one that was so pure and high quality. This Qi Gathering Pill’s appearance was smooth and sleek, and was illuminated in radiance. Furthermore, when he inhaled in, he immediately felt that his spirit was refreshed. It could be seen how pure this pill was.

“Senior, may I know how many of such pills you are willing to exchange? Judging from your pill’s quality, I can certainly give you a suitable price,” Manager Xu replied excitedly. Any kind of pills would contain some impurities. The impurities in a pill may be very little, but if they were to consume it everyday, the impurities would accumulate within the body and would no longer be a simple matter. If they were unable to excrete the impurities in their body fully, their cultivation would still be able to progress, but their futures would not be so bright.

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Therefore, a lot of people would spend a large amount of time to excrete the pill impurities in their bodies at every interval. It could be said that it was not a simple task because to completely excrete all the impurities was an extremely complicated and sophisticated task. However, the pill Cheng Yu passed him did not have a single impurity in it. If a pill did not contain any impurities, this was extremely beneficial for a consumer. They would no longer need to worry about their cultivation being affected by pill impurities and could consume it as they wished. Wouldn’t their cultivation soar?

For Cheng Yu to reach the Foundation Establishment Realm late stage at such a young age, how many of such pills had he consumed? The more Manager Xu thought of it, the more grieved he felt. However, at the same time, he was also somewhat happy. Doesn’t it show that Cheng Yu still had a large amount of these pills?

“I have only 1000. What is the quote that Manager Xu can give me?” Cheng Yu still had 3000 top-grade Qi Gathering Pills on him. Originally, he wanted to exchange 2000, but when he saw the excited appearance of Manager Xu, he suddenly felt that he had truly thought too lowly of his pills. Cheng Yu was a low-profile person and did not like to be too eye-catching. If his pill was really so good, then if others were to know that he had such a large amount of pills on him, it was definitely not a good thing.

“Ah? Only 1000?” Manager Xu was disappointed when he heard the amount. After all, 1000 would not last long. But it was at least better than having none. Therefore he said, “Senior, we would usually exchange a top-grade Qi Gathering Pill for one spiritual stone. For Senior’s pill, I am willing to offer three spiritual stones for each pill. How about it?”

Previously, Cheng Yu had thought that if he could exchange a pill for two spiritual stones, it would already be pretty decent. But after he saw how Manager Xu acted, Cheng Yu became aware. Cheng Yu might not have understood the current standards of the Cultivation World, but he was not foolish. As a pill master, he knew the pros and cons of pills. Everything boiled down to the quality as it would affect the consumer’s future cultivation. In terms of quality, his pills were certainly near perfection. The merit came from his Six Phoenix spiritual flame. He can use it to purify a majority of the substances from the ingredients. Those ordinary pills would naturally have no impurities.

In his previous world, some of the Pill Masters would be able to ignite the third grade true fire. Similarly, it would be able to refine such quality pills. Cheng Yu was also certain that in this world, there was no Pill Master that could use third grade true fire. Originally, Cheng Yu had always thought that if he could exchange two spiritual stones for his pill, it would already be the limit. But it turned out that wasn’t so! Doesn’t this show that his pills were a lot better than what he thought? Therefore, they would be so excited when they saw it. After becoming aware, a baseline formed in Cheng Yu’s mind.

“Manager Xu, you should also know the value of my pill. Any kind of pills contain a certain percentage of impurities and the harm it brings to consumers can be very severe. A lot of them have used a pill of the worst quality that even affected their future prospects. But if they were to consume my pill, there would not be a need for them to be worried. 1000 pills is sufficient for an ordinary Foundation Establishment Realm expert to use for half a year. In that half year, they do not have to worry about impurities. I feel that it is quite reasonable to exchange five spiritual stones for one pill. How do you feel about that?”

In any case, since Cheng Yu knew how unique his pill was, it was natural for him to increase the price. Cheng Yu was not foolish to the point of not wanting to earn more money.

“Five spiritual stones for one pill? Senior, isn’t this price a bit too high?” Manager Xu was frightened by Cheng Yu’s exorbitant price. A Qi Gathering Pill for five spiritual stones was unheard of in the whole Cultivation World. This kind of price would really make one unable to accept it. However, what Cheng Yu had just said was not wrong at all. Those pills that contained impurities would have the existence of poison. Guaranteeing half a year of problem free cultivation was an extremely attractive benefit.

If impurities were not discharged out of the body, it would influence the cultivators’ cultivation. But if the toxins were not discharged, it would affect the cultivators’ spirit so much that they may experience Qi deviation. All of this was very normal. This was also the reason why a lot of supreme experts were not willing to use pills to assist in increasing their cultivation.

While pills were able to allow them to increase their cultivation very fast, it would also bring along huge influence to them. But it did not mean that they do not use any pills, but instead restrict themselves to a certain range. Like for example during crucial periods or when they had reached a bottleneck. Or perhaps during a breakthrough. All of these would need the assistance of pills.

“Since Manager Xu is not able to agree with this price, I can only look for another shop,” Cheng Yu saw that Manager Xu was still hesitating. He could only assist him in coming to a decision faster.

“Senior, please wait! I agree,” When he saw Cheng Yu had turned around and was about to leave, Manager Xu could not wait any longer and agreed. Such a good pill, so what if it was a bit more expensive? At least it could bring them peace of mind when they cultivated for the next six months.

“This is a thousand. Manager Xu can count them,” Cheng Yu saw that the other party had agreed, so he smiled slightly. He turned around and passed a big pill bottle to the other party.

“Sure!” Manager Xu opened up the pill bottle and took a look. The pill fragrance burst forth as he replied happily. After that, he took out 5000 spiritual stones from his bosom and gave it to Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu weighed the spiritual stones in his hand and felt that it was just 5000. His heart was delighted as he placed them into his bosom.

“Senior please wait. This is a VIP card from our Qiongyu Building. In the whole Cultivation World, other than certain goods, you can enjoy an 8% discount for any items you purchase in Qiongyu Building. If Senior still has such pills in the future, I hope that Senior would think of us, Qiongyu Building as the priority.”

When Manager Xu saw Cheng Yu was about to leave, he quickly took out a jade card and gave it to Cheng Yu. Although he had no idea about Cheng Yu’s identity, he believed that Cheng Yu was definitely not someone simple. Furthermore, he definitely still had these kinds of pills. If Cheng Yu were to stay in Ningshui City, it would be best if he could transact more with him. Even if Cheng Yu was not in Ningshui City, he held onto his VIP card. If he were to spent a large amount at any other outlets, he could still earn a large commission from it.

“Thanks,” Cheng Yu looked at the jade card and was also very happy. However, he did not display it too obviously.

“Does Senior need any goods from our store?” When Manager Xu saw Cheng Yu had accepted the jade card, he also became delighted. After all, Cheng Yu was a potential customer and was worth pulling strings for. If the other party were to be fond of a few of those goods he had in the store, it would be even better. It would be best if he didn’t have enough spiritual stones on him, this way, he would have to take out more pills.

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Cheng Yu also wished to buy a few armaments, so he didn’t reject the offer and took a look around the third and fourth floor.


“Senior Brother Lin, are you certain that you saw that kid?” Lin Feng and the others headed towards the direction Cheng Yu went, but had long lost him. It was quite obvious that he was asking doubtfully.

“Of course. How can I possibly recognize him wrongly? Even though he changed his clothes, I am still certain that the person was him,” Lin Feng recalled to when Cheng Yu had swaggered his way out of the teahouse and replied.

“But there’s so many people around, how do we know where he went?” The few of them replied gloomily. There were people going back and forth here. How were they going to find Cheng Yu?

“Huh? Senior Brother, didn’t that kid ask us where could he exchange for spiritual stones previously? Isn’t Qiongyu Building just in front of us? Do you think if he went there?” This time, the cultivator named Zhao Wu looked at the somewhat tall Qiongyu Building that was bustling with people said as his eyes brighten up.

“Right! What Xiao Wu had said is correct. I am pretty sure that kid had came over here to look for Qiongyu Building,” Skinny Monkey said jubilantly.

“En. If he had really went in, he shouldn’t have come out since it has only been a short while. We will just keep watch here. When he leaves, we will tail him again,” Lin Feng thought and felt that what Zhao Wu said was very reasonable.

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