Chapter 187: Who Is Superior?

Lin Feng was also disgusted by Fang Heng, but if Cheng Yu did not appear, he would already be thinking of ways to teach these people a lesson. But now that the person he was searching for had appeared, there was no longer a need for him to continue being tangled up with them. Compared to Cheng Yu, Fang Heng was just too insignificant. They were at most at the peak of Qi Training Realm initial stage. If they were able to obtain the large quantity of pills that was on Cheng Yu, he believed that he would be able to breakthrough to Qi Training Realm middle stage in a short span of time. When the time comes, he could easily provoke Fang Heng again.

“Senior Brother, all of us here are from the same sect. It’s fine if we were to exchange pointers with each other. There’s no need for us to be so serious. This junior brother of mine was born impulsive and likes to speak incoherently. On behalf of him, let me apologize to you for what he just said. I hope that Senior Brother would be magnanimous,” Lin Feng laid down the discontentment in his heart and lowered his head as he spoke to Fang Heng politely.

“Hmph! Sure enough, secular Kunlun people are all cowards. It’s not impossible for us to forgive you. As long as you crawl between our legs, we will let you off. How about that?” Fang Heng became complacent when he saw that the other party decided not to fight back. After all, he did not manage to get the upper hand when he was fighting with Skinny Monkey. Them backing down first made him felt a little better.

However, Fang Heng was not afraid of just because he was evenly matched with Skinny Monkey. Therefore, he did not plan to let them off so easily. If he were to let them off so easily, it implied that he had lost to the secular Kunlun people. This was something that Fang Heng would not accept. After Fang Heng spoke, all the secular Kunlun members immediately got angry and their complexions turned extremely ugly.

“What are you? For our senior brother to apologize to you was just giving you some face. Don’t misinterpret it as us being afraid of you. At most we can just go for another round,” Skinny Monkey was already very discontent when Lin Feng had suddenly popped out and asked them to stop. He believed that with a bit more time, he would be able to defeat him.

“Sure! I also had such intention. As long as you are able to defeat me, I will not make things difficult for you,” Fang Heng was hoping to fight another round with Skinny Monkey. He felt that he had underestimated his enemy just now. With another chance, he would certainly be able to defeat his opponent.

“Since it’s like that, you guys continue fighting. We have something to do and will leave first,” After great difficulty did he finally manage to wait for Cheng Yu to emerge. Lin Feng did not hope to let Cheng Yu escape again. The losses would be too big.

“No way. Before we have finished fighting, none of you are allowed to leave!” Fang Heng immediately shattered their dreams. His thinking was very simple. That was to defeat their secular Kunlun people in front of them. Only by doing so would he be able to humiliate them.

“Senior Brother, don’t you think you are going too overboard?” Lin Feng had also started turning angry. He had already exercised restraint repeatedly and they were still not satisfied. Every individual would have their own temper!

“What? Not convinced? If you aren’t convinced, you can also battle it out with me! As long as you defeat me, you will be able to leave,” Fang Heng was not intimidated by Lin Feng’s fury as he replied unconcernedly.

“You…” Lin Feng was not afraid of Fang Heng, but was afraid that Cheng Yu would go too far away and by the time he gave chase, he would not be able to catch up to him. This was the boundary of the Cultivation World and secular Kunlun people must not enter the Cultivation World. If Cheng Yu exited Ningshui City, it would be even harder for them to catch him.

“What? Don’t dare? Since you don’t dare to, then stay on the sidelines!” Fang Heng looked at Lin Feng’s hesitating appearance. He thought that Lin Feng was afraid of him. Thus, his heart grew even more pleased.

“How about this! We will no longer fight, I am willing to offer 100 low-grade Qi Gathering Pills and hope that Senior Brother would let us off this time,” Lin Feng gave some consideration and ultimately, he took out a pill bottle and said to Fang Heng.

“Senior Brother, you…” The other few did not manage to take note of Cheng Yu’s emergence and were very confused and discontented with how Lin Feng had chosen to back down this time. They felt that today’s Lin Feng was really too cowardly. Lin Feng glared at them and said to Fang Heng, ”Senior Brother, I hope you would consider the fact that we are all from Kunlun and let us off once.”

Fang Heng looked at the pill bottle in Lin Feng’s hand with surprise. It was known that the treatment given to secular Kunlun was a lot worse compared to them. Even though they had no idea to what degree, it was still not a simple task to take out 100 Qi Gathering Pills!

Furthermore, this skinny boy was able to come to a tie with him. As his senior brother, he would not be any worse off than this skinny boy and there was no need for Lin Feng to pay such a high price. Fang Heng looked at Lin Feng’s anxious expression and said, ”100 Qi Gathering Pills is truly a lot to you, but it couldn’t be counted as much for us. Compared to these 100 Qi Gathering Pills, I am more willing to battle you guys.”

Actually, Fang Heng was just trying to probe Lin Feng’s bottom line. Even though the Cultivation World Kunlun’s treatment was better than the secular Kunlun, 100 Qi Gathering Pills was equivalent to two months of income. Naturally, he was moved by it, but he felt that Lin Feng would certainly put forth much more because he saw how anxious Lin Feng was.

Indeed, Lin Feng was in a hurry to depart from here. Cheng Yu had already left for so long, and if he were to not give chase now, he would no longer be able to catch him. When he saw Fang Heng had unexpectedly wanted more, his heart itched, but when he thought of the piles of top-grade Qi Gathering Pills on Cheng Yu, his heart felt a lot better.

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So long as he was able to obtain the pills on Cheng Yu, a single top-grade Qi Gathering Pills was equivalent to 200 low-grade Qi Gathering Pills. He hardened his heart and clenched his teeth as he said, ”Then I will take out another 100. These are already all the pills I have on me. I hope that Senior Brother can stop making things difficult for us.”

Fang Heng looked at Lin Feng. Even though he had no idea how Lin Feng had this many pills on him, he felt that the amount was more or less good enough. He retrieved the pill bottle from Lin Feng and said with a smile, ”Good! Junior Brother is truly good spirited. May I know how to address Junior Brother?”

“I’m Lin Feng. Since Senior Brother agreed, we brothers will make a move first,” When he saw Fang Heng had accepted his pills, he sighed in relief. He only had this many low-grade Qi Gathering Pills on him. If Fang Heng demanded an exorbitant price, he was worried if they would really need to battle it out. Although there were still the top-grade Qi Gathering Pills on him, Lin Feng must not exposed it. If a puny Qi Training Realm were to take out a few top-grade Qi Gathering Pills, others would think of how to target them. Otherwise, Cheng Yu would not have been targeted by them.

“Senior Brother Heng, you are truly capable. In such a short while, you have obtained 200 pills. Judging from his appearance, even if Senior Brother had asked for more, he would still give it to you. Why did you not ask for more?” When they saw the few of them had went down, one of the people behind Fang Heng walked up and looked at the two pill bottles in his hand and said enviously.

“Here. Divide them among the four of you,” Fang Heng was naturally able to spot the expression on their faces as he gave one of the bottles to Fang Ping. He looked at the eight of them descending down the stairs and leaving the teahouse before he said with a smile, ”You must never be too greedy. Perhaps, there will still be another big fish for us to catch later on. Let’s go. We will tail them.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother!” After splitting the 100 pills among the four of them, there would not be a lot for each of them, but they also did not put in any effort to obtain them. It was already a good thing for them to obtain benefits. Furthermore, Fang Heng had already taken his portion of the harvest.

“Senior Brother Heng, why are we tailing them?” When they heard Fang Heng wanted to follow them to catch the big fish, the four of them were puzzled. What kind of big fish could there possibly be in secular Kunlun? Forking out 200 pills would already be their limit.

“Because I don’t believe the secular Kunlun people would be so magnanimous,” Fang Heng was certain that there was something fishy going on. They would never choose to submit to humiliation and gift 200 pills in vain.

Don’t even talk about the secular Kunlun people, even if it was themselves, they would also not be willing to gift 200 pills without a good cause. The reason why he did not increase the demand was because he wanted to see what the secular Kunlun people were trying to do.


“Senior Brother Lin, why did you give them so many pills? If we really fought, they might not necessarily win,” When the few of them were on the main street, they voiced out their displeasure at Lin Feng taking.

“If you did not speak so nonsensically, would we have provoked him? I already said before, we are here to search for someone and not to look for trouble,” Lin Feng was furious. It would be fake to say that he was not angry gifting 200 pills. There were a lot of pills on Cheng Yu, but it was not theirs yet. His mood would naturally not be good.

“Even so, there was no need for them to take it lying down. We can still look for them to ask for the pills back,” Skinny Monkey knew that this matter was caused by him, but he felt that the way Lin Feng had handled this matter was incorrect.

“Do you guys think I am so foolish? A moment ago, I saw that kid had gone past this direction. Otherwise, why do you think I would be in such a hurry to leave?” Lin Feng said ill-manneredly.

“What! That kid appeared? Senior Brother, why did you not say so earlier? Otherwise, we would had just fought our way out. Isn’t it the same?” When they heard the news of Cheng Yu reappearing, everyone immediately got excited. In their eyes, Cheng Yu was a mobile treasury.

“Do you think that they were all vegetarian? By the time we finish fighting, that kid would have already ran off. If we were to break out from their enclosure, they would definitely chase after us. At that time, wouldn’t they also know of this news? Furthermore, we have to preserve our physical power and strength. When the time comes, we would certainly have to battle that kid. We must definitely succeed in the first try. Or else, he would flee again,” Lin Feng had already thought of the whole situation.

“Senior Brother, you planned it so thoroughly,” When they finally realized what was going on, everyone immediately came to an understanding and admired Lin Feng more.

“Skinny Monkey, let me tell you, this incident was caused by you and I am not willing to spend the 200 pills in vain. When the time comes after we capture that kid, I am going take it back from you,” 200 pills was not a small amount and Lin Feng was not that generous. The sect only distributed 10 pills to them every month. All of these were either accumulated or exchanged using spiritual stones. Why would Lin Feng be willing to just throw it out like that?

“Heh! Sure. It’s just 200 pills. When the time comes, I will definitely return it to you,” Skinny Monkey thought of those top-grade pills on Cheng Yu and replied. Returning 200 low-grade Qi Gathering Pills…wasn’t it equivalent to only returning a single top-grade Qi Gathering Pill?


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After walking through a few streets, Cheng Yu finally saw the legendary Qiongyu Building. No wonder it was called Qiongyu Building. After staying in Yunhai for so long, Cheng Yu had long gotten used to seeing those skyscrapers. But in the Cultivation World, it was rare to see an established five story tall pavilion.

“Immortal, is there anything you need me to serve you?” One of the shop’s assistants walked up and greeted passionately when he saw Cheng Yu standing at the entrance.

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