Chapter 186: Young Rich Man

When the eight of them heard a voice calling out to them, their complexions turned ugly. They turned around and looked at the people who were arriving cautiously and solemnly. Standing there were five people who had their hair rolled up in a bun like a daoist while wearing distinctive Kunlun clothing. However, the difference was that cultivation Kunlun’s sleeves lacked a white flagpole. On secular Kunlun’s sleeves, there was a white flagpole. This signified that they were people from the secular Kunlun.

“What’s wrong? Weren’t you guys quite unyielding just now? Why did you become so cowardly all of a sudden?” Among the five, one of them sneered when they saw the eight of them behaving cautious and timidly.

“Hmph! Don’t think that just because you are from the Cultivation World Kunlun, we would be afraid of you,” When he saw the disdain in the other party’s eyes, Skinny Monkey got very unhappy. All of them were also in the initial stage of Qi Training Realm. There was no need for him to be afraid of them.

“Your secular Kunlun is nothing more than just help for our cultivation Kunlun to do odd jobs. What qualifications do you have to challenge me?” That person laughed and said.

“What’s there for you to act so lofty about? Without us, you wouldn’t even be able to eat feces,” Since they had already turned hostile towards each other, Skinny Monkey was not afraid of offending the other party. Hence, he replied mockingly.

“Good. So courageous. Since it’s like that, let me, Fang Heng, experience if your strength is as unyielding as your guts,” Fang Heng and the others complexions changed when they heard Skinny Monkey’s words. Fang Heng pulled out his sword and stabbed towards Skinny Monkey.


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Cheng Yu spent half a day’s time and had finally reached the nearest city, Ningshui City. When he finally reached a location that was populated, Cheng Yu felt very happy.

Ever since he had stayed in Yunhai for a few months, Cheng Yu felt that he started to like places that were more lively and bustling. In Cheng Yu’s previous life, he could cultivate in the mountains for years and not feel that it was dull and tedious but now, he was not used to mountain life here.

When he saw the lively scene in Ningshui City, Cheng Yu decided to stay here for a few days and he also planned to find out about the situation in the Cultivation World first before purchasing some food. Cheng Yu looked for an inn and intended to leave some of his belongings behind.

“Immortal, may I know what you would like to order?” Before Cheng Yu had even entered the city, he had already changed his clothes. Otherwise, if he were to wear his sportswear in this interesting and appealing world, it would be too unconventional here. However, with Cheng Yu’s short hairstyle, he was unable to bun it up making him look unconventional as well.

In the Cultivation World, not all human were cultivators. There were mortals as well. When they saw Cheng Yu’s clothing, they naturally treated him as a respected guest. The Cultivation World was not at all similar to the Secular World. The mortals were separated from cultivators, but within the mortal eyes, those cultivators were like deity like figures to them. Aloof and remote.

“Get me a few of your signature dishes,” Cheng Yu had no idea what they ate. He could only choose to let the waiter make the decisions. A moment later, Cheng Yu’s dishes were served. A roasted chicken and a plate of steamed fish in broth. Looking at the demeanor, it did not seem to lose out to Yunhai’s delicacies at all and its fragrance was also very aromatic. Cheng Yu picked up a piece of fish and tried. The taste was pretty decent. The succulence of the meat was extremely fresh. After all, the ingredients here were organic without any contamination. Furthermore, the spiritual Qi here was a lot denser than the Secular World. The meat raised from this was naturally something the Secular World could not compare to.

An idea suddenly popped out in Cheng Yu’s mind. If he was able to create a sacred place that was filled with dense spiritual Qi and breeded poultry, he would definitely get rich if he were to open up a restaurant. En. This idea seemed to be very constructive. In any case, building a piece of sacred land was also within his plans. So long as he was able to have a huge harvest for the upcoming Cultivation World trip, he would be able to implement this idea very quickly.

“Boss, settle the bill!” Just as Cheng Yu was enjoying the natural organic food, a big person beside him shouted as he placed a few fragmented silvers on of the table.

Cheng Yu was struck dumb by this. “Silver? These meals here are paid by silvers? Did they not say that they used spiritual stones as currency?” There was not a single silver on him!

“Waiter,” When Cheng Yu saw the waiter kept the silver and started tidying the table, he called out.

“Immortal, what other needs do you have?” Cheng Yu’s clothing may seem to be somewhat incongruous, but it was still the standard cultivator’s dress. If they were not cultivators, they would absolutely not dare to wear this. Therefore, in the waiter’s eyes, Cheng Yu was a genuine cultivator.

“This…is silver used as the payment method here?” Cheng Yu probed.

“Immortal must not have visited the mundane world often. Over here, we do accept spiritual stone as a payment method, but because spiritual stones are too precious, very few people would spend it on food and drink. Furthermore, our inn is very ordinary. So, most of the people who visit here are mortals. That’s why they use silver to pay,” The waiter was able to tell Cheng Yu’s thought process as he explained with a smile.

“So it’s like that. I thought that you guys only accepted silvers,” When Cheng Yu heard that he could pay using spiritual stones, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Yes. If there’s nothing else, I will continue with my work. Please enjoy your food, Immortal,” The waiter continued to tidy up the table at the side after taking his leave.

Even though he had clarified the situation, Cheng Yu still felt a little pain when he ate the delicacies. “Damn it! Could it be that I have to use spiritual stones to pay for my bill? I only had one spiritual stone on me! Such a simple meal and I have to use a spiritual stone for it. Isn’t this too big of a loss?”

Cheng Yu swept his eyes past the interior of the inn. He saw that there were some diners who wore top-notch clothing and also some cultivators around. Suddenly, he thought of an idea. Cheng Yu suddenly stood up and shouted, ”Poor Daoist here today does not have any silvers on hand. I am willing to use this Longevity Pill to exchange for some silvers. Not sure is anyone here willing to do so?”

The Longevity Pills Cheng Yu had on hand right now would at most extend a person lifespan by 50 years. It did not have much used to a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator, but to those Qi Training Realm cultivators and mortals, it was still very enticing.

“Daoist friend, may I know how many years of lifespan your Longevity Pill can prolong?” One of the Qi Training Realm cultivators immediately stood up and asked.

“30 to 50 years,” In fact, with his Qi Training Realm cultivation, it would certainly be able to prolong his lifespan for 50 years, but there were also a lot of mortals present at the scene. Even though their constitution was a lot better than those mortals in the Secular World, it would also at most prolong their life by around 30 years.

“30 to 50 years?” A lot of them started getting excited, especially those rich merchants. They were just mortals and did not possess the fate of cultivating. The only thing they could hope for was to be able to live longer. Otherwise, wouldn’t all the wealth they had accumulated be wasted? Therefore, when they heard Cheng Yu’s Longevity Pill was able to prolong a person’s lifespan by 30 to 50 years, their hearts immediately became excited.

“Immortal, I am willing to offer 1000 silvers to exchange for your Longevity Pill. How about it?” One of the rich merchants immediately raised up his hand and said loudly.

“I am offering 2000 silvers…” Another person stood up.

“I offer 3000 silvers…”

“I am offer 5000 silvers…”

“8000 silvers…”

“10000 silvers…”

Cheng Yu looked at the current scene with his heart in delight. This was a lot more worthwhile than spending a spiritual stone. Just this pill alone and Cheng Yu would be able to afford numerous meals. Listening to all the bids, Cheng Yu had also gotten excited. Cheng Yu felt that it was still quite easy for him to mingle around in the Cultivation World. After all, the mortals here were a lot more knowledgeable than those in the Secular World. They had been living together with the cultivators. It was natural for them to know about such miraculous pills and would not order any skeptical tests.

“En. It seems like after I return to the Secular World, I should organize some auctions. What are those rich afraid of? The most frightening thing is being short-lived. I would just need to look for some reputable people and would certainly make those rich merchants believe the authenticity.”

“I am willing to offer 100,000 silvers!” A 50-year old merchant stood up and yelled excitedly. It appeared as if he was determined to acquire this pill.

“100,000 silvers? This amount is too high. This kind of prolonging lifespan pill is miraculous, but can only prolong life for 30 to 50 years. A lot of other places also sell this kind of pill. Even though it is only able to prolong your lifespan for 10 years, it would at most cost 10,000 silvers. 100,000 silvers for a pill is just too sky-high,” When they heard the figure, a majority of them halted. After all, 100,000 silvers was not a small amount. Even though they were rich, they would not waste their money so easily. How many years would it take for them to earn back this 100,000 silvers?

“Immortal, this is 100,000 silvers in banknotes. Are you willing to sell this pill to me?” That person saw that no one was willing to compete with him, so he quickly took out a pile of banknotes and placed in front of Cheng Yu as he said politely.

“Of course,” Cheng Yu saw that there were so many pieces of banknotes, and his heart had also turned excited. However, he did not display it as he placed the banknotes into his bosom and passed the Longevity Pill to that merchant.

“Thank you, Immortal! Thank you, Immortal!” The merchant took the pill from Cheng Yu. He sniffed it and immediately felt that his spirit had become invigorated. When he saw those envious eyes around him, he swallowed it hurriedly. He did not wish to become someone else’s target since after he consumed it, it would become his.

When they saw the merchant had consumed the pill, all of them became disappointed. Even the cultivators had also displayed looks of disappointment. However, their gazes immediately landed onto Cheng Yu once again. They were cultivators. When the bidding had happened just now, they did not possess any advantage. They basically did not have that many silvers to purchase this pill. They really wished to know what Cheng Yu’s identity was and if he still had more of this pill. Or even better pills.

Cheng Yu was naturally able to sense those different gazes. However, he did not mind it. but took out a 10,000 silvers banknote and put it onto the table heroically.

“I will be treating today. All the spending will be on me today!”

“Great! Thank you, Immortal!”

“Immortal is so magnanimous!” They were not able to acquire the pill, but were still able to eat without paying. Everyone was very happy. After eating and drinking to their heart’s content, Cheng Yu inquired about the Qiongyu building’s location from the waiter before leaving the inn. With a large sum of banknotes on him, Cheng Yu walked with ample confidence. Even though he did not have many spiritual stones on him, at least in the mortal world, he was an authentic rich young man. There was no longer a need for him to worry about food and drink.

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Just as Cheng Yu was swaggering towards the Qiongyu building, Senior Brother Lin, Lin Feng, saw Cheng Yu walking down the main street. His eyes immediately brightened up. He shouted at Skinny Monkey and Fang Heng who were fighting each other, ”Stop!”

“Who are you? Why should I stop when you tell me to?” Fang Heng had fought with Skinny Monkey for half a day and they were still evenly matched. Fang Heng was unable to get the upper-hand in the match causing him to be extremely irritated. Now that he heard the other party had called him to stop, it was natural for him to be unwilling to do so.

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