Chapter 82 – Prelude To The Next Battle

The matches for Nexus University were finished for today, but Luon, Arisa, and the others stayed to watch the remaining matches. Especially the one after theirs, as the winner of this segment would turn out to be their opponents for their next match.

But to their disappointment, the next match wasn’t that informative, it was between Atlantica Royal School and Harmonic Forest. The result turned evident as Atlantica Royal School came out on top.

Harmonic Forest specialized in food production techniques and regulating vegetation for mass production, so it wasn’t a surprise that they had lost. Populated with beings like Dryads, Treants, Elves, and other beings that support nature they support the majority of the solar systems food supply in trade, especially from where Titan’s Valley and Dragon’s Lair was located.

Harmonic Forest participation in the combat segment was merely just for show. There was no need for them to try too hard as they were able to quickly able to recuperate for their losses in trade.

Since Harmonic Forest wasn’t able to get Atlantica Royal School to display their strength, their abilities were currently unknown to them. Although Luon could see the combat levels, it was pointless as actual combat would turn out much differently than just merely guessing by how their combat levels.

Atlantica Royal School is a school developed for Commanders in their solar system, unlike the other solar systems this school openly exchanges students with their sister school, Ocean Guardian Foundations who specialized in developing soldiers in a militaristic fashion.

With the top commander students from two solar systems and the top soldiers as well, Luon suspects that their opponents may turn out to be challenging to deal with.

The next match made his suspicions turn true, it was between Kien Sect and Ocean Guardian Foundation. Since the battle strength of Ocean Guardian Foundation was similar to Atlantica Royal School Luon found them to be quite powerful.

Kien Sect which was full of human cultivators, and although they won against Ocean Guardian Foundation due to their pure strength stumbled upon their strategies as the score was very close at 2 to 1. Without a doubt, their next match is going to be much tougher than the previous one, Luon thought as he looked at the Merman equipped with heavy armor.

Although he could only estimate his next opponent’s strength, Luon could also recognize one other factor in their opponent’s strategy. The type of map that they are going to be using is going to be filled with water.

Just as Luon was pondering about their opponents, Arisa stood up inside the booth and walked over to Zythos and said, “So. What do you have to say about losing your match?”

Zythos turned to her and said, “We were just matched badly if we had faced Luon’s opponents instead we could have easily won the match.”

Luon thought about what he had just said and nodded inwardly, without a doubt Luon would find Plana Academia’s first set of students to be troublesome to deal with. Although, he had faced against heavy soldiers before they turned out to be quite annoying as they had to use particular methods like armor-piercing skills, attacks that damaged the internal organs and spells that restricted their opponent’s movements.

But even then Luon felt like his team would have been able to adapt and handle it properly which is why he didn’t say anything after Zythos had made his stance. Arisa who had received his answer merely scoffed and said, “Well hopefully your next opponent would be much easier to deal with right?”

Before Zythos could answer her someone else turned out much faster as they said, “Of course it would be much easier to deal with! Since I’ll be starting my debut during the next match! Just leave it to me.”

Janet who had been silent the whole time deciding how to handle her universal debut shot up and said those reassuring words. Both Arisa and Luon recognizes Janet’s strength, and although they weren’t sure how strong she was in the water, they both felt that she might be able to handle it right.

But there was someone else who didn’t think so, Zythos the team leader said, “You want to join in now? No way, if you join then who do we have to sub out?”

Qi Ren stepped in and said, “We should sub out him right? The next map is filled with water, so the circumstances aren’t that favorable to him.”

Qi Ren pointed towards the tiger beastmen as he said that, the very fact that he was able to guess what kind of map their opponents were going to pick earned Luon’s respect for him since it was still merely a possibility.

The tiger beastmen nodded as he continues to sit down, seeing his reaction Janet stepped up and said, “And there you have it! Any other problems you want to add?”

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Zythos shook his head in denial as he said, “No if the commander of my team said to sub you in, then so be it.”

Zythos stood up as he sent his gaze across the room as he said, “Well then, I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

With that remark, Zythos and his team members minus Janet left the room. It seemed that they were no longer interested in watching the remaining matches between Titan’s Valley and Lemegeton.

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Janet looked at their vanishing figure and inappropriately gestured a curse as they were gone, she said, “What a prick, so over-demanding. It looks like I have my work cut out for me.”

Arisa pulled her aside as she said, “It’s too bad we can only have teams of 5, I would have wholeheartedly welcome you to my team otherwise.”

Janet gave her a bright smile as she said, “You’re just interested in my sword techniques right? Your techniques ain’t that bad as well. Rather than recruiting me I feel like you want to spar with me, ain’t that right?”

Arisa gave neither confirmation or denial as the two of them began to talk about other topics such as fashion, perfume and other things which made Luon focus on the current battle. The score was even between Titan’s Valley and Lemegeton, at first Titan’s Valley dominated their first match with overwhelming strength, since they were the largest school filled with monsters, mixed races and other beings such as ogres, Oni which was a different species than the demonic race and highly resembled ogres, and other similar beings.

The strength of an ogre was something that shouldn’t be underestimated, as well as, the power of an Oni which was a miniaturized version of it. In fact, during their match, one of those ogres shattered their opponents with a single punch causing a gruesome scene to appear on stage. Everyone believe that Titan’s Valley, the sister school of Avalon may have won this battle after the first match, but found themselves dumbstruck with the next match.

As expected from the third-ranked battle academy from the previous year, they had won using hypnotic seduction magic emitted from a succubus to confuse Titan’s Valley frontlines. They were apparently not prepared for this as they were unable to respond before they had lost the match.

With a score of 1 to 1, it was anyone’s game, equipped with hypnotic resistance devices Titan’s Valley rose towards to the battleground once more only to suffer a stifling defeat. They had lost in the very category that they had specialized in, strength. With Deminier in the lead Lemegeton had overpowered Titan’s Valley, it seems that this year Lemegeton became much stronger compared to the previous ones.

Arisa who was talking to Janet carefully analyzed this match. If their team had fought against Lemegeton, she didn’t know how the result would turn out. Feeling a little depressed she silently stood up and left the room, and following after Arisa departure, her team has left as well. Janet who doesn’t know about the situation between her and Deminier was slightly confused but was able to read the mood. Giving the monitor a quick glance she had also left the room.

The matches for the day were over as the live broadcast was now switching over to rebroadcasts of the previous matches.

Luon decided to stay a little longer to study some of their opponent’s combat abilities bidding farewell to his teammates. Rather than focusing on teams he slowly analyzed the strongest competitors on each team, and there were 4 significant people in his eyes. Deminier from Lemegeton was without a doubt strong, he had overpowered an ogre with a saber in his hand. His saber techniques were around the same level that Luon and had shown signs of with consistent training. On the other hand, another person to worry about was a person from Kien Sect, they weren’t like a rich young master but was as powerful as the average 100-year-old cultivator, reaching the combat level of 81, the same as Deminier.

‘As expected from a Demon,’ Luon thought. But Deminier wasn’t the only one with this physical advantage. In fact, Luon was more wary of the ogre warrior who had transferred over from Titan’s Valley to Dragon’s Lair. At level 82, he alone could stand as the vanguard against the entire Heavenly Sanctuary team. Winning the other two matches would be very important when going up against them.

The last person Luon was careful about was from Sea Emperor Palace, the princess from the Aqua Kingdom. Although she was a princess in name, there were many other princes and princesses as there are fish in the ocean. She appeared wise for her age as she perfectly commanded the battle against Heavenly Authority Academy, and was ridiculously strong as she dealt with an assassin who appeared before her in the last minute.

Luon felt that if he had to face her, it might turn out a little difficult. Fortunately, he may not have to as their third opponent would more than likely be Dragon’s Lair.

Rather than focusing on opponents he may or may not be facing. It was better to think of the current situation. First, he needed to win against Atlantica Royal School before battling against either Kien Sect or Lemegeton.

Seeing how there was no useful information about Atlantica Royal School Luon logged out of the lobby and began training in a private server. After a few minutes of exercise did he stopped. Training is an essential aspect of getting stronger, but so is rest. Rather than continue to worry about things, it was much easier to sleep things out.

The world turned black as Luon closed his eyes to enter deep sleep, sleeping is without a doubt the best way to remove stress from our daily lives.

And after a good night’s rest, the next series of battles began.

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