Chapter 81 – Nexus Vs Plana 3

The second battle ended as Luon victoriously returned to the waiting room . To the crowd, he was merely an interesting character, but that was it. He wasn’t the first person to use explosives during key moments of the Alliance Tournament, and he won’t be the last. The idea of using whatever you could get your hands on is highly respected, and bombs were one of those things.

Of course, this included the regulated usage of nuclear weaponry, but that in itself is strange if it appeared within the average citizen’s hands, Luon might be brought in for questioning if he had used one.

Luon went to sit down at his spot, but before he did, he shot a glance towards Arisa as if relaying to her that he did his side of the bargain, and it was her turn to make up for it.

After the two met eyes, Arisa got up to rally her teammates before the final match determining the success of the Nexus solar system.

“It was quite the interesting match we had last round, how did you feel about it?” asked the male announcer during the break time of the matches.

“Although it was quite the respectable effort for the team from the Plana Academia to construct a titan, the fact that it has a lot of vulnerable weaknesses was still present in the design. Well with failure, success will always follow afterward. Hopefully, next year Plana Academia would rethink about using such a strategy,” analyzed the female announcer.

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“Haha, although you are right about that, to be honest, I felt the strategy was quite good, maybe if they were able to swap two of their engineers with warriors they might have fared a little better. It’s as you said success will always come after failure, no matter how many times failure repeats itself. What was the more interesting part of the match would be the gear used from Nexus University, as expected from a technological oriented solar system we found that their usage of gadgets are be profound… Who am I kidding, a bomb? That’s probably the most generic sounding thing to do,” the male announcer said.

“But it’s also the most effective,” the female announcer giggled and pointed out.

“It was the most effective thing used, the spirit of explosives is strong as ever. It truly surprises us on what kind of form it comes in when we watch the Alliance Tournament, I think the frequency rate is about 1 every 3 years, back during the…” said the male announcer as he started to go off the tangent.

But before he could ruin the broadcast by covering old personal stories, the female announcer suddenly said, “And our next match would without a doubt be the most exciting, an all girl’s team representing Nexus University versus two orcs, two dwarves and 1 elf from Plana Academia. This may be the end of Nexus considering that this line up from Plana Academia is their main attack force.”

“Oh, and how did you figure that out,” questioned the male announcer who stopped lecturing about strange stories.

“Why because a few members of their team are actually famous. The two orcs representing them were actually known to have helped repel Inzektors that had attacked the Plana solar system last year as their kill out had surpassed most of their peers, and beside them the elven warrior on their team had also participated and nabbed the number one spot for killing Inzektors. It’s too bad that just as fast you could kill them their method of reproducing is too darn high, as well as how spaced out everything is about their race. Their frequent attacks on the Plana solar system forces the students to fight them off annually,” said the female announcer.

“It is quite sad to see them actively fighting on the front-lines. No matter how much technology advances we’re still unable to match up against the reproduction rate of the Inzektor race, if it weren’t for those powerful warriors of the past, we may have already been defeated, but now the amount of new technology developed every year is slowly dropping while the Inzektors are slowly adapting. If nothing were to change then we might be facing another hundred years of constant wars,” the male announcer depressingly said.

The two of them became silent, a universe filled continuously with war, there was a lot of hope placed into the Vortex Container which was publicized forty years ago, and yet no astounding, war-shattering existence had appeared.

Minutes of silence past as the female announcer had suddenly said, “Enough of the depressing talk, let’s just get the action underway. It seems that while we were sorrowing in our despair, the match had already started.”

It was already several minutes into the match, unlike the other two teams from Plana Academia, the way the main team played it out appeared to be very standard. There was no cheesy rush attack tactic nor was there a technological rush to focus on a sending a specialized, difficult to deal with, types of Unit out. Their base steadily grew as the two dwarven engineers were placed to work, with the elf warrior in command the two orcs patrolled their region as they slowly expanded their influence.

It appears that both teams were building some kind of robot, while the ones on Arisa side were operated by an AI system integrated with a command signal in the form of an RTS game, the other hand appeared to be using pilots for their robots which were more massive in scale. In fact, these robots required at least 4-5 different pilots and the difference in numbers became 1 to 40.

But it wasn’t without a purpose, this giant robot was easily able to decimate the robots who rained a series of bullets on them until their tactic change where the robots from Nexus began to use terrain advantages and heavy weaponry to take it out.

Stuck in a stalemate, Arisa left Shizuka to operate the units, the automated manufacturing process, and the command table while she stepped up on the front lines with Keyral, Kiri, and Belle to deal with their opponent’s robots.

Unlike the one Luon’s group had faced these colossal titans were easier dealt with as they weren’t as large, and they were made to be mass-produced.

But as they had done so, it also prompted the orc warriors to face off against their group. The average level of Arisa’s party was 77 while the orcs were naturally 75. Once they figured out they were at a disadvantage, the two orcs equipped the bloodlust mask making their level rise up until they were both 79.

It seemed that the border between 79 and 80 was quite a difference.

The two were struggling before fought Arisa’s party to a standstill, Arisa sword clashed against the orcs axe while Belle shot at the orc from the side which was blocked by his shield on the other hand. Alternating the pressure, Belle had also shot at the orc Keyral was dealing with which caused him to stay defensive as he only used a two-handed greatsword.

“Enough of this, come brother let’s deal with the puny ranger first. These pesky bullets are annoying!” said the orc as he rose his sword and charged towards Belle.

The other orc wanted to follow suit, but was stopped by Arisa as she said, “You’re not leaving that easily.”

The orc laughed as he said, “It won’t matter, my brother will take care of her soon enough.”

“Is that so?” Arisa smiled mysteriously to his remark, it was at this time he heard a scream coming from the direction of where his brother was.

He turned and looked as he saw a pair of swords impaling his brother from behind, Kiri whose presence had vanished since the start of the fight suddenly appeared behind the orc causing life-threating injuries to him. The orc tipped backward as he slowly let go of his great sword. Pulling out the two swords leaving two trails of blood, Kiri took the opportunity to end the orc’s misery as she hacked off his head as it flew off.

His brother’s head flew towards his direction the orc felt rage as the bloodlust mask, as if it were alive, provided him power that grew with that blinded rage.

All of the sudden this anger vanished as a sweet and delicate voice echoed within his ears causing him to feel a sudden chill strangling his neck, “My, oh my. I hope you didn’t forget about me now.”

His sight began to turn as his field of vision rotated in multiple different directions, it was at that moment he realized, “Ah, it seems I died the same way.”

Vanishing after being beheaded the group tirelessly regrouped as Belle suddenly said, “Was it just me, or did you guys feel like that head said something before it vanished.”

“Don’t say that! That sounds very creepy!” bellowed Keyral.

“It’s probably just you,” Kiri said as she swung her sword around as if she was trying to remove the orc blood from it.

“Nevermind that we still have a task to do,” said Arisa as she had also done the same thing.

The four girls pressed on, as they continued to defeat their enemies, alongside Shizuka’s army of robots they appeared before the enemies base where their commander had stepped forward.

The elven warrior said, “Hello ladies, may I have the honor of a one on one match between commanders?”

“Don’t kid with me, you’re just saying that because you’re placed at a disadvantage, come on let’s just end all of this with one giant group fight,” said Belle.

The elven warrior shrugged as he pulled out a sword before preparing his stance, he intimidatingly said, “Well at least I tried, come I’ll show you what defeat truly means.”

Slowly he placed a bloodlust mask over his face, unlike the orc warriors before he was already as powerful as his combat level was already 79. The bloodlust mask had merely increased that value by one level. His strength was equivalent to the Clamaris that Luon’s team had faced before.

Arisa and her group slowly spread themselves out and encircled the warrior, the elf did not respond to this action as he vigilantly stared at his foes.

It was at this moment, Keyral responded by dashing in towards him, armed with a heavy shield and sword she attempted to slash him with her sword, and he parried the attack before the two began to exchange blows. The impact was enormous as the waves of pressure shot out in multiple directions everytime their attacks met. Keyral was placed in a desperate position as she found that he was stronger than what she had expected. However, she was not alone. Belle shot her rifle at him causing him to avoid and parry those attacks while Arisa initiated an attack on the other side.

The elven warrior was forced back as he continually repositioned himself while dealing with all three attacks.

All of the sudden he stabbed his sword in the empty space behind him, completely halting their attacks as they saw a figure appear out of nowhere. Kiri who attempted to assassinate him failed as he said, “You almost got me there. However, I took into consideration your presence. If you timed your attack differently, I might have fallen to your hands, but you fell for my trap once you exposed yourself to the weakness I intentionally made.”

Pulling out his sword from her stomach he silently uttered, “Better luck, next time.”

Kiri fell backward and vanished from the battleground. This action angered the other three as their attacks harshly fell upon him.

But before they could even end his life or he could end theirs the match was over. Since the elven warrior was too preoccupied with them, Shizuka and her robot army decimated the opposing robot army and destroyed the unguarded Crypt of Heroes.

This victory left a bad aftertaste in Arisa’s mouth as she silently gazes at the vanishing figure of the elf who fought the three of them without a single scratch on him.

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“What an intense display of swordsmanship, as expected from the elven warrior who ranked first from Plana Academia, isn’t that right?” said the male announcer.

“It was quite an elegant exchange, but those females didn’t let us down. That fast-paced event sent shivers down my spine, is it me or is it getting cold in here,” the female announcer replied lightly.

“Haha, you’re probably talking about the stony stare that their team leader made. That truly was an ice-cold face,” the male announcer said.

“I think most of the members of the crowd felt the same,” nodded the female announcer.

From a distance two different people had extremely polar feelings about Arisa, Valerie indifferently gazed at the video and said, “Although I can admit she is skilled, it’s too bad she’s still too weak for me. Without her NG-Arms, her level would merely be 64… why won’t someone interesting be in this tournament? Maybe the princess from the Aqua Kingdom may entertain me a little bit.”

Compared to how Valerie felt nothing special at her display, Deminier was gazing at the series with desire. With a demonic succubus in his arms, he groped her body as he said, “Hehe, and this cold-face beauty will soon be mine…”

“Will your highness throw me away too after obtaining her,” the succubus coyly said.

“Of course not! All of the women in the universe belongs to me! Hahaha! We’ll dominate the matches together, and she will end up in my hands! I’ll leave you to train her during our battle,” said Deminier.

“It is your highness will,” said the succubus as she continued to service him.

‘I’ll be sure to train her alright…’ the succubus thought inwardly.

If Nexus continued on in the tournament, they were bound to face their team on their third match during the semi-finals.

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