Chapter 185: Battle with Kunlun

After Cheng Yu escaped from Kunlun, his body had already become frail. Arts of Derivation from All Living Things was astonishing powerful and truly domineering, but the consumption of spiritual Qi was too enormous. If it was not because the current cultivation method Cheng Yu was cultivating in was Arts of Derivation from All Living Things, it would be very difficult for him to continuously use all his techniques.

Aish! Compared to the experts who were on the same level as him, the Qi in his body could already be considered as strong and robust. But it was still insufficient if he wished to execute the techniques from the Arts of Derivation from All Living Things continuously. If he did not resolve the spiritual Qi consumption issue, regardless of how powerful his Arts of Derivation from All Living Things was, it could only be used for self-preservation. If he no longer needed to worry about the enormous consumption of the spiritual Qi, even if he were to face all the people in Kunlun, there was no need for him to fear any longer.

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Fortunately, he had already left the secular Kunlun safely. After all, the main objective of him scouting in Kunlun during the night was not to kill anyone. At the very least, he had successfully diverted their focus from the Secular World. Cheng Yu flew for half an hour and found a cave. He planned to recuperate first. Since his identity had already been exposed, they would definitely think of ways to capture him.

If he was not able to maintain in his optimal state of mind, and by any chance, if they were to sent out Golden Core Realm experts to chase him, it would be very troublesome. His current cultivation was already very slow. If he were to be injured again, it would be very hard for Cheng Yu to breakthrough to Golden Core Realm in the near future.

The cave was very big and there were animal bones all over the place. This was probably the cave of a large ferocious animal. Cheng Yu did not bother about such things as he set up a restriction at the entrance of the cave. Otherwise, when the time came, it would be very troublesome for Cheng Yu if there were to be people or wild animals disturbing him.

Firstly, he swallowed two Soul Strengthening Pills in order to restore the lost Qi and blood from his internal injury. After that, he took out a bottle of Qi Gathering Pills and consumed five. If those little cultivators from Kunlun saw how Cheng Yu had extravagantly wasted all these Qi Gathering Pills, swallowing five top-grade Qi Gathering Pills in a go, their eyes would glow with an ominous glint and they would swallow Cheng Yu alive.

All those pitiful cultivators had treated these Qi Gathering Pills as treasures, but Cheng Yu had actually treated it as rations. However, Cheng Yu would not feel any regret doing so because there was nothing more important than increasing his cultivation. As long as it was able to increase his cultivation, don’t even mention these top-grade Qi Gathering Pills, even if it was an extremely precious treasure, Cheng Yu wouldn’t mind consuming it like food.

Qi Gathering Pills not only contained spiritual Qi, it was also able to assist the user to absorb spiritual Qi faster. Cheng Yu completely had no understanding towards the Qi resided inside his dantian. He had the experience of forming a core. When a cultivator had reached Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, the Qi in the dantian would start to slowly coagulate. With unceasing absorption of spiritual Qi from the outer world and changing it to Qi within one’s body, it would slowly coagulate. When it had coagulated to a certain degree, it would form a golden core.

However, Cheng Yu had already broken through to Foundation Establishment Realm late stage for so long, but was still unable to see any signs of his Qi coagulating. Instead, it was floating within his dantian distributedly. Therefore, Cheng Yu felt that his cultivation had never progressed. This caused Cheng Yu to become very gloomy. He had already absorbed so much Qi. According to logic, the Qi in his dantain should have already coagulated into a Qi balloon. Yet, it was still the same as before.

“Could it be that I do not possess the aptitude to form a core?! I wouldn’t be such a burden, would I? But regardless of me possessing the aptitude to form a core or not, the Qi should still coagulate! Could it be that there is a problem with my cultivation method?” In Cheng Yu’s previous life, he had cultivated in Pill Scripture and had relied on refining pills as the principal. However, after he had formed his own spiritual flame, the Pill Scripture no longer had usefulness anymore. And Cheng Yu had comprehended the prowess of Arts of Derivation from All Living Things long ago. Since he needed to re-cultivate in this life, he would naturally choose to cultivate Arts of Derivation from All Living Things.

In Cheng Yu’s previous life, he was unable to objectify those phantom like images. He had always thought that as long as he cultivated in the Arts of Derivation from All Living Things completely, he would be able to achieve the realm of solidifying phantom like images. However, this was the first time he had gotten in contact with the cultivation method. Cheng Yu had no idea if the cultivation method was causing his current situation.

Even though he was unable to make any sense of it, Cheng Yu was still as firm as he was before and wanted to continue cultivating in it. If there was a problem with this cultivation method, Cultivator Wansheng wouldn’t have broken through and levitated toward heaven. This was evidence to prove that this pathway was feasible, just Cheng Yu had no idea how to form his core. This caused Cheng Yu to feel anxious. After all when facing a powerful enemy, he had already poured so many pills down, but was still unable to show signs of improvement. This had truly caused his enthusiasm to wane.

Since Cheng Yu was not able to understand what was going on, he no longer kept thinking about it. As long as he continued to persevere, he would ultimately form his core. A day of recuperation allowed Cheng Yu’s spirit to feel completely lustrous.

“HOWL! HOWL!” Just as Cheng Yu had woken up from his meditation, several howls resonated from outside the cave. There were also sounds of striking against the restriction. Cheng Yu stood up and walked over to the cave entrance. It turned out that it was a black bear striking the restriction frantically outside.

Behind this black bear, there was a half-dead deer. It could be assumed that this cave belonged to it. For the night, it must had been outside hunting for food. When it returned early in the morning, it realized that it’s home had been occupied by someone else. How could it not be angry? Immediately, it started to go berserk.

Cheng Yu had already more or less recovered and did not wish to haggle with an animal. He stroked the restriction with his law arts, and the restriction at the cave’s entrance disappeared. But the black bear had no idea. It was striking up a posture to collide with the restriction. In the end, he charged in and knocked into the cave wall, which caused it to be dizzy.

Looking at the deer on the ground, Cheng Yu felt hungry. After reaching Cheng Yu’s current cultivation, he could actually forgo eating for a long time, but after staying in the Secular World for so long, Cheng Yu had already gotten used to the meal times and the delicious food. Therefore, he went to search for some branches outside the cave and built a frame. A thick tree branch was then pierced through the half-dead deer and placed on top of the frame. Cheng Yu lit the fire and started roasting it.

“Roar! Roar!” At this moment, the sobered black bear saw that the person had not only occupied his home, but he even snatched away its prey. Immediately, it became discontented and roared twice before charging at Cheng Yu.

“Bam!” Cheng Yu stared at the deer on top of the frame attentively. He did not even take a look and slapped the black bear’s head. The black bear shrieked as was sent flying into the wall and it fainted immediately. Half an hour later, grease kept on dripping out of the roasted deer’s body causing the fire’s intensity to grow. The aroma of the deer drifted out.

“Aoowwuuu!” The black bear had also woken up. When it smelled the roasted meat’s fragrance, it wailed softly. Apparently, it seemed like it was afraid of Cheng Yu. It wanted to go over, but did not have the courage.

Cheng Yu did not care. When he saw that the grilled meat was almost cooked, he tore a foreleg and started eating. Even though there was no seasoning, the grilled meat had a natural kind of fragrance. Although it was quite tasteless when eaten, it was still not that bad.

The black bear who was lying at the side saw Cheng Yu devouring the deer ravenously, and its saliva had long started flowing. Cheng Yu felt that after finishing the foreleg, it would be enough for him. Cheng Yu threw the remaining deer meat on top of the roasting frame over to the black bear.

Bears were omnivores. They would eat either vegetables or meat. However, it preferred meat. The bear that had never once eaten cooked food before smelled the meat that was so fragrant, and it ate satisfyingly. As a result, a human and a bear had a food contest among themselves in the desolated area outside the city.

After the meal, Cheng Yu was also very satisfied. He glimpsed at the black bear who was still gnawing on the roasted meat and left.


“Senior Brother Lin, do you think that kid would really come to Ningshui City? We already searched for two days two nights, but were unable to find traces of him. He has probably already left,” Ningshui City was separated from the secular Kunlun by 500 kilometres. Eight cultivators donned in Kunlun clothing sat on the second floor of a teahouse. They looked at the liveliness of the city and said gloomily.

“That’s right. Senior Brother Lin, why not just return! This is the range of the Cultivation World. The sect master had told us before not to stop over here as much as possible. A lot of Cultivation World Kunlun disciples would appear here and this would easily cause a conflict,” Secular Kunlun was under the Cultivation World Kunlun, but the Cultivation World Kunlun people always despised the Secular Kunlun people.

It was known that the secular Kunlun sect master was only a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage disciple sent out by the Cultivation World Kunlun. Even if there was not a hundred Foundation Establishment Realm late stage in Kunlun, there were still at least dozens of them. Kunlun had many people who could be the sect master of the secular Kunlun, so how much face can the whole secular Kunlun possibly have?

Even for the Qi Training Realm disciples, when the Cultivation World Kunlun disciples appeared in front of secular Kunlun, they would look as if they were superior to others. A lot of times, whenever the secular Kunlun disciples came over to Ningshui City and came across the Cultivation World Kunlun disciples, they would be beaten up by them. The secular Kunlun also had no way to handle this issue. The sect had always permitted the disciples to fight or compete against each other. As long as they were to not murder the other party, the sect would usually close an eye to it.

Therefore, the secular Kunlun Sect Master had emphasized lots of times that other than purchasing supplies for the sect, they must not show up in the Ningshui City frequently. Besides, there was no need for those disciples to show up here as well. The demand for the secular material was not high and they could not afford the goods the cultivators in the Cultivation World used. They might as well return to the sect and cultivate peacefully.

“Ming Qian, with just your guts alone, I advise you not to cultivate anymore. You should just return home and start farming!” Skinny Monkey had been brooding over the matter of Ming Qian losing Cheng Yu. Once there was an opportunity, Skinny Monkey would mock Ming Qian.

“Hmph! I am just being considerate to others. If we bump into the Cultivation World Kunlun disciples, you would not have any good fruits to eat similarly,” Ming Qian counterattacked.

“Don’t speak of me as if I am a good for nothing like you. So what if they are the Cultivation World Kunlun disciples? They only had more resources compared to us. If I can receive that many resources from the sect, I would have long broken through to the Qi Training Realm late stage,” The Cultivation World Kunlun disciples look down on the Secular Kunlun disciples. But similarly, the secular Kunlun disciples also detested the Cultivation World Kunlun disciples.

Secular Kunlun’s main objective was to handle the Secular World affairs. Furthermore, every year, they would need to give 80% of the resources they obtained from the Secular World to the Cultivation World Kunlun. This caused them to be even more discontent. Others had obtained their own resources and they used it to bully them. This kind of non-profitable stuff, no one would be willing to do even if it was placed in front of them.

“Really? Could it be that all secular Kunlun disciples possess such abilities like you? I truly wish to experience it for myself!” At this moment, a sorrowful voice resonated behind the eight of them. Immediately, their complexions changed.

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