Chapter 184: Going After Easy Prey

Cheng Yu originally wanted to exchange a few moves with Ku Shou before finding an opportunity to escape. After all, there were still another three Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivators around. Even though one of them was injured, his injury was not severe. Besides, there were still some other Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators around. If they were to battle, he would not stand much advantage against them.

“Damn it! Wait till the day when I had established my own sect, whenever there would be a fight, regardless of whether the opponent was strong or weak, I will definitely send a group down to make a move on him together,” Cheng Yu thought bitterly. A lone person travelling would always suffer. Of course, the most important reason was because of his cultivation level being too low. If he was to raise his current cultivation by a realm and breakthrough to the Golden Core Realm, all of these Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators would just be like a bunch of ants. While Ku Shou was forced back by him, Cheng Yu took advantage of the interval and leapt. Without any hesitation, he was about to flee.

However, it was just at this moment, Guo Feng, who had been paying attention to Cheng Yu’s movement, suddenly pulled out his sword and rushed at him. Cheng Yu felt the dense killing intent coming from the attack, so he turned around and swept. A layer of sword Qi shot out from the sword point.

“Boom!” Both sword Qis collided with each other and immediately created an explosion. The others were not slow at all. They promptly reacted to Guo Feng’s call. One after another, they took out their swords and manifested sword Qi before sending it over at Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu knew that at this very moment he was at an extreme disadvantage. The moment he was injured, he would be encircled. With so many experts around, the moment he became careless, he would have to pay with his life for that mistake.

Cheng Yu drew on his Qi and sent a Lion Phantom image out. Instantly, a large lion head was formed above Cheng Yu. “ROAR!” The lion head howled as it dissipated all the sword Qi flying at Cheng Yu. Once again, the lion head rushed towards Ku Shou.

“Quickly dodge it!” Ku Shou saw the lion head rushing over, so he shouted as he quickly flew and evaded. If it was said that Cheng Yu’s phantom fist was a little domineering, then the lion head would be very domineering. With their Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation, they were still able to dodge from the phantom fist, but for the lion head, it was impossible. Previously when Ku Shou and the others had tried to assassinate him, Cheng Yu had used the exact same move to dissolve their attacks. The scene was still extremely vivid in Ku Shou’s mind, especially when Cheng Yu used those moves.

“BAM!” Even though Ku Shou’s warning was very prompt, all of this had happened in a flash. All of them had thought that Cheng Yu would be turned into a pile of shredded meat by their sword Qi, but none of them ever expected Cheng Yu to possess such a threatening technique. Immediately, he had turned the tide.

“BAM! BAM!” Guo Feng and a few others who were closer to Cheng Yu received the greatest impact. When the lion head exploded after it hit the ground, it caused them to be thrown several meters away as they vomited blood. At this moment, Cheng Yu had already disappeared from Kunlun’s main hall. They picked up their swords and wanted to give chase, but they were stopped by Huang Wen’s shout.

“Cheng Yu’s method is very disastrous. Even if we were to give chase, we would not be able to let him suffer. We should send all our injured Junior Brothers to rest first,” Just now, although they did not get struck by the lion head, they were not far from the attack. Just as they were about to dodge it, they were still injured by the violent detonation of Qi.

“Sect Master, do you think we should report this to the higher-ups? This Cheng Yu was just a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert, but his cultivation method is too insane. It’s very hard for Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts to handle him,”’ Ku Shou clenched his chest and voiced out with difficulty. Just now, it was fortunate that he had reacted promptly. Otherwise, the injury he would have received from the attack would not only be internal.

Even though he hated Cheng Yu, he couldn’t help but admit that Cheng Yu was truly strong. With so many people around, they were still not able to make him stay, causing Ku Shou to no longer have much confidence left in the people the Cultivation World Kunlun had sent over. In his opinion, only by requesting help from a Golden Core Realm expert would he be able to eliminate Cheng Yu.

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“There is not a need for that now. If we request help from the higher-ups whenever we meet trouble, what would the higher-ups need us for?” Huang Wen replied to Ku Shou discontentedly. Huang Wen was sent over by the Cultivation World Kunlun to manage the secular Kunlun. He had already been in Foundation Establishment Realm late stage for over ten years and had not even touched upon the Golden Core Realm threshold.

In the Cultivation World Kunlun, there were numerous people who had the same cultivation level as him. This time, when he heard that something had happened to the secular Kunlun, he volunteered to provide assistance just so that he would be able to help the secular Kunlun deal with this matter and after that, he could request for a Golden Pill as a reward.

A Golden Pill is specially used to assist a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert to congeal their golden core. With the Golden Pill, the success rate of congealing their golden core would be a lot higher. It was also because of this that the Golden Pill was extremely precious. For a person to be able to feel the existence of Qi and attain a cultivation of Qi Training Realm, this showed that the person was able to cultivate. And when a person was able to become a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator, this meant that the person had already entered the doorstep of cultivation and possessed the natural aptitude of cultivation.

However, having natural aptitude for cultivation did not meant that you would become an expert. Without entering the Golden Core Realm, you would only be viewed as a cultivator who possessed the natural aptitude for cultivation forever. As for defying heavenly laws, you could only dream about it.

Kunlun, this kind of big sect, would certainly have lots of cultivators below the Golden Core Realm. They should have at least 100 in the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. However, there would only be a few who will manage to form their golden core. So many people wished to form their golden core, but how many had actually succeeded? What was more important was that if a Golden Pill could be obtained so easily, wouldn’t there be lots of Golden Core Realm experts?

The Golden Pill was a high-grade pill. Not only were the herbs needed very rare, there was only one pill master who was able to refine it even in such a big sect like Kunlun. Furthermore, the success rate was very low. For the whole year, Kunlun would only be able to refine one pill. Sometimes, there would not be any for the whole year. This could show how precious the Golden Pill was.

How could the sect give out such a precious pill to their disciples so easily? Firstly, there were so many Foundation Establishment Realm late stage disciples. If they were to give it to one or a group of them, wouldn’t it cause the other disciples in the sect to be displeased by the treatment they were receiving? Secondly, if they were to give it to those who did not have much chance in forming a core, there would be doubt if they would be able to form their golden core successfully. Even if they was able to form their core successfully, if they wanted to continue progressing to the next realm, they needed to destroy their own core to form an infant soul. That was highly unlikely to succeed. Since it was like that, why would they give it to them?

Even though the Golden Core Realm was strong, it was not to the point of being unrivalled. What the sect wanted was not a Golden Core Realm expert, but an acknowledged figure in the martial world. This was the kind of person the sect would be willing to nurture. Of course, the Golden Pill was precious, but it was not something that could not be attained by an ordinary Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivators. As long as their cultivation reached Foundation Establishment Realm late stage and made a great contribution to the sect, they could request a Golden Pill from the sect. Huang Wen was willing to volunteer to resolve the secular Kunlun’s issue because of this Golden Pill. Otherwise, most of the Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivators would be travelling around or in seclusion to prepare attack the Golden Core Realm. Otherwise, when would they have time to come to such a place.

Ku Shou naturally was able to see traces of dissatisfaction from Huang Wen’s tone. However, he did not speak of it. After all, Huang Wen was the Sect Master and was sent by the higher-ups. Ku Shou would have to give him some face. Even though they were not able to eliminate Cheng Yu causing Ku Shou to feel somewhat regretful, when Ku Shou saw the other three of them had also suffered under Cheng Yu’s hands, he was quite pleased. In the past, the three of them would look down on him because of the incident with Cheng Yu. Now that they had also experienced Cheng Yu’s prowess, wouldn’t they be even more embarrassed? Didn’t you say that the other party was just a hairless little boy? In the end, didn’t you all of you still get beaten up by the hairless little kid? Ku Shou felt very refreshed, but he did not display it. After all, he still needed their help to eliminate Cheng Yu for him.

“Pass down the order. They are to strictly guard the gate into and out of the Cultivation World. At any point of time, there has to be someone guarding the post. The moment there’s strangers at the gate, they have to report it to us. Moreover, in this period of time, all the Foundation Establishment Realm experts are to inspect the gate. The moment a gate spots Cheng Yu, they have to put in all their effort to stop him while waiting for assistance,” Huang Wen immediately issued an order to everyone. Cheng Yu’s life was too important to him. It was related to him being able to successfully breakthrough to the Golden Core Realm. He decided to try the catch a turtle in a jar technique.

“Senior Brother, this way, Cheng Yu would definitely enter the Cultivation World. By then, wouldn’t it be even harder for us to find his tracks?” Xing Yun asked as he was confused. The Cultivation World was so big, if a person wished to hide there, it would not be easy to track them.

“What’s there to be scared of? His home is in the Secular World. Could it be that he will stay in the Cultivation World and cultivate for over ten years? Even if we weren’t anxious, he would be. If he were to really return to the Secular World, it will be hard for us to make a move on him. After all, we can’t be too aggressive in the Secular World as that would bring us a lot of trouble,” Huang Wen said confidently. In his opinion, Cheng Yu would definitely think of ways to return to the Secular World.

“But Senior Brother, Kunlun is not the only gate to return to the Secular World. If he were to run to the other gates, similarly, he would still be able to return to the Secular World,” Xing Yun felt that Huang Wen’s words were very reasonable, but it would not be easy for them if they wished to force Cheng Yu to stay in the Cultivation World. With so many gates, he can always look for another to return home.

“No rush. If he wishes to leave Kunlun Mountains, he would have to pass through Ningshui City. As long as he appears in Ningshui City, we will know it,” Huang Wen said as if he had a card up his sleeve. It was as if he had already everything planned out and witnessed them being executed according to his plans. Ningshui City was a small city under the jurisdiction of Kunlun. It was about 500 km away from the Secular World Kunlun. Once they stepped into Ningshui City, it also meant that they had genuinely entered the Cultivation World. Usually, the secular Kunlun’s supply would always be bought from the Ningchen City as well.

Furthermore, Ningshui City was formed by a canyon. If Cheng Yu wished to leave the secular Kunlun and enter the Cultivation World, he had to either use the gate in Kunlun or he had to enter through Ningshui City. If Cheng Yu did not use the gate in Kunlun to return to the Secular World, he would use the gate in Ningshui City to enter the depths of the Cultivation World. Even if Cheng Yu managed to leave Ningshui City, he would still be within the range of Kunlun. It was not hard for them if they wished to know about Cheng Yu’s tracks.

“Heh! Senior Brother’s thinking is truly thorough. Then should I proceed to Ningshui City to prepare for an ambush?” Xing Yun smiled and asked. He could no longer tolerate staying here. There was nothing in this place. Even if he wanted to cultivate, there was no dense spiritual Qi for him to do so. If it was not because of his relations with Huang Wen, he would have ran away long ago.

“No. In my opinion, the chances of Cheng Yu breaking through our defense and opening up the gate to travel back to the Secular World is a lot higher. After all, the danger of entering the Cultivation World is a lot higher than breaking through our defense. Therefore, you must stay behind to provide us assistance at any time. If he were to enter the Cultivation World, it wouldn’t be late for us if we still wished to continue chasing after him,” Huang Wen said after thinking.

“Sure!” After he heard Huang Wen’s words, Xing Yun immediately become spiritless. However, he also knew that the the general situation was more important. There would certainly be benefits for him if they were able to successfully take Cheng Yu down.

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