Chapter 183: Fighting Within Kunlun

“Haha! You must be joking. It’s already so late in the night, why are you not sleeping? If we were to kill each other, it would be very noisy. The others still need to meditate and cultivate,” Cheng Yu truly did not wish to exchange moves with this guy. This was inside Kunlun. The moment he started fighting, it would easily attract the other experts stationed in Kunlun.

“Don’t think that you will be able to leave Kunlun with some honeyed word,” The man’s expression was very solemn. It was evident that he had never really bothered about the flippant and insincere speech of Cheng Yu’s.

“So what? Could it be that you think with just you alone, you would be able to hinder me from leaving?” Even though they were both in the Foundation Establishment Realm, if the other party wished to make Cheng Yu stay, it was fundamentally impossible.

“Really? Then we will have to give it a try to know. It’s been long since I exchanged moves with the younger generation,” The man did not bother to speak anymore as he charged towards Cheng Yu. Formidable Qi pierced towards Cheng Yu, causing the pressure he was facing to multiply. As expected, the other party was not simple. He was indeed a strong foe in Foundation Establishment Realm late stage. The person the Cultivation World Kunlun had sent over was truly a lot more powerful. Comparing it to the other two Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts, the secular Kunlun was obviously worste off by a level. Otherwise, they would not have been beaten up by Cheng Yu to such an extent.

This person’s strength was formidable, but Cheng Yu was not any worste off. Cheng Yu circulated his Qi around his body causing his aura to burst forth abruptly. He was not any weaker than that man. The man felt that Cheng Yu’s aura was not any weaker than his own. He was taken aback. Whose disciple was this? He was so young and already possessed such a formidable strength. However, he could not bother thinking so much as he increased his power from 60% to 80% because Cheng Yu’s strength was not any weaker than his. He felt that there should not be any danger if he were to use 80% of his strength to fight against Cheng Yu.

It was commonly known that Cultivation World battles were not comparable to the Secular World fights. The injuries they attained from those fights could easily be healed after recuperating for a few days. However, a cultivator was different. Because they possessed a huge power within their body, the ability to take damage was also very strong. But if they were to underestimate the enemy, they would very likely lose their life as well. Even if they wouldn’t die, they would receive a grave injury and would need a long time before they would be able to recover. If they were unlucky, it might even cause their cultivation to regress or slow down.

Cheng Yu had been severely injured twice in a short span of time, causing his cultivation to progress very slowly. This was also one of the reasons why Cheng Yu was so anxious about entering the Cultivation World.

“Peng!” They did not directly collide with each other, but used their Qi instead. Immediately, a loud sound resonated. Both of them were forced to withdraw several steps. However, the middle-aged man had retreated for ten steps before he managed to stabilise his footing while it only took Cheng Yu eight steps.

In the first exchange, Cheng Yu got the upper hand. However, Cheng Yu did not stop. Cheng Yu did not want to give his opponent any chance of rest as he continued his attack. Once again, he circulated his Qi and punched out a phantom fist. A white large fist reflection was formed as it headed towards the man.

The man saw that the other party had turned offensive and started attacking so quickly, furthermore, this move was extremely lofty. Immediately, his expression became solemn as he quickly took out a flying sword from his storage pouch. He quickly brandished a wave of sword Qi and sent it towards the fist reflection. However, compared to the fist reflection, the sword Qi acted as if steam was facing a tide. It did not even cause any ripples before the Qi was devoured by the fist reflection.

The man’s complexion changed. He did not expect Cheng Yu’s moves to be so dominating and could only blame himself for being too conservative. The sword Qi he sent out just now had only used 30% of his original strength. Looking at the incoming attack, the middle-aged man moved his flying sword to his chest, hoping that he would be able to block it. However, it was not as simple as he thought.

“Boom!” The man was sent flying by the fist and he destroyed the window behind him.

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“Cheng Yu?” It was at this moment, a group of people came in from the main hall. When one of them saw the large fist reflection, he immediately called out in surprise. Cheng Yu turned back and took a look. He was startled! Three Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivators! He gazed upon the front guy who spoke. Within seconds, he was certain that this person was the sole survival after the sneak attack.

If fighting a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator was an easy task, it would not be so if he were to confront three of them. Because it was very hard for Cheng Yu to find any chance to take a breather. Besides, the consumption Qi for Arts of Derivation from All Living Things was very high making it unsuitable to fight long battles.

“Cheng Yu, you are really daring. We did not go to look for you and you actually still dared to charge into Kunlun alone. You have truly not put Kunlun in your eyes at all, huh?” The phantom fist still remained fresh in the Great Elder’s memory. At that time, seven of them had failed to assassinate a hairless little boy. Furthermore, among the seven of them, six had died and he had received grave injuries. And during that battle, the biggest variable was that all of them had underestimated Cheng Yu’s strength and his methods. Just take the large phantom fist for an example. Formerly, several of the Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage elders had died under the hands of this move.

The previous incident had brought a large adversity to the secular Kunlun and had also caused the higher-ups of the Cultivation World Kunlun to be extremely discontented with them. Furthermore, the other sects that had infiltrated the Secular World, like the Tianshan Sect and Shushan Sect, one after another started to snipe the industries Kunlun had in the Secular World after learning of this news. It caused Kunlun to suffer huge losses.

The Cultivation World Kunlun had sent out three Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts to assist the secular Kunlun. Before he had completely resolved the crisis of the secular Kunlun industries, he was still not able to look for Cheng Yu. But he never expected that Cheng Yu, this mastermind, would unexpectedly charge into their mountains alone. Wasn’t this giving Kunlun a tight slap in their face?

“Haha! If I say that I had come over for a tour, would you believe me?” Even though Cheng Yu had managed to injure a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert, there were still three of them. Cheng Yu did not dare to be careless. He could only hope to recover for a bit and look for an opportunity to flee. He had basically achieved the aim of his trip.

Originally, Cheng Yu wanted to probe and see what kind of schemes they had planned for him. However, it was no longer important now. Now that he was already here, regardless of what kind of schemes they had in mind, it would no longer be useful. Since he had already exposed himself, if he was to escape, they would definitely look for ideas to find him. In addition, if he were to leak some hints to them, Kunlun’s line of sight would be lured to the Cultivation World. By then, he could finally be at ease about the Secular World.

“Hmph! You better not get an inch, want a foot. Since you are here today, there’s no need for you to leave anymore. It just so happens that we can use your head as an offering to my junior brothers and the other Kunlun disciples,” Sect Master Xuanyang was his Junior Brother. Fang Wenxuan was his nephew. Now that both of them had died, he would be the one taking the revenge. Besides, he also hoped to kill Cheng Yu because Cheng Yu had brought too much humiliation to their Kunlun sect.

“Really? Are you so certain that you would be able to make me stay? Previously, seven of you tried to assassinate me, but the conclusion wasn’t very desirable, right?” Cheng Yu mocked. In any case, it seemed like a battle was inevitable. Before they fight, he wanted to mess with the opponent’s state of mind first.

“Kid, I will let you die an ugly death!” Cheng Yu always loved to mention others’ past deeds. This incident had always been Ku Shuo’s mishap. All these people who had been sent here by the Cultivation World Kunlun also knew of this incident. Usually, they would look down on him as well. Now that Cheng Yu had actually mocked his trauma in front of so many, Ku Shou immediately got furious. He took out his sword and rushed forward.

The other two Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts did not make a move together with Ku Shou, but instead they walked into the tattered room and supported the middle-aged man up.

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“Senior Brother Huang, are you alright?” One of them called Xing Yun, asked.

“I’m fine. Just received some internal injuries. I will be fine after a couple days,” Senior Brother Huang Wen’s hand covered his chest. The corner of his mouth had some bloodstains and his clothes had already become ragged. The current him no longer had the previous aura he had displayed, but was instead in a wrecked state.

“Senior Brother Huang, is that kid really so powerful? That even Senior Brother had been injured by him? I think he is not a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator, right?” All of them roughly knew Huang Wen’s strength. He was a bit more powerful than them. Otherwise, they would not have addressed him as their Senior Brother. When they saw the sword fight that was happening, they felt that Cheng Yu was not as powerful as they thought.

“This person’s cultivation is at the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. However, the phantom fist just now was domineering because I did not put in all my effort. If I had put in all my effort, I should be able contend against it. However, all of you still need to be careful of that kid. So young, yet he is already in Foundation Establishment Realm. I never expected him to be that Cheng Yu. Previously, there should be a reason for Ku Shou and the other six of them to have suffered under him,” Just now when he had exchanged two moves with Cheng Yu, Huang Wen was able to experience how unfathomable Cheng Yu’s strength was.

“So it’s like that. Then do we need to go and help Ku Shou out? It is impossible for him to slaughter Cheng Yu with his just strength alone,” When they heard Huang Wen’s explanation, all of them did not dare to take Cheng Yu lightly anymore. When they saw Ku Shou was on the losing end when fighting with Cheng Yu, one of them who was called Guo Feng said.

“Don’t make a move first. Let us take a look at Cheng Yu’s methods first. At the same time, let him consume some of his Qi as well. The sect master already gave us an order that Cheng Yu must die. Pay attention to him, and don’t let him escape,” Huang Wen was very appreciative of Cheng Yu and thought very highly of him, but Cheng Yu had already become their enemy and was one of the “must kill” targets.

“But Senior Brother, I heard that this Cheng Yu is a disciple from Limitless Palace. If we were to kill him, would there really be no problems?” Ding Xun had also heard of some matters regarding Cheng Yu. At that time, he thought of it as a joke as the Limitless Palace had already isolated themselves from the world long ago, so how could there be disciples appearing in the Secular World?

But when he saw Cheng Yu himself. He realized that Cheng Yu was a lot younger than what those rumours said. He looked around 20 years old, but already possessed such strength. Even Huang Wen, a cultivator that had broken through to the Foundation Establishment Realm late stage for over ten years had suffered in his hands. This caused him to be reminded of the rumors stating Cheng Yu was a disciple from Limitless Palace. Judging from the situation, it was very likely to be true! Such an amazing and formidable figure, if I were to tell you that he was trained by an ordinary cultivator in the Secular World, would you believe it?

“It’s fine. I believe the higher-ups already formed a contingency plan for this. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have ordered us to kill Cheng Yu. Besides, this time, it was Cheng Yu who charged into Kunlun himself. Even if he was someone from the Limitless Palace and we killed him at the scene, the Limitless Palace would also not be able to say anything as we are standing on the side of the righteous,” Huang Wen had obviously thought of the complete picture. The matter about Cheng Yu charging into Kunlun alone, regardless of the reason, it was Cheng Yu’s fault first. So what if they killed him?

“Not good. He wants to flee. Stop him!” At this moment, Guo Feng who had been paying attention to the fight suddenly shouted. He pulled out his flying sword and rushed forth to obstruct Cheng Yu.

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