Chapter 182: Charging Into Kunlun Alone

“No rush. Soon, we will be changing shifts. If someone realizes that we aren’t here, they will definitely send someone to look for us. When that time comes, wouldn’t we have to split another portion of that kid’s stuff? Junior Brother Ming, go and follow him first. After we swap, we will look for you,” Senior Brother Lin said.

“Sure. Senior Brother Lin is more thorough in his thinking. Heh! I will go right away,” Junior Brother Ming chuckled as he ran in the direction Cheng Yu had just left in.

“Senior Brother Lin, this hairless little kid really knows nothing. He doesn’t even know such a simple saying that ‘one must never reveal one’s valuables to others.’ Judging how this kid was so extravagant when he rewarded others, he would certainly have lots of pills on him. Perhaps, we might even fish up some other treasures!” Another thin and weak cultivator said excitedly.

“Haha! This can’t be blamed on us. This kind of inexperienced person, even if we don’t make a move on him, sooner or later, someone else would. Since it’s like that, why not be the ones benefitting from it?” Senior Brother Lin also said approvingly.

“But Senior Brother, we were not able to see his cultivation. We wouldn’t invoke any trouble onto ourselves, right?” Another plump cultivator did not get lost by the wealth displayed in front of him as he inquired worriedly.

“Fatty Xiong, you are really useless. If he was really so powerful, how come he wouldn’t know of such basic things? Did you not hear that he said he had never once been to the Cultivation World before? In the Secular World, if they were to be able to reach the Qi Training Realm, it would already be counted as their luck. Now you tell me, how powerful can he be?” That thin and weak cultivator looked down on the plump cultivator ferociously.

“This is really hard to say,” The plump cultivator felt that what the thin and weak cultivator said was very reasonable. However, he still felt uneasy as he muttered softly.

“Everyone be at ease. That kid is definitely not strong. If he was stronger than us, do you think that he would still act so polite? Besides, there are eight of us, I believe we would be able to eliminate him very quickly,” Senior Brother Lin did not feel that Cheng Yu was powerful. When he saw the others were cowering, he pacified them.

Cheng Yu had only walked for a short distance when he felt that there was someone tailing him. He smirked and did not pay any attention to it. Cheng Yu was not at all interested in these Qi Training Realm initial stage cultivators. Furthermore, he did not hope that they would influence him in exploring the secular Kunlun.

If Cheng Yu was to eliminate them, Kunlun would definitely send people out to take extra precautions and search for the culprit in all directions. This would not do him any good. Therefore, Cheng Yu intended to let them off. Actually, in the Cultivation World, killing someone for his property was a common thing. In any case, none of them knew each other. Whoever managed to snatch it would have gotten lucky. Perhaps just by doing it once, it would allow their cultivation to advance by leaps. Who wouldn’t be willing to do so?

Every cultivator was a hunter, but at the same time, they were also prey. It was because at any point of time, anyone could be murdered. Therefore, every cultivator would have to remain vigilant. It was also because of this that they thirsted for even greater strength and would be even more hardworking. They would use all kinds of methods in order to allow themselves to grow stronger. Only by doing so would it allow them to live longer and have the opportunity to defy heavenly laws.

And the method to become stronger rapidly was throug the use of a large amount of natural resources. Where can they find these natural resources? It was naturally gathering it from others’ hands. Therefore, they needed to murder. This created an endless cycle. Therefore, it was said that the Cultivation World was a slaughtering world. A world meant only for the strong. Cheng Yu suddenly rushed forth. Within a few breaths, he had already vanished, leaving that person behind.

The person saw Cheng Yu had suddenly disappeared, so he quickly rushed up and examined. But after searching for half a day, he still did not manage to find any traces. Half an hour later, Senior Brother Lin brought the others over and arrived at the spot that Cheng Yu had disappeared at.

“How is it? Where’s the person?” Senior Brother Lin saw Junior Brother Ming was searching up and down as he asked.

“I’m sorry. Senior Brother, I lost track of him. That person suddenly disappeared when he reached here. I already searched the vicinity for half an hour, but I was not able to spot his trail,” Junior Brother Ming saw that everyone had arrived and said embarrassingly.

“What? He escaped? Ming Qian, you are so useless. You can’t even tail a hairless kid properly,” That thin and weak cultivator heard that Cheng Yu had disappeared, and he immediately became very displeased with Ming Qian. As a Qi Training Realm initial stage cultivator, it can be said that their future was very uncertain. If there wasn’t any fortuitous encounter, they might stay in the Qi Training Realm forever.

If they wanted to murder someone to rob their treasures, the probability of it happening was almost zero. It was the same when it came to others murdering them to rob their treasures because everyone knew that Qi Training Realm cultivators would not possess any precious treasures. Therefore, now that they were finally able to meet Cheng Yu, a nouveau riche, it was a heaven-gifted chance placed in front of them. How could they possibly be willing to let go of it? And now that Cheng Yu had disappeared, how could they still remain calm? The wealth that was already in their hand had actually escaped.

“Junior Brother Ming, tell us what exactly happened?” Senior Brother Lin was very displeased with Ming Qian for not handling the matter well, but he must not be too obvious in showing it. After all, he still needed to entice his heart. Otherwise, in the future, who would be willing to work for him?

“Just now, before he reached here, I was still tailing him perfectly. But the moment he arrived here, he disappeared. I rushed up and searched for half a day and was still unable to find any clues,” Ming Qian said honestly.

“He disappeared just like that? How is that possible? He was just a Qi Training Realm loose cultivator. How can he have such an ability? I think you are trying to lie to us or you just wish to hog everything to yourself!” The thin and weak cultivator did not believe Ming Qian’s words at all.

“Skinny Monkey! Who did you say is lying? Who did you say is trying to hog everything to himself?! Am I, Ming Qian, this kind of person? Don’t slander me randomly!” When Ming Qian heard Skinny Monkey’s words, he also got angry. Originally, when Cheng Yu suddenly disappeared, it already caused him to be very gloomy. Now, Skinny Monkey also harbored suspicions. How could he not be angry?

“Enough. What’s the point of quarreling now? Let’s split up and search. If we are still unable to find him, we will just return,” When Senior Brother Lin saw Ming Qian and Skinny Monkey had started to fall out, he quickly interrupted them. He did not believe that Ming Qian would do such a thing. Besides, just by relying on his own ability, he would not be able hog everything to himself.

Senior Brother Lin was the leader. Since he had already spoken, everyone went a different direction to search. After all, none of them wished to waste such a good opportunity.


After Cheng Yu got rid of Ming Qian, he changed his direction. After all, before he had managed to enter the genuine Cultivation World, he wanted to scout out the current situation of the secular Kunlun and he still needed to circulate the news of him entering the Cultivation World to the right people.

After rushing towards the secular Kunlun for about two hours, Cheng Yu finally saw the monastery of Kunlun. Cheng Yu did not use his flying sword as he was afraid to attract others’ attention. Even though he was here to divulge his trail to them, it was still not time yet.

There were not a lot of people guarding the monastery. There were only four Qi Training Realm initial stage cultivators. Cheng Yu thought about it and decided not to alert the enemy. He turned around and prepared to leave to look for another entrance. Cheng Yu circled around the vicinity and saw a cliff that was connected to the mountainside. Cheng Yu did not rush towards it, but instead, he waited till nighttime and used his flying sword to ascend.

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Reaching the top of the cliff, Cheng Yu got off on the mountainside. There was not a single person from Kunlun. Once again, Cheng Yu rushed towards the summit. An hour later, Cheng Yu finally saw the secular Kunlun’s buildings. In this stretch of Kunlun Mountain range, all the peaks of the mountain had vanished into the clouds. Building a Daoist temple on top of such mountain was truly able to bring out the vibe of divinity, causing others to yearn and worship it.

There were not a lot of guards in the Kunlun Sect. They probably thought that no one would attack them. Furthermore, this was just the secular Kunlun. It basically had no value. Cheng Yu evaded the guards and advanced towards the main hall. To those big sects, the way they classified their ranks was very obvious. The main hall was usually managed by the sect patriarch. Therefore, since Cheng Yu wanted to look for someone who managed the sect, he could only find them in the main hall.

The cultivation sect was not like the imperial palace. All these guards were just for deterrent purposes. After all, they were all cultivators. If there was a situation, all those higher-ups would naturally be able to feel it. Furthermore, all these disciples also needed time to cultivate. Therefore, Cheng Yu managed to invade the main hall easily.

The main hall was very quiet and big. Cheng Yu secretly went to the back and intend to see if there was anything valuable hidden there.

“Who?!” When Cheng Yu arrived outside of a room and was just about to push open the door, he heard a voice resonate from inside loudly. Subsequently, someone charged out. Cheng Yu was taken aback. “Your mother! I thought it was some treasure. In the end, it was a person!”

“Who are you? You actually dare to charge into the Kunlun Sect alone?!” The person who came out was a 40 year-old man. The way he spoke was very imposing.

“Oh. It turns out that this here is the Kunlun sect. I’m truly sorry. I came out to enjoy the moonlight, but did not expect that while I was basking under the moonlight, I would arrive here. Since it’s like that, I will make a move first,” Cheng Yu had thought that the current Patriarch would have been the great elder who did not die previously.

Because according to what Fang Wenxuan had said, in all of the secular Kunlun, there were only two Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts. Previously, he had already killed one of them. Now, Kunlun should only be left with a single Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert.

Cheng Yu was certain that the person in front of him now was not the person who had managed to survive. Otherwise, he would have recognized Cheng Yu. The first reason Cheng Yu could think of would be that the Cultivation World Kunlun had sent people over. This was not favorable to Cheng Yu at all. Cheng Yu knew that the current him was still not able to fight well against several Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts yet. He had no idea how many Foundation Establishment Realm experts that the Cultivation World Kunlun had sent over, especially those in Foundation Establishment Realm late stage.

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Therefore, at this very moment, Cheng Yu felt that he should quickly flee from this place. He had miscalculated this time. The major reason why he was actually so daring to charged into Kunlun was because he felt that the current Kunlun did not have many experts left.

Even if they did, it would not be Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts. Do not look down on those Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts. Even though Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators could still not be counted as experts, Foundation Establishment Realm late stage was just a step away from breaking through to Golden Core Realm!

A Golden Core Realm expert was very important to a sect. And during the crucial moments of a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator breaking through to the Golden Core Realm, they would usually go out to travel or enter seclusion. The secular Kunlun was inside the Cultivation World, but the spiritual Qi here was not any denser than the Secular World. In this kind of place, if they really wished to form their golden core, they could only choose to delay their progress instead.

Cheng Yu felt that Kunlun would never allow these future seeds of the sect to come to such a place. This way, it would only cause them to delay their process of forming a core. However, it was very obvious that his thinking was wrong. This person here had absolutely broken through to Foundation Establishment Realm late stage long ago. Therefore, it would be better for Cheng Yu to retreat.

“Want to leave? Is Kunlun a place for you to come and leave as you wish?!” The man saw Cheng Yu was about to flee, so he released his aura and was prepared to hinder Cheng Yu from leaving at any moment.

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