Chapter 607 – Luck With Women!

The ridicule in his gaze might be targeted at her, but it felt more like he was ridiculing himself.

Huan Qing Yan grinned at him and politely nodded as a greeting.

The sense of ridicule within Nan Gong Bei Cheng’s eyes increase before he turned his head and ignore her.

Seeing that she was being ignore, Huan Qing Yan was not bothered as well.

The Nan Gong Clan had suffered great losses in the Gnome Kingdom incident, Nan Gong Bei Cheng must have his own thoughts about her and Ji Mo Ya; so his reaction was expected, Huan Qing Yan would not force it if they cannot be friends.

However, she still owe Nan Gong Bei Cheng a word of thanks!

During her time at Surging Wave Academia when she was a fool; Nan Gong Bei Cheng’s kindness to her, and everything that had happened since…

She would just find a chance in the future.

Huan Qing Yan glanced at her surroundings again, and seeing that Bai Cheng Feng was absent, she sighed a breath of relief.

She was worried that Bai Cheng Feng was still around and would continue to harass her and be frustrated.

After that, Huan Qing Yan focused her attention on the delicious food in front of her.

The delicious food of the Holy City was indeed different, she had not seen most of it and all of them were unique.

Fortunately, she has her ancient bowl.

“Ding! Discover Fondant Winter Wheat. Four Hundred Seventy Spirit Energy Points!”

“Ding! Discover Crispy Milkfish Fillet. Five Hundred Twenty Spirit Energy Points!”

“Ding! Discover Roasted Black Rice Wine. Four Hundred Ninety Spirit Energy Points!”


The wine’s spirit energy value was similar to the Spirit Grain Wine that she brewed, however the taste was not as good as Spirit Grain Wine.

As Huan Qing Yan was immersed in enjoying the delicious food, beautiful music started to resound within the hall and a slender figure appeared; like a celestial descending from the heavens, falling gracefully from the ceiling of the hall.

During the descend the dancer continued to dance like a swallow, a body like a cloud and limbs so soft they looked boneless, each dance step she took seemed to produce lotuses. Like a butterfly flying amongst flowers, flowing like running water, it caused people to be drawn into a dream-like state.

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The people exclaimed in admiration while they got enchanted unknowingly.

Only when she landed, did everyone saw how the person was, it’s Bai Li Zi Xi!

She landed in front of the two Half-Sages and gracefully bowed, “Zi Xi is late. Zi Xi greets the two Lord Sages.”

The Wine Sage laughed, “No matter no matter, today is just a simple gathering. Tomorrow the is the day of the ceremony, you must have many matters to attend to.”

The Plant Sage, “You might not know but Zi Xi wanted to perform this ‘Dance of the World-Shaking Phoenix’ and deliberately came late! Zi Xi, your dance is exceptionally beautiful, you have put in great effort.”

Huan Qing Yan squinted her eyes and calmly looked at the Saintess, the legendary wife candidate of Ji Mo Ya…

She only had one feeling, be it the Head Concubine be it the future wife candidate, one pretty girl came after the other!

‘D*mmit, that Ji Mo Ya sure has luck with women!’

When the banquet ends afterwards, she would properly settle this with him.

On the other side, after Bai Li Zi Xi greeted the Half-Sages, she went to greet each and every one of those King Spirit Masters.

Finally, she gracefully turned and approach to Ji Mo Ya, “Zi Xi greets Young Master Ya. It has been over a year since we last met Young Master Ya, your cultivation has progressed much more since then.”

Huan Qing Yan’s ears perked up as she bit down on a Lotus Paste Cake.

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Ji Mo Ya coolly replied with his refreshing voice, “Lady Bai Li’s cultivation had also improved greatly, I wish to congratulate Lady Bai Li in advance on becoming the next Saintess!”

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