Chapter 606 – It’s Nan Gong Bei Cheng!

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“There is no need to be so humble! Only with people like you can humanity prosper!”

Plant Sage smiled towards Ji Mo Ya as he sized him up, feeling more satisfied the more he looked at him, “Not bad! Your improvement speed is great while your foundation is solid. Good, very good!”

The Wine Sage beside also added, “Old Veggie has been in closed door training for several years already, I must say, what fun is closed door training? I rather drink wine! Arhem, I mean the Old Veggie might have been in closed-door training, but he still took great care for the juniors, your clan’s Sage Ancestor Old Veggie has great expectations for you! Kid, you must not disappoint your clan’s Sage Ancestor…”

The Ji Mo Clan’s Half-Sage was called Ji Mo Cai*.

(Cuppa: The word Cai literally means vegetables…)

It seemed like he has a very good relationship with the Wine Sage; they have fought in dire situations as partners together countless of times.

The Wine Sage might look intoxicated during normal times, but his strength could not be underestimated, he was a rare Half-Sage that was not born from the Eight Great Clans.

He used to be a grassroot cultivator and trained himself from humble beginnings, his spirit treasure the rare Drunken Monkey…

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Ji Mo Ya smiled, said his thanks, and without speaking any further, displayed a look of obediently listening to elders.

The Wine Sage glared at him, “Stop playing mature in front of this old man! This old man praised you, yet you just lightly replied with a word, is that proper? It made this old man feel like I am the young man who is speaking too much.”

The hall filled with people started to chuckle at his remark.

Not far away, Ji Mo Kai Yuan added, “Lord Wine Sage, this kid’s character is like that; the Grand Patriarch knew about this as well, please do not be offended. Come, let this junior give you a toast!”

This time, the Ji Mo Clan sent their King Spirit Master, Ji Mo Kai Yuan, to attend the Saintess Ceremony.

For ceremonies like this, if they were to send too many people, it would make it look overly grand, yet they must not send. They were not concerned about the Saintess but rather the Bai Li Clan behind her.

The Bai Li Clan possessed the most King Spirit Masters amongst the Eight Great Clans, possessing unfathomable strength, yet they never got themselves involved in worldly matters outside their territory.

When the Wine Sage heard that there was wine to drink, he immediately disregarded everything and started drinking with Ji Mo Kai Yuan.

As the Half-Sage started drinking, the people below started eating and drinking.

The Plant Sage said, “Everyone go ahead, please ignore us two old fellas, you guys should interact with the youngsters…”

The atmosphere started to become energetic.

Huan Qing Yan was at a corner alone, that was her first time meeting a legendary Half-Sage!

They were not as terrifying and horrifying as she had imagined, on the contrary, they were much more relaxed and cheerful than she had expected. If not for the others referring them as Lord Sages, they could easily pass off as ordinary old men on the streets and she would absolutely not recognize them at all.

This was truly the so-called complete disappearance of aura, something that only the truly powerful could be done.

The two Half-Sages were very amiable; the Wine Sage was slightly stricter and chided Ji Mo Ya with a couple of sentences before chucking it aside.

As the atmosphere became energetic, everyone also started to relax, and neighbors started to talk to each other, enhancing relations and establishing networks, forming groups while feasting and drinking…

Only Huan Qing Yan was hidden in the corner and only eating food.

Suddenly, from the male guest section, she sensed someone’s intense gaze on her…

She followed the gaze and saw a tall slender figure, he was looking at her with his eagle eyes, on his thin lips was a hint of ridicule.

It’s Nan Gong Bei Cheng!

Yet he was not the same Nan Gong Bei Cheng as before.

Usually Nan Gong Bei Cheng would call her Little Beauty here and Little Beauty there, but there and then, he was not moving at all, looking very composed and matured.

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