Chapter 605 – Greetings Half-Sages!

Sarcastically, Shang Qiu Yan said , “So this Lady Huan did not know anything, Young Master Ya’s fiancée candidate is tomorrow’s Saintess! Tsk tsk tsk, although you seemed adored by Young Master Ya on the surface, but the truth is that Young Master Ya never told her anything.”

The ladies all felt relieved at the same time, it seemed like Young Master Ya’s attitude towards this woman was likely casual, they were worried for nothing.

They have been wondering how come a lowly wild woman was able to capture the adoration of Young Master Ya!

So, it was because she was just a plaything.

Huan Qing Yan was not affected by the sarcasms, she was now finally able to understand and clarify some of her questions from this exchange.

Ji Mo Ya’s fiancée candidate was the Saintess, he also has a Head Concubine that was assigned to him since young!

Very good, that fella do not allow her to interact with men every day, yet he himself have such a big mess hidden away.

In addition, never once did he bring it up at all.

She lifted her head and threw a sharp glare towards Ji Mo Ya’s direction.

Ji Mo Ya received her gaze and returned a graceful smile, there was not a tiny bit of guilty conscience in his expression.

At that moment, laughter came from outside the hall and everyone stood up.

“The Half-Sages have arrived.”

“Quickly welcome the Half-Sages…”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo and her followers also returned to their seats.

Huan Qing Yan temporarily set aside the matter, copied the rest and looked outside curiously.

A row of ten individuals walked into the hall, all of them not young. The one leading the group were two elderly men wearing hemp robes, while the eight that were following behind them all possessed enormous energy. The moment they enter, an invisible pressure spread out and suppressed all the chaotic sounds within the hall, causing it to go silent as though time had stopped.

Huan Qing Yan felt that any one of these people would have the ability to easily cause the Nan Gong Clan members that were in the Gnome Kingdom that time to crawl and kneel.

These eight people were all King Spirit Masters!

However now, these King Spirit Masters were all respectfully following behind the two elders ensuring they were always half a step behind them.

On the contrary, the two elders felt like ordinary people with no semblance of energy or power emitting from them.

One of them was a kind looking elder holding on to a string of bronze coins, beside him was an arrogant-looking Old Dragon Turtle.

The other elder looked as though he was still half asleep, his eyes were squinted tightly while his entire body was emitting a strong odor of alcohol, each step he took would make his body sway. Beside him was a monkey who was carrying a vat of wine and drowning its contents; like its owner, it was also walking with a swaying body and looked to be intoxicated.

When these ten people stopped walking, the masses reacted and unanimously greeted, “Greetings Plant Sage!* Greetings Wine Sage!”

(Cuppa: The Plant Sage was called Xun Sage in the previous versions as I thought it was his surname, but apparently, the Half-Sages were given titles based on their characteristics, i.e the Wine Sage.)

After the two elders, the rest also greeted the King Spirit Masters behind them.

The two Half-Sages sat down on the head position of the banquet located at the upper section, directly below them were Ji Mo Ya and the rest of similar statuses as him.

All of them in single seats with their personal tables.

When everyone settled down, the Plant Sage said, “The purpose of inviting everyone to this banquet tonight is to welcome Young Master Ji Mo’s arrival and also to gather the elites of humanity to celebrate this gathering! For the past century, humanity has never reached our current state of prosperity, as well as the emergence of geniuses such as Young Master Ji Mo and Lady Bai Li. These was the fortune of humanity, a matter worth celebrating!”

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When they heard the praises from the Half-Sage, everyone displayed happy expressions as though they were the ones praised.

When Ji Mo Ya heard his name, he quickly stood up and humbly said, “Ya’s cultivation is too meager, Plant Sage has overpraised.”

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