Chapter 181: Understanding the Cultivation World

After Cheng Yu managed to escape from the restriction, he did not leave immediately. He looked at the few daoist friends and asked, ”Several daoist friends are all Kunlun disciples?”

“That’s right. We are all Kunlun Sect’s disciples,” This was not a secret. If it was anyone from a big sect, the moment they saw their clothing, they would have known that they were all from Kunlun Sect.

“I shall not conceal it from my fellow daoist friends. This is my first time entering the Cultivation World and the main reason I am doing so is to accumulate experience, but I am completely ignorant of anything regarding the Cultivation World. Therefore, I wish the fellow daoists would share some knowledge with me. Take these pills as a reward,” Cheng Yu took out another 10 top-grade Qi Gathering Pills and requested.

The Kunlun Sect disciples saw Cheng Yu was actually so generous and had taken out so many pills again, and their faces grew even more excited and enthusiastic. They looked at each other. Within their eyes, there were obvious traces of greed. Cheng Yu had also seen it, but he did not seem to be concerned. The few Qi Training Realm initial stage cultivators were not even fit to be his opponent.

“Haha! So it’s like that. Fellow daoist, there’s no harm in saying what you wish to know!” One of the Kunlun disciples said passionately.

“The Cultivation World is vast. How many gateways are there in total? And if I want to come back, how am I supposed to look for the exit?”

“Actually, no one has a precise number for how many gates there are in the Cultivation World. Solely in our Kunlun Mountains, there are already five of gates. However, if you want to look for the gate to the Cultivation World, it’s not a difficult issue. 100 kilometres from here, there’s an inn. It’s called Qiongyu Inn. It is the biggest chain inn in the whole Cultivation World. Basically, in the whole Cultivation World, you would be able to find their shadows. Inside, there are food and drinks, and you are also able to buy information from them. Therefore, as long as you have money, you will be able to buy the news you wish,” While he spoke, especially when talking about the Qiongyu Inn, his eyes clearly shone as if he was yearning for it.

“I see. What kind of currency does the Cultivation World use?” What Cheng Yu wanted to know the most was the currency of the Cultivation World. Since he rarely came to the Cultivation World, he felt that he must bring some treasure back to well equip his women. Don’t look down on these armaments. If two cultivators who had the same cultivation were to fight, and if one of the sides possessed a formidable armament, he would be able to defeat the other or might even be able to kill him outright. This showed how important armaments were to a cultivator.

“In the Cultivation World, all of us use spiritual stones and spiritual crystals for transactions. The spiritual stones and crystals are classified into high, medium and low grade. A high-grade spiritual stone would exchange for 100 middle-grade spiritual stones or 10000 low-grade spiritual stones. The spiritual crystals are on a higher grade than a spiritual stone. Therefore, a low-grade spiritual crystal would exchange for 100 high-grade spiritual stones. And the exchange rate between each grade for the spiritual crystal is also 1:100,” That person explained to Cheng Yu the currency of the Cultivation World. Cheng Yu also knew of spiritual crystals. If a spiritual bone is a large sum of fortune, then a crystal vine would be an uncountable fortune.

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A crystal vein was formed under the nurturing of spiritual Qi for countless years in a crystal mine and was constantly in contact with the vein of the spiritual crystal. There were lots of crystal mines in this world, even if it was the Secular World, there were also all kinds of crystal mines. But to change these stone crystals into a spiritual crystal, was extremely hard to do.

Therefore, in the Secular World, the crystal ores excavated would at most be able to craft an ordinary armament. Besides, with the sparseness of the Secular World’s spiritual Qi, if they want to transform an ordinary crystal mine into a crystal vine, it would at least take a million years.

“Then how many spiritual stones can these Qi Gathering Pills exchange for?” Within Cheng Yu’s assumptions, he should be the most destitute person in the whole of the Cultivation World because on him, there was only one low-grade spiritual stone that he had picked up in the abyss. The only thing on Cheng Yu, which could be exchanged for money would be his pills. So, he asked curiously.

“A low-grade spiritual stone would exchange for roughly 100 low-grade Qi Gathering Pills, 10 middle-grade Qi Gathering Pills, or a high-grade Qi Gathering Pill. But with fellow daoist’s top-grade Qi Gathering Pills, which are hardly seen, you would probably be able to exchange each pill for three low-grade spiritual stones,” When this person recalled to how Cheng Yu had simply taken out so many top-grade Qi Gathering Pills, if he changed all of them to spiritual stones, he could already have gotten dozens of them. He was truly envious. Within his heart, his greed started to get the better of him.

In the Cultivation World, a lot of people wished to rely on those big sects not only because they would have a backer behind them, but also have access to resources. To a cultivator, if they did not have any resources, how are they going to cultivate? If they were to rely on their own talent and cultivate painstakingly, if they wished to breakthrough and become an expert, they would just be indulging in their own fantasy. Even if they were a genius, they would also need different levels of resources to assist them. There was never once anyone who said that they relied on their own effort to soar through the heavens. This was something that had never happened before in the Cultivation World.

The reason why all these people were willing to join the Kunlun Sect was because they hoped to look for a backer. At the same time, they wanted to attain natural resources from the sect to assist their cultivation. But as ordinary disciples, especially for the Secular World Kunlun, the resources they received were truly too little. Every month, they would only receive 10 low-grade Qi Gathering Pills. It also meant that if they were to use them sparingly, it would only last them for ten days. Furthermore, all of them were low-grade Qi Gathering Pills. What kind of miraculous effect could it possibly bring? As for spiritual stones, they received one spiritual stone each month, but they were all low-grade.

To these ordinary disciples, this miserly amount of pills was too little. But to a sect, it was already something that was seen as generous. Not every pill master was as amazing as Cheng Yu. Not only was Cheng Yu’s refinement speed fast, the quality was also very good. Furthermore, for these low rank pills, Cheng Yu’s success rate for refinement was 100%. But the skill of those Pill Masters in these sects were very ordinary. Pill Masters were very unique in the Cultivation World. So much so that they could be considered a treasure. However, usually, all these Pill Masters would not have a high cultivation level. Even if their cultivation level was decent, they did not possess any extraordinary cultivation method. If they were not roped in by a sect or not willing to become one of the sect’s assets, the sect would naturally not wish for the Pill Master to live.

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Cheng Yu’s teacher, Daoist Xuanling, died because of this. Daoist Xuanling was a loose cultivator and had attained a Golden Core Realm cultivation. To an ordinary person, for a loose cultivator to reach Golden Core Realm was very hard to achieve. But since Daoist Xuanling was a Pill Master, he would naturally be a lot faster than others. But since Daoist Xuanling possessed a Golden Core Realm cultivation, his cultivation method was not based on alchemy. In terms of aggressiveness, it was very ordinary, to the point where even when he was fighting against a similar Golden Core Realm expert, he would not be able to compete against him. Ultimately, a cultivation sect, Tianhai Sect wanted to rope Daoist Xuanling in. But Daoist Xuanling was someone who treasured being free and easy. He did not like being restricted to one place.

Tianhai Sect saw that they were not able to get Daoist Xuanling to join them, so they sent people to slaughter him. In order to let Cheng Yu escape, Daoist Xuanling exploded his golden core and died while blocking Tianhai Sect’s people from chasing Cheng Yu.

Each and every day, whenever Cheng Yu recalled how his teacher had chosen to explode his golden core just to protect him, Cheng Yu would become extremely sad with tears flowing down his eyes. At that time, Cheng Yu was still a small Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. In order not to be found by Tianhai Sect’s members, he hid in all the corners of the world. Ultimately, he had unknowingly obtain the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things from Daoist Wansheng’s grave. This caused Cheng Yu to slowly raise in fame as a loose cultivator as well as a Pill Master.

Therefore, there were pros and cons of being a Pill Master. Furthermore, it was extremely harsh for a Pill Master to produce a big quantity of pills in one go. Take the secular Kunlun for an example. They had hundreds of disciples with only one Pill Master. Besides, the Pill Master’s cultivation was not high. Within a month, it was not that hard to refine thousands of low-grade Qi Gathering Pills. But it was impossible for him to prepare so many including the ones needed for accumulation. Besides, there were also chances of him failing in the refining process. This made the difficulty even higher.

However, when Cheng Yu heard that a Qi Gathering Pill of his would be able to exchange for three spiritual stones, he still felt that it was quite worth it. To him, refining the Qi Gathering Pill was not hard. However, he only currently had a couple thousand with him. It seemed like he would need to look for a secluded location and refine more someday. This time, when Cheng Yu crossed over to the Cultivation World, he had filled the storage rings of Fang Wenxuan and Guan Shiyuan with the herbs he had gotten from Lan Ya. He had even brought his pill cauldron as well.

Cheng Yu still had some foresight. As a Pill Master, he could not distance himself from the need of refining pills. It was just that he could not spend too much time in the Cultivation World refining pills, but had just prepared in case. Besides, a Qi Gathering Pill could be exchanged for three low-grade spiritual stones. He could refine hundreds within a day. Wouldn’t it be making a thousand spiritual stones then? This might seem like a lot to others, but to Cheng Yu, this was truly too little. Even if he were to refine for a year incessantly, he would at most be able to get 400,000 spiritual stones.

400,000 low-grade spiritual stones might seem to be a lot, but in the Cultivation World, it could not be counted as much. Even if it was just ordinary armaments, it would cost him thousands of low-grade stones. If it was a top-grade armament, it couldn’t be bought even for 100,000 low-grade spiritual stones. To sum it up, Cheng Yu would never do such a thing that was strenuous, yet unrewarding. After refining for a year, he could not even purchase a top-grade armament, so why should he do that?

Therefore, this trip to the Cultivation World, Cheng Yu had a few goals. Earning a large amount of spiritual stones was one of the goals. Promoting his strength and obtaining a few armaments were the most important ones. When Cheng Yu was in Yunhai, he had already been paying attention for a lot of stuff. He knew that in the Secular World, there were lots of materials that could be used to craft armaments, but it was a pity that Cheng Yu did not know how to craft them. He had spent a tremendous amount of strength crafting just a storage ring. Furthermore, the crafting method was too crude and it was only a space that was 2x2x2 meters big. After placing the cauldron in, there was basically no space for anything else.

Following that, Cheng Yu had also inquires about other state of affairs in the Cultivation World and he also found out that Kunlun Mountain was not as small as he had imagined it to be. The real Kunlun Mountain was located inside the restriction. The secular Kunlun stronghold was basically at the rim of the Kunlun Mountain range and it was easier for them to manage their Secular World matters.

After bidding farewell to the few Daoists, Cheng Yu advanced towards the depths of Kunlun. He wanted to find out about the situation in Kunlun. However, he must not be seen by these daoists. Therefore, he walked towards the opposite direction of the Kunlun Mountains.

“Senior Brother Lin, this kid is definitely a big landlord. How about we find an opportunity to…” When they saw Cheng Yu’s back fading, one of the Daoist signalled by holding up his finger across his neck as he suggested to his fellow daoists.

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