Chapter 180: Entering Kunlun

After handing over everything that needed to be handed over and also planning everything that was needed, Cheng Yu stood on the roof of his villa. No one had come to send him off. It was not they did not want to, but Cheng Yu did not allow them to come. Looking at the quiet Yunhai City, Cheng Yu’s heart had actually bubbled with traces of sentimentality. He was unwilling to leave, even though it was just for a few months. Perhaps, it might be because he had already gotten used to the lifestyle or because there were things he worried about in his heart. Therefore, it caused him to be reluctant to leave.

After a while,Cheng Yu put away the sentimental feelings he had in his heart and revealed a resolute expression. “I must definitely become a formidable expert. To allow the people I love and treasure to lead a happy and blessed life together.” Cheng Yu took out his flying sword and ascended through the sky. He stepped on the flying sword and flew towards the brightly illuminated moon.

Previously, when Cheng Yu went to Mount Wutai, he had already inquired about some of the state of affairs of the Cultivation World from the senior monk. He also knew that there were gates to enter to the Cultivation World from the Secular World. Furthermore, the most obvious location of those gates would be at those established sects’ strongholds in the Secular World. For example, the Secular World Kunlun Sect, Tianshan Sect and Shushan Sect. They all had a gate that leads them to the Cultivation World.

The direction Cheng Yu was headed was the stronghold of Kunlun. Why did Cheng Yu choose to enter the Cultivation World from Kunlun’s gate? This was the conclusion he came to after careful deliberation. There were two major reasons. First, ever since the sneak attack, Cheng Yu caused them to lose six of their experts causing Kunlun to suffer a huge loss. After that, Kunlun had never appeared in front of Cheng Yu again.

Cheng Yu did not believe Kunlun would not deal with him. Furthermore, both sides had already become life and death enemies that can never reconcile. But Kunlun had suffered such a huge loss, yet they did not show any reaction. This was too abnormal. As the saying goes, “There must be a demon in unusual things.” If they were unable to look for Cheng Yu, they would use his women or relatives to vent their anger. If that happened, it would be very troublesome.

If he revealed himself, Cheng Yu believed that the odds of them dealing with his women and relatives would be a lot lower. Furthermore, if they were not careful, they might become the enemy to the whole Cultivation World. They should not dare defy the masses.

Even if they were truly not afraid of the incident being exposed, with them seeing Cheng Yu had already entered the Cultivation World, they would certainly send people out to deal with him. And Cheng Yu also believed that the experts they would send out would be the Secular World Kunlun experts. But now that all the experts had been basically killed by Cheng Yu, leaving behind only a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert.

Even if they were going to send people out, they would not send such people out to deal with commoners. Otherwise, wouldn’t it cause Kunlun to become a laughingstock? But to Cheng Yu, this was the best outcome he could ever ask for because no expert from the Cultivation World would be drawn to Yunhai. Cheng Yu believed that with Shi Ji around in Yunhai, those experts who had a cultivation lower than Golden Core Realm would definitely not be able to make a move on Lan Ya and the others. It was commonly known that, compared to humans, Demon Beasts were able to bring forth strength that was higher than their cultivation by a level.

Just like when Cheng Yu was in Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage, he was thrashed by Shi Ji. If it was not because Cheng Yu cultivated in the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things, he would have long died. Even though Cheng Yu had already broke through to Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, he was still not willing to fight with Shi Ji.

Cheng Yu was certain that as long as the news of him entering the Cultivation World had been transmitted to Kunlun, they would definitely get those experts they sent to the Secular World to deal with Cheng Yu returned to the Cultivation World to eliminate him there. Therefore, it was a obvious benefit to Cheng Yu if he are to reveal his traces out to Kunlun. However, by doing so, Cheng Yu would have to handle all the dangers himself. Because the Cultivation World experts would no longer appear in Yunhai. However, Cheng Yu was not afraid of them. In contrast, he looked forward to it.

A true cultivator, in the process of his growth, needs battles. Without the experience of battles, they would never be able to possess an greater strength and it would be impossible for them to tread even further down the path of cultivation. Having reincarnated to Yunhai, because his life was very stable, Cheng Yu had also felt that he had turned a little lazy. He was no longer as vigilant compared to his former days. If it was not because occasionally there would be a few young masters jumping out to help Cheng Yu work, Cheng Yu might have already forgotten that he was a cultivator.

Therefore, Cheng Yu desired battles and was also thirsting for them. Only with unceasing battles and crisis would he be motivated to climb even higher.

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Cheng Yu had long investigated the location of Kunlun Mountain and Kunlun Sect was located on top of it. But Kunlun Mountain was not a mountain, but was a stretch of mountain range. An unbroken undulated mountain peak. No one had any idea how long it was extended to. After about an hour later, Cheng Yu arrived at the outskirts of the Kunlun Mountain. Even though Cheng Yu had night vision, there was still some disparity compared to when he saw it during daytime. Cheng Yu went to one of the distant hilltops and saw faint white flakes floating before him. Cheng Yu was roughly able to guess that was snow.

The temperature in this mountain range was very clearly a lot lower than other places. However, this did not affect Cheng Yu. In this place, it was very hard to see any footprints. So, Cheng Yu was not afraid of others seeing him as he took out his flying sword and flew around the Kunlun Mountain Range without any worries as he looked for the secular Kunlun Sect trails.

Cheng Yu was not anxious at all as he loitered around the Kunlun Mountain Range for an hour when suddenly, Cheng Yu felt that he had entered into another world. Because Cheng Yu’s vision had suddenly changed to daytime and there were roars of ferocious beasts everywhere, it sounded quite scary.

Cheng Yu descended with his flying sword and tread on the ground. The forest was very dense. Suddenly, there was a large group of ferocious beasts rushing at Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu could no longer be concerned for anything else as he discharged a large amount of Qi. Immediately, the imposing manner of a Foundation Establishment Realm expert manifested.

Cheng Yu sent a punch out. This was the phantom fist from Arts of Derivation From All Living Things and was also the frequently used move by Cheng Yu. A large fist reflection burst forth towards the group of ferocious beasts. But what caused Cheng Yu to be surprised was that after the fist reflection struck the ferocious beasts, those ferocious beasts all turned into threads of spiritual Qi and dissipated.

“Illusion?” Cheng Yu frowned and quickly reacted. He had stepped into a illusion array. Cheng Yu put forth a few law engravements and chanted a few incantations, allowing baffled hearts caused by the illusion array to sober up. Very quickly, the supposed daytime gradually turned back to night and Cheng Yu’s position had moved from the hilltop of the Kunlun Mountain Range to a mountain slope.

Cheng Yu observed his surroundings for a while. There was actually such a large restriction placed here that was extremely stable. Cheng Yu cast several law arts onto the restriction and only saw his law arts disappearing the moment it contacted the restriction.

Cheng Yu surveyed and guessed. Only an immortal level expert would be able to set up such a restriction. Cheng Yu circulated around this mountain and found out that not only was this restriction strong and stable, it was also very wide. At least it was not limited to only this mountain.

In Cheng Yu’s opinion, it was no doubt that this restriction should be the Cultivation World. Because, outside this restriction was surrounded by layers of illusion arrays. This was a method used frequently by cultivators. Since the commoners had no idea that the Cultivation World existed, they also hoped for them to not charge into the restriction randomly.

However, Cheng Yu believe that all this restriction would inevitably have a weak spot and that would be the gate to the Cultivation World. Otherwise, with such a wide restriction, who would be able to enter? Cheng Yu took out his flying sword once again. While flying around the outskirts of the restriction, he tried to look for the weak point.

However, Cheng Yu searched for hours and was still unable to pinpoint a single weak spot. Unknowingly, the day had already turned bright. The more Cheng Yu searched, the more apprehensive he got because he realized the width of this restriction was beyond his imagination. It seemed like this restriction was not placed by just any random immortal expert, but at least an upper-ranked immortal. Furthermore, it was not done by a person because the mountain was so vast.

Thinking about this, Cheng Yu became even more astonished. Could it be that there were upper-rank immortals in the Cultivation World? This was impossible, right?! After living for over a thousand years, Cheng Yu never once heard of any immortals that were not summoned to the Immortal World and could stay in the lower realms!

Strange! This was truly too strange! This world was not as simple as he thought it to be. It was even more complicated than his previous world. Cheng Yu was astonished, but at this very moment, it was more important to look for the gate to the Cultivation World. So, Cheng Yu used his flying sword and looked for it again.

After another two hours, Cheng Yu finally managed to spot a frail area of the restriction. Cheng Yu was elated. Finally, he had found the gate! The restriction here was a lot weaker than before. Cheng Yu brought forth a few law[1] arts and the restriction disappeared a short while later.

“Who is it?! You actually dared to selflessly charge into our Kunlun’s entrance?!” Cheng Yu had just passed through the restriction and entered when he heard a loud voice shouting. Cheng Yu took a look. It turned out that it was eight cultivators who were donning daoist uniforms. However, their cultivation was very low. They were all Qi Training Realm initial stage cultivators. When Cheng Yu heard their threatening speech, he did not get angry, but was happy instead.

Because for the sake of searching for the gate to the Cultivation World, Cheng Yu had already deviated from the Kunlun Mountain Range for about 100 kilometers. Cheng Yu was afraid that he had left Kunlun’s stronghold. Never had he expected that this would be the entrance to Kunlun. Isn’t this what they called, searching high and low, but the thing you sought for was just in front of you?

“Hello, Daoist friends, I am not trespassing and just wish to enter the Cultivation World. I searched for very long and was finally able to spot this place. Therefore, I plead for the few daoist friends here to take it as you saw nothing,” Cheng Yu took out a few Qi Gathering Pills and gave to them before saying politely.

Cheng Yu did not wish to invoke troubles everywhere he went. Even though the other party’s cultivation was low, he could not possibly just kill them because they saw him, right?

“So it’s like that. Since daoist friend is also a cultivator and wants to enter the Cultivation World, it wouldn’t be nice for us to hinder you. It’s just that this place is not far from Kunlun Sect. I hope daoist friend would not stay here too long. Otherwise, if it were to cause any misunderstanding, it will be very troublesome,” The few cultivators saw Cheng Yu taking out Qi Gathering Pills, so their eyes shone. The arrogance they displayed previous completely vanished and they immediately became extremely polite.

Actually, they were only ordinary disciples. Their cultivation was very bad and very rarely would they be able to receive pills to assist them in their cultivation. Each of them relied on their hard work to achieve their current cultivation. When they saw how magnamious Cheng Yu was, taking out five Qi Gathering Pills for each of them. They, as ordinary disciples, were only able to receive a bottle of low-grade Qi Gathering Pills from the sect.

Compared to Cheng Yu’s top-grade Qi Gathering Pills, even if they were disciples who were at Qi Training Realm late stage, they would at most get ten. This showed how precious this pill was to them.

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“So it’s like that. Thank you, daoist friends,” Cheng Yu had no idea how precious the pills he had just given out were. However, even if he knew, he would not feel that it was a waste.

[1] – Editor Note – The author just starts using the word “law” arts and expects us to understand them. Unfortunately, no clarification was made so we will have to just use this as is. Sorry readers!

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