Chapter 179: Farewells

Cheng Yu stepped on his flying sword, but he did not return straight to Yunhai. Instead, he flew towards the cliff. Half an hour later, Cheng Yu arrived at the cliff and descended.

“What are you here for again?” When Shi Ji saw Cheng Yu had come again, her attitude was evident enough to show how much she disliked him. Shi Ji was still in her human form.

“Heh. Shi Ji, do you really hate me that much? In contrast, I like your current appearance. Very pretty,” Cheng Yu had long gotten used to Shi Ji’s coldness. When it was time to tease, he would still tease. Nevertheless, Shi Ji was an indifferent, pretty flood dragon.

“Hmph. Don’t think that I am like that foolish woman. Just some honeyed words and you expect me to have a favorable impression of you. Speak, what brings you here again?” It was evident that Shi Ji did not get enchanted by Cheng Yu.

“I am here to discuss the matter I spoke to you previously. These are Qi Gathering Pills. It’s sufficient to last you three months. I hope you can exit the mountains to protect a few women,” Cheng Yu took out a big bottle from his storage ring. The bottle was filled with Qi Gathering Pills.

“A few women? The woman previously was just one of them? As expected, no men are good creatures,” When Shi Ji heard Cheng Yu’s words, she despised Cheng Yu. However, she still accepted the bottle of Qi Gathering Pills. After all, this was the most important tool for her right now. With so many Qi Gathering Pills, her cultivation would definitely soar soon. It would certainly be a lot faster than her current speed. It just so happened that Shi Ji also wanted to travel to the human realm to take a look. Might as well go and protect Cheng Yu’s women and treat it as a tour.

“I still have another four women. However, there is one who you must place extra importance on. Because my enemies are all because of her. Therefore, you must protect her well.”

“When will you be leaving?” Since they were all the people she needed to protect, as for who they were, it was all the same to Shi Ji.

“I am going to bring you to Yunhai now. After that, I will explain their situation. Here. Take this flying sword. Take it as a gift,” After Cheng Yu spoke, he took out a flying sword and gave to Shi Ji.

“Flying sword?” Shi Ji was stunned. She did not expect Cheng Yu to be so generous.

“That’s right. This is something I robbed from my enemy. Be careful if you were to use it,” The flying sword Cheng Yu took out was Fang Wenxuan’s and the one Cheng Yu was using was Guan Shiyuan’s.

Previously the sneak attack from Kunlun, although he had killed six of them, Cheng Yu did not have the opportunity to collect their belongings as they were all taken back by the Great Elder making Cheng Yu very regretful. However, the situation back then was very critical. To protect his life could already be counted as a blessing. Where would he have the time to think of collecting storage pouches? Shi Ji was not pretentious at all. She took the flying sword and dripped her blood onto it. The flying sword flickered. Immediately, it was connected to Shi Ji’s conscious. The two of them used their flying swords and flew to Yunhai. Within minutes, they arrived at Cheng Yu’s villa.

“It seems like you have been living quite well. You actually stayed in such a nice building,” When Shi Ji saw Cheng Yu’s beautiful villa, she was not too surprised. However, it was still quite evident that she liked this place.

“After I leave, you can choose to live here. Originally, I wanted to ask you to stay together with that woman, but by doing so, it’s very easy for your identity to be exposed. Therefore, it’s better for you to live here,” After all, Shi Ji was a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. A commoner would naturally not feel anything wrong with her, but if they were to bump into cultivators, it was very easy for those cultivators to notice something very suspicious. Thus, it was better for Shi Ji to protect Lan Ya stealthily and it would make it easier for her to catch the opponent off guard.

Cheng Yu introduced Shi Ji to all the daily necessities and the electronics in the villa. After that, he went into the pill room alone. Just now, he had given Shi Ji a pile of Qi Gathering Pills, leaving him with an inadequate amount. That night, Cheng Yu used his utmost effort to refine a large amount of Qi Gathering Pills. It was barely enough for him to last two months.

The next morning, Cheng Yu brought Shi Ji along to look for Lan Ya. Since Cheng Yu had already told Lan Ya beforehand, Lan Ya had specially stayed home today and did not go to her office.

“You scoundrel. It has only been a few days and you managed to deceive another young lady,” Lan Ya looked at Shi Ji behind Cheng Yu and glimpsed at Cheng Yu, feigning anger coquettishly. After Shi Ji turned into her human form, the age she showed was only around 20 years old. In front of Lan Ya, she was truly a young lady.

“Haha. Don’t look down on her. She is the helper I got you. I am going to leave for a long journey. Therefore, I brought her here to look after you,” Cheng Yu embraced Lan Ya’s well developed body and laughed.

“She? Helper?” Lan Ya was confused. This beautiful young lady was actually her helper?

“Of course. She is called Shi Ji. She possesses a cultivation of Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage. If you compete with her, she does not need two moves to defeat you,” Cheng Yu knew that Lan Ya was looking down on Shi Ji judging from her reaction.

“What? She is already a Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage expert?” Lan Ya shouted. Cheng Yu had already explained to her all the different realms and she knew that Cheng Yu was currently a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert. However, Lan Ya never expected that this young lady who looked around 20 years old was only a little weaker than Cheng Yu and was already in the Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage. This was truly too inconceivable. There would always be things happening around Cheng Yu that would cause others to exclaim in astonishment. “Don’t tell me she’s your Junior Martial Sister?”

Shi Ji was as young as Cheng Yu and also possessed such a profound cultivation. The only thing Lan Ya could think of was that Shi Ji was Cheng Yu’s Junior Martial Sister. Otherwise, how could she, a young lady, be so powerful? And only the big sect Cheng Yu was in could have such abilities to nurture her, right?

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“Haha. You guessed wrong. She is not my Junior Martial Sister. In any case, in the future, she will be protecting you in the dark. For the upcoming period when I am not around, I am afraid that Kunlun would send people to look for you for trouble,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“I am Lan Ya. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for protecting me,” Even though Lan Ya seemed to be a lot older than Shi Ji, Lan Ya knew that cultivators only regarded each other by strength, not age. Therefore, Lan Ya must never look at her in terms of age.

“Hello, I’m Shi Ji,” Shi Ji’s words were always very simplistic and her tone was as before, very impartial.

“Pay no attention to her. She has always been like this. Treating everyone indifferently,” When Cheng Yu saw Lan Ya’s expression was a little astonished, Cheng Yu explained. Cheng Yu did not stay for long in Lan Ya’s villa. After explaining some things to Lan Ya, he brought Shi Ji and left.

Lan Ya knew that Cheng Yu needed to deal with something big. Otherwise, he would not get Shi Ji to protect her. Therefore, she did not urge him to stay and only asked Cheng Yu to be more careful because she knew that whatever Cheng Yu was going to do, it was definitely not something simple. This time, Cheng Yu brought Shi Ji to look for Yao Na. Before the national exam results were released, all the graduating classes’s homeroom teachers would stay in school. Cheng Yu brought Shi Ji to Yao Na’s dormitory.

“Cheng Yu, why are you here? Shi Ji? You also came?” When Yao Na heard someone knocking on her door, she went to took a look. Unexpectedly, it was Cheng Yu and Shi Ji.

“Haha! Nana, did you miss me?” Cheng Yu wished to hugged Yao Na, but was dodged by her.

“Hateful! There might be someone around,” Yao Na looked around the corridor. After confirming there was no one around, she closed her door.

“Hehe. Since I already graduated, we are no longer in a teacher-student relationship,” Cheng Yu held Yao Na’s hand and chuckled.

“But we still mustn’t let anyone see it. Why did both of you come over?” Even though she had already tacitly approved of her relationship with Cheng Yu, Yao Na was still afraid of others gossiping. After all, there was a common saying in Huaxia “A teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime.” To have a relationship with her student would certainly cause society to question her morals.

“I am here to say goodbye to you. I need to leave for a long journey. But Nana is so pretty, I am afraid you would get snatched away by someone else. Therefore, I asked Shi Ji to protect you. If someone were to dare snatch my woman, I will get Shi Ji to eliminate him,” Cheng Yu chuckled.

“What? You are going to go somewhere far away? Didn’t you just return from the capital? Don’t tell me this time is even further away than capital?” When she heard Cheng Yu was going to leave for a long journey again, her happy mood immediately vanished.

“I’m truly sorry. But this time is really important. Wait until I am back, I will definitely accompany you,” Cheng Yu was also stuck in a difficult situation, but he had no choice. With just his puny Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation, it was not sufficient if he wished to protect them.

“Then how long are you going to leave for?” Yao Na asked reluctantly.

“I can’t be certain. It would at least take around three months,” Cheng Yu said. He himself really had no idea how long he would be leaving for. He did not even have any idea about the Cultivation World. Perhaps, he might not even need three months or would even take longer than that. The duration was infinite.

“Three months? But in another two months, you will have to attend university,” When Yao Na heard Cheng Yu needed to leave for so long, she failed to understand why Cheng Yu would need to leave for so long.

“You can just help me settle this. In any case, I am certain to enroll into Yunhai University. As for what specialization, just choose the same one as Lin Yuhan,” To Cheng Yu, he was very indifferent about attending university. It was just a required experience needed for the people in this world and a phase of growth.

“I knew it. The reason you chose Yunhai University was so you can be together with Lin Yuhan,” When Yao Na saw Cheng Yu actually wanted to enroll into the same department as Lin Yuhan, she immediately got jealous. Even if she long knew about this, her heart would still feel very uncomfortable about it.

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“Haha! I am just afraid of being a burden. In any case, I am also not sure of what to study,” Cheng Yu said awkwardly.

“Hmph! Then when will you be leaving? Do you want me to send you off?”

“No need. You should know that I will leave using my flying sword.”

“You…are there any dangers this time? Why do you need to leave for so long?” Yao Na endured it for very long, but still chose to ask about it.

“Nope. With my current abilities, how can there even be dangers? You just need to take care of yourself. Remember to practice the cultivation method I had taught you. I hope that when I am not around, nothing happens to you,” Cheng Yu touched Yao Na’s face and said gently.

“En. I know. I will cultivate diligently,” When she saw how gentle Cheng Yu was, her heart felt warmth. However, with Shi Ji looking at them from the side, she still felt unnatural. Similarly, after leaving behind some pills for cultivation, Cheng Yu brought Shi Ji and left.

Following that, Cheng Yu went to look for Yang Ruoxue, Lin Yuhan and Han Xue. Cheng Yu did not bring Shi Ji along. This was because of their safety as well. Therefore, Cheng Yu got Shi Ji to look at the three women from far. At least when they met trouble, she would be able to protect them.

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