Chapter 178: Leaving the Capital

After Cheng Yu handed over everything, under the reluctant gazes of the team members, he walked out of the training ground. Even though Cheng Yu had only told them that he was going on leave, none of them knew if they would still be able to meet this martial instructor who had earned their admiration. From the start to finish, they were not able to fully understand what Cheng Yu’s true identity was. Even Xu Ruosong was not able to understand Cheng Yu at all, because the current Cheng Yu was no longer the same Xiao Yu who had played with him when they were young. In front of him, Cheng Yu was already an outer world expert that they thought highly of and was a martial instructor worthy of their deep respect.

Cheng Yu left the training ground and headed straight to Liu Yan’s office. Even though he had already applied for leave from Xu Zhongfu, he would still need to hand over paperwork and follow some standard procedures.

“Cheng Yu? Why are you here?” Yang Ziming was inside the office. She was heading out to the washroom and happened to bump into Cheng Yu who was heading in. All of the other instructors were different from Cheng Yu. They all instructed upon theories. Other than Cheng Yu, all the other instructors would usually be in the office during office hours. When they saw Cheng Yu coming in, all of them were surprised. After Cheng Yu had become the Dragon God Squad’s martial instructor, he had never once entered their office. Only Liu Yan took a quick glance at Cheng Yu. She probably already received the news of his leave.

“Haha! I am here to apply for leave,” Cheng Yu laughed. Cheng Yu had a good impression of Yang Ziming. Although she had always been with Xu Qing, their personalities were total opposites. Yang Ziming was a lot more mature and was able to look into the overall situation. Compared to Xu Qing, it was extremely lackluster.

“Applying for leave? Are you feeling unwell?” Yang Ziming was baffled. The Dragon God Squad had only been taught for five days and Cheng Yu already wanted to apply for leave? This truly bewildered the other instructors.

“Oi, Cheng Yu. You should be dedicated to your work. You have only been teaching for a few days and you want to apply for leave? Let me tell you, Chief Instructor would definitely not approve it,” Before Cheng Yu even replied to Yang Ziming, Xu Qing jumped over and interrupted them.

“I already reported it to the higher-ups. It’s been a pleasure knowing all of you,” Cheng Yu did not pay any attention to Xu Qing and replied nonchalantly.

“It’s been a pleasure knowing all of us? What does that mean? Isn’t he just applying for leave? Why does it seem like he’s leaving for a long journey?”

However, Cheng Yu did not give them any opportunity to learn more as he headed to Liu Yan’s office.

“You have arrived,” When she saw Cheng Yu had walked over, Liu Yan said indifferently.

“En. I believe the higher-ups already talked to you about it. The duration I am leaving for will be a long time. I already planned out their training. If any of you have some spare time, you can just go over to supervise them for the afternoon. All you need to do is to not let them goof off,” Even though Cheng Yu believed in these team members, he still wished for someone to supervise them so that he can be more assured.

“Sure. I will arrange it. These are the procedures to apply for leave,” Liu Yan took out a piece of paper and gave it to Cheng Yu. Her expression and tone were indifferent as always, as if she paid no attention to anything happening around her.

“Thank you. Before I leave, I wish to tell you something. Heaven allowed you to be so pretty, but it was not to make you be so indifferent with everything. If you smile every day, I would have probably fallen for you,” Cheng Yu looked at Liu Yan and said with a smile. Liu Yan glared at Cheng Yu and did not reply. She lowered her head and continued with her work. Cheng Yu did not continue and took the envelope before leaving.

“Oi, are you really leaving?” When Xu Qing saw Liu Yan had approved of Cheng Yu’s leave, she was startled. And Cheng Yu had just left without saying a single thing as well.

“Could it be you want to elope with me?” Cheng Yu smiled. Now that he could leave, his mood had also become very relaxed. Even when he looked at Xu Qing, he felt that she looked a lot cuter than before.

“Who wants to elope with you?! How many days of leave are you taking?”

“Go and ask Chief Instructor Liu,” Cheng Yu did not elaborate and left the office.

“You…” Seeing how much dislike Cheng Yu had for her, Xu Qing’s heart was very upset. She stomped her legs on the ground ferociously. She walked to Liu Yan and asked, ”Sister Liu, why did you let that scoundrel off so easily.”

“The higher-ups already approved of his leave. What can I possibly do?” Liu Yan did not raise her head and had been staring at the document in her hands all along.

“Sister Liu, how many days of leave did he request?” Xu Qing asked curiously.

“A few months, I guess?” Actually, Liu Yan herself had no idea what kind of leave Cheng Yu requested. Because there was no end-date for his leave. She had no idea why the higher-ups approved of such an irresponsible thing, but she knew she did not have the privilege to know. Therefore, she did not bother digging into it.

“What? A few months?” Everyone was shocked. The office was only this big, so any person who spoke would definitely be heard by the others in the office. However, compared to the astonishment Xu Qing and Yang Ziming had, the other male instructors were more of delighted. There were only three women in this office. Furthermore, all of them were extremely pretty. However, that cold style of Liu Yan made them dare not approach her. They could only try their luck with Xu Qing and Yang Ziming.

But what caused them to be at a loss was that these two ladies seemed to be very interested in Cheng Yu as well. As long as the work they had in hand was not urgent, these ladies would run over to the training ground to look for Cheng Yu. This reduced the chances that the other instructors had with the girls. Everytime they wished to interact with the girls about their feelings, the girls would change the topic back to work, inadvertently rejecting their feelings. Now that Cheng Yu had left, even though they still stood no chance, they were quite happy. They believe that after a period of time passed, they would certainly stand a chance.

“Sister Liu, what’s the scoundrel’s reason? He actually went as far as taking a few months of leave. Isn’t this a bit too irresponsible?” Xu Qing did not expect Cheng Yu’s leave would be for a few months. Otherwise, she would have properly asked Cheng Yu for the details. Even though she had only known Cheng Yu for a few days, she already felt that Cheng Yu was very mysterious. Women always loved to understand and analyze a man who was very unusual and mysterious.

Furthermore, what’s more hateful was that Cheng Yu always opposed her. Which man wouldn’t try their best to treat her better whenever they saw her? But Cheng Yu was the only one who treated her so indifferently to the point of not even speaking properly with her. Therefore, Xu Qing would always think of all sorts of idea to bicker around with Cheng Yu, making Cheng Yu feel very panicky whenever he spoke with her. However, she would always end up being the one panicking. But now that Cheng Yu had left, she did not even know when he would be returning. Or perhaps, he might not even return in the future. Xu Qing started to feel unwilling to part with Cheng Yu. She would rather have Cheng Yu bickering with her and irritating her than Cheng Yu not returning.

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“Xiao Qing… Xiao Qing…” When Liu Yan saw Xu Qing was in a daze, Liu Yan called her out a few times, but Xu Qing did not respond.

“Ah…what?” After being woken up by Liu Yan’s voice, Xu Qing was frenetic.

“Carry on with your work,” Liu Yan was able to tell Xu Qing seemed a little unusual, but she chose not to inquire about it.

“Ok,” Xu Qing lowered her head and replied. She turned around and returned to her desk. It seemed like she herself had no idea what she was thinking about either.


Cheng Yu drove straight home and went into Cheng Ruilong’s room.

“Have you settled everything?” Ever since he knew about Cheng Yu’s true identity, Cheng Ruilong grew even fonder of this grandson and expected more from him. Cheng Ruilong knew that his family would climb towards an unprecedented peak under Cheng Yu’s lead. He was looking forward to that moment.

“En. Tonight I will return to Yunhai. After handing over everything there, I will leave.”

“Alright. I will talk to your dad and mom. Be careful. Even though I have no idea how powerful you are, that place is also filled with people like you. There will definitely be risk. You must not let your emotions affect your decision. Everything must be done with safety as your priority. The Cheng Family’s future has all been entrusted to you,” Cheng Ruilong thought very highly of Cheng Yu, but this trip to the Cultivation World was truly too inauspicious. He could not help worrying about Cheng Yu.

“Grandpa, you can be at ease. I know what to do. With my current level, there will be no problem for me to survive,” Cheng Yu knew that the Cultivation World was not a place that could be charged upon so easily, but he must not tell Cheng Ruilong how dangerous it was. Otherwise, it would only cause him to be more worried.

“Since it’s like that, I will not delay you any further. Is there anything in capital that you still need?” After hearing Cheng Yu’s words, Cheng Ruilong’s heart felt better. He believed that his grandson was not one who would be rude and impetuous.

“Nope,” Cheng Yu did not know many people in the capital other than the Dragon God
Squad. And all of them were under the care of the country and military. As long as they practiced according to Cheng Yu’s method, they would basically not bump into any trouble.

“How about Yunhai?” For this period of time, in order to understand why Cheng Yu went through such a big change, Cheng Ruilong also sent people out to inquire about Cheng Yu’s latest affairs. Cheng Ruilong knew that there were a few women Cheng Yu seemed to care about.

“If it’s Yunhai, I hope grandpa can help pay attention to something. I am afraid that once Kunlun knows of my exit, they would send people over to cause trouble for my friends,” Even though Cheng Yu had already prepared himself, he still could not be completely relieved. After all, Kunlun was not something that could be defeated by anyone. Cheng Yu had so many women in Yunhai, so he still needed someone to protect them in secret.

“Sure. I will communicate with the relevant department about this. I will get them to pay extra attention to those strangers entering and leaving Yunhai,” To pay attention to Yunhai’s movement was not hard for Cheng Ruilong to accomplish.

“That’s all. I will leave first. I will not be saying goodbye to everyone. I will leave secretly during the night,” Cheng Yu said and left the study room.

The reason why Cheng Yu did not want to say goodbye to everyone was because he did not want too many people to know his movements. Although, other than Cheng Ruilong, no one else would knew where Cheng Yu went, it would be safer if no one knew about it. Furthermore, it would be best for his other family members to not know about his own circumstances.

The skies gradually darkened. Cheng Yu went to the backyard and found a mundane location. He took out his flying sword and flew towards Yunhai. A ray of white light flashed past as it disappeared in the night.

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