Chapter 494: Jingjing’s genial hibiscus canopy

“Why is your family Miss looking for me?” Long Yi walked side by side with that maid and his hand reached over and lightly touched her hand.

The maid’s pretty face turned red and she rolled her eyes at Long Yi. She quickened her steps and replied to him, “How would I know? You’ll know what our miss wants after meeting her.” After speaking, she added a few words under her breath. “Damned lecher…”

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth curled up. This little girl was quite cute.

All of a sudden, the door of a private room on the second floor opened. Mu Hanyan and that wind magician walked out of the room. Mu Hanyan was walking in front and the wind magician was following behind her. They happened to brush past Long Yi and the maid.

After Mu Hanyan took two steps past Long Yi, she suddenly stopped walking. She turned to look at Long Yi’s back view which had just turned the corner and she muttered to herself, “Why is that smile so similar to that him?”

“Miss, what’s wrong?” That wind magician respectfully asked.

Mu Hanyan was unwilling to respond to the wind magician. She directly entered another room. In the other room, there was the bewitching lady, Lulu. It was the same beautiful lady who had greeted Long Yi when he arrived on the boat.

“Miss.” Lulu respectfully stood up and greeted Mu Hanyan.

“Open the secret room.” Mu Hanyan gave her order with an indifferent expression on her face.

“Yes, Miss.” Lulu knocked on the innermost wall of this room and several small holes instantly appeared on that wall. After taking out some colorful crystals from her space ring, she stuffed them into those small holes one by one. A soft ‘click’ was heard and the wall opened up. It split down the middle and the wall slid to the two sides.

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The secret room wasn’t big, however, the decoration in the room was extremely peculiar. Various kinds of strange lines formed various kinds of strange patterns that inlaid the insides of the secret room. At the center of the table in the room, there were several crystal balls the size of human heads.

Mu Hanyan placed her jade hand above one of those crystal balls and muttered an obscure incantation as she closed her eyes. A dense purple mist suddenly appeared in this crystal ball and after seething for a little while inside the crystal ball, it began to slowly dissipate.

Impressively, a vivid scene suddenly appeared inside the crystal ball after the purple mist disappeared. The scene that appeared was the interior of a luxurious room. Inside that room, the outstanding beauty, Jingjing, was leaning against the window as she looked at White Cloud Lake beneath her.

When she was still mesmerized by the view outside the window, a maid led Long Yi into the room and respectfully addressed her, “Miss, he is here.”

Jingjing didn’t even turn her head and she replied the maid, “Got it. You can leave now.”

Now, there was only Long Yi and Jingjing left in this room. Looking at this beauty, Long Yi seemed to be immersed in his own train of thought. He was in no hurry. Casually making his way over to a cozy armchair, he sat down and placed one leg above the other. He stared at the night scene outside the window.

Red Sleeve Boat slowly drifted about on the White Cloud Lake. By this time, the great majority of the boats had already left the shore. They were all floating above White Cloud Lake. There were multi-colored lights flickering about the surface of the water as far as the eyes could see.

Sighing softly, Jingjing turned around. A hint of sadness reappeared on that devastatingly beautiful face. There seemed to be an inexplicable melancholy hidden inside her heart. She looked at Long Yi who had a blurred gaze and anger flashed in her eyes.

“What are you thinking about?” At an unknown time, Jingjing had already walked behind Long Yi. The faint fragrance coming from her managed to shake his soul.

Long Yi rubbed his nose and turned his head to face her. He grinned and explained, “Nothing. I was just looking at this dreamy night and I thought that I went to heaven.”

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Jingjing was dazzled by Long Yi’s magnificent smile. She would never have thought that the smile of this boorish fellow could be so beautiful.

“Hello. Can I remind you that I’m a guest right now? You were the one who asked me to come here. Why haven’t you prepared a cup of tea?” Long Yi unceremoniously said with a smile.

Jingjing gritted her teeth. If she didn’t have something to as him, she would never want to see this fellow again. He didn’t know how to show treat women tenderly at all… Normally, when men saw her, they would be completely submissive to her. There were even those who would become as obedient as a dog when they saw her face. However, this fellow in front of her didn’t take her seriously at all. He thought that she had invited him here in order to…

Thinking about it, JIngjing’s expression became gloomy. She sighed softly before pouring Long Yi a cup of tea.

Long Yi honestly didn’t care about what she thought. He lightly sipped a mouthful of tea and complimented the tea. He closed his eyes and muttered: “Good tea. This is the highest grade White Cloud Marvelous Fragrance Tea. It really leaves a rich aftertaste in your mouth…”

After drinking a few mouthfuls, Long Yi calmly handed the teacup over to Jingjing who was standing beside him. He treated her as though she was his maid.

Jingjing took the teacup and snorted. She heard Long Yi saying, “Well, don’t ***. If you have something to say, hurry up and say it. I will not drink your tea for free.”

“At least you know what’s good for you.” Jingjing thought in her heart. However, before she opened her mouth, she looked at the sparkling crystal ball which was dangling from the roof of the room. Anyone else who looked at this crystal ball would only think that this was a type of decoration.

“Come with me. The wind here is too strong.” Jingjing stood in front of Long Yi and winked at him.

Long Yi was slightly startled. He stood up with a smile. He saw that Jingjing was leading him further into the room. After walking past an exquisite screen, he arrived at a sweet-smelling lady’s chamber. There was a warm hue to it. There was a huge bed in the middle of the room and it was covered with a pink gauze curtain. The room was capable of enchanting someone.

Who would have thought that Jingjing, who seemed as though she was someone with wide knowledge and sound scholarship, would walk towards the big bed in the middle of the room. After lifting up the gauze curtain, she signaled for Long Yi to get on the bed with her.

Gudong, Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “Is she doing what I think she’s doing? Can it be that this girl Jingjing is only aloof on the surface? She might be a licentious woman on the inside… She is so beautiful, I will not suffer any losses having an affair with her.”

Long Yi lewdly smiled and walked over to the bed. After sitting down on the huge bed, Long Yi’s hands grabbed her fair and soft hands. Long Yi didn’t hold himself back any longer.

“What are you doing, damned pervert?” Jingjing was startled as she angrily retracted her hand. She shouted at Long Yi.

“Eh…… You were the one who asked me to come over to the bed. Wasn’t it because……” Long Yi looked at this woman who greatly resembled Mist Fairy with surprise in his heart.


Jingjing glared at Long Yi and took off her shoes. She squeezed to one side of the bed and said angrily, “Don’t have dirty thoughts. I have my reasons for calling you here.”

When Long Yi heard what she said, she was shocked. After thinking for a bit, he said, “You asked me to come here because someone was watching us in the hall? How did I not detect anything?”

“It is nothing strange for you to not be able to detect anything. Now, shut up. I have something to ask you.” Jingjing said.

“If you have something to ask, I must know everything. Don’t hide anything from me.” Long Yi smiled and lied on the soft bed. The faint fragrance assaulted his nose.

When Jingjing saw that Long Yi was lying on her quilt, she got angry and ashamed. After seeing the roguish appearance on his face, she knew that it was useless to say anything.


While they were talking to each other on the bed, Mu Hanyan’s beautiful face was strained as she stood in the secret room on the second floor. She waved her hand and the image inside the crystal ball disappeared. The crystal ball returned to normal.

“This damned girl……” Mu Hanyan’s expression was exasperated and she cursed. The behavior and movement of that man were very similar to Ximen Yu.

According to her estimations, he should already have arrived at White Cloud City. However, there was no information from her spies inside and outside the city.

“Lulu, instruct people to investigate the identity, address, everyone related to him, and everything else. It has to be extremely detailed.” Mu Hanyan indifferently said to Lulu.

“Yes, Miss, I will handle it right away.” Lulu respectfully said and left the secret room. Even though she agreed to investigate this man, she was extremely worried for him in her heart. That seemingly ordinary man was very extraordinary. She had dealt with numerous people and her intuition was never wrong. She just hoped that he would not become the enemy of her Miss.


This moment, Long Yi was comfortably lying on Jingjing’s soft bed. He stretched out his big hand and gently caressed Jingjing’s feet which was covered in extremely thin socks.

Jingjing reflexively retracted her leg and a layer of goosebumps appeared all over her body. She was already driven beyond the limits of her forbearance and she angrily snapped, “Believe it or not, I will throw you into White Cloud Lake to feed the fished. Are you going to answer me or not?”

“Of course I believe you. Miss Light Archmage… I would never expect that Archmages were of so little value now. Even a girl who had been driven to prostitution would be an Archmage. This is too pitiful…” Long Yi looked up and when he saw that Jingjing was glaring at him, he added, “Ah, what did you ask just now? I didn’t hear it clearly.”

“I asked if you came from Blue Moon City.” Jingjing took a deep breath and repeated her question.

“Yes, I am. Why would you ask me this question? Could it be that you really fell in love with me? I have spare rooms at home… Who would dislike many beauties following him? I have no objections if you want to follow me, however…”

“You are still speaking nonsense! If you continue to talk nonsense, I will sew up your stinking mouth!” Jingjing got angry and she grabbed a pillow near her. She used the pillow to smack Long Yi’s head.

Long Yi just smiled and he didn’t dodge. How could a soft pillow hurt him? Now, he was clear that this girl Jingjing appeared cold on the surface but her deposition was pure like a little girl. Not to mention the fact that she was an extremely proud person. She was definitely a person with a complicated background.

“Have you seen a woman who looks very much like me?” Jingjing asked.

“Everyone calls her Mist Fairy. She appeared out of nowhere and no one knows her identity.” Long Yi turned over and got close to Jingjing.

“Don’t come near me.” When she saw that Long Yi was getting closer to her, Jingjing sent a kick towards Long Yi’s face. Her heart jumped and a complicated feeling rose in her heart.

Long Yi easily caught Jingjing’s exquisite leg. She was extremely beautiful and even her legs emitted a faint fragrance.

Jingjing struggled anxiously but she realized that she was unable to free herself. Her beautiful face suddenly distorted. A white light covered her hand and she sent a slap towards Long Yi’s face. All of a sudden, Long Yi felt killing intent coming from Jingjing.

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