Chapter 493: Mercenary King

Jingjing’s beauty was well-known. However, only a few people had seen her before. There were many people who spent 20 Amethyst coin in order to see her, but most of the time, she had a translucent gauze curtain hanging in front of her. The people who had truly seen her appearance could be counted on one hand.

The people who had truly seen her appearance were shocked by her matchless beauty. They didn’t hold back their praises and they told everyone about it. She instantly became famous. Needless to say, the people who could see the girl, Jingjing, were personage having prestige. Their words were very credible. This caused Jingjing’s reputation to rise in White Cloud City.

When Long Yi pulled down the gauze curtain, the three of them exclaimed in shock. The man with sideburns and the noble son exclaimed in shock the moment they saw her. Long Yi was also shocked, however, he had his own reasons.

Jingjing’s beauty was absolutely worthy of her reputation. Her eyebrows were like pointed willow leaves. Her beautiful pupils were like stars in the sky and she had spotlessly white jade skin with a layer of ivory luster. She was wearing a moon-white gown with exquisite hand-embroidered lines which made her look extremely beautiful. The moment their gazes landed on her, they felt as though she was not from this mortal world. She gave off an ethereal aura which shocked the three of them.

When she saw that the gauze curtain had been removed, JIngjing pursed up her lips and her beautiful face had a hint of anger to it. When she looked at Long Yi, there was a hint of coldness in her pretty eyes. Looking at her current temperament, she didn’t seem like a prostitute at all. She looked more like a princess.

Both the man with sideburns and the noble son had their eyes glued onto Jingjing. They were so immersed in her beauty that they were unable to free themselves for a long time.

Long Yi sized up the beautiful face and figure of Jingjing. The expression of shock on his face became even more exaggerated. This girl Jingjing actually looked like the noble Mist Fairy… Just a moment ago, when he pulled down the curtain, he thought that Jingjing was actually Mist Fairy. Only after taking a close look, Long Yi discovered that they were different people. Her appearance was 70% similar to Mist Fairy’s. However, the aura which came from their body was completely different.

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“You’ve seen me before?” Staring back into Long Yi’s black pupils, a trace of confusion appeared in Jingjing’s heart. She could tell that the look on Long Yi’s face was different compared to the two beside him. He was not stunned because of her exceptional beauty. Instead, there was another reason Long Yi was stunned.

“No. This girl, Jingjing, is truly as lovely as a flower. How could I, this unrefined fellow, have seen you before?” Long Yi retracted his surprised expression and said with a smile. Even though he came back to his senses, a feeling of suspicion filled his heart. Mu Hanyan, Mist Fairy, and now this Jingjing girl who looked like Mist Fairy. There was something strange about the three of them, but Long Yi was unable to reach a definite answer. It seemed as though the relationship between the three of them wasn’t simple.

Jingjing’s beautiful pupils turned cold and with a wave of her hand, soft light power shot out towards the three of them. The four maids who were fighting the man with sideburns also retreated. Seeing their fighting had stopped, Jingjing said with an indifferent voice, “It’s getting late. This small woman is getting tired. The three guests can do as you please.” After speaking, she turned around and entered the inner room. The four maids followed her and left the three of them alone.

The man with sideburns and the noble son who were infatuated by her beauty only came back to their senses after they left.

“Jingjing truly has a well-deserved reputation. Being able to see her once in this life, everything is worth it, worth it……” That noble son shook his head. He was clearly not awake yet. However, the look in the eyes of the man with sideburns was clear and sharp. Long Yi suspected that he was acting just a moment ago.

When he saw that Jingjing had already left, the noble son had no intentions to stay behind. He angrily glared at Long Yi and the man with sideburns before leaving the room. Turning around, the noble son went downstairs.

Long Yi smiled and sat down on a chair. He sipped on a mouthful of tea and said, “It seems like this kid is not going to let the matter rest.”

“He is just a clown, you don’t have to bother yourself with him.” The man with sideburns sneered with a trace of disdain in his eyes. He sat down facing Long Yi and poured wine for himself.

Long Yi’s gaze landed on the man’s hand which was currently holding a cup of wine and his pupils shrunk. His hand was covered with a thick layer of black calluses and his thick joints concealed a dangerous aura which emitted dense killing intent. The killing intent was extremely dense. Even if he didn’t make a move, normal people would be afraid of him. The hand which was holding the cup of wine had to be stained with the blood of many people… Long Yi thought in his heart.

“I am Long Yi. I wonder how I should address big brother.” Long Yi politely offered a jar of wine to the man with sideburns and he asked.

“Mad Lion Mo Yan. Many thanks for today. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to see this girl’s appearance. She looks so f*cking beautiful.” A roaring laughter came out of his mouth.

“Mad Lion…… Mercenary King Mad Lion……” Long Yi was startled. Mad Lion was a legendary existence in the Mercenary World. His reputation rose abruptly like a comet more than a decade ago. He was a lone operator and he was the most mysterious fellow among the few mercenaries who had reached the SS rank. Moreover, he had held the title of Mercenary King for three times in a row. The Mercenary Convention was only held once every five years and Mad Lion was still the top mercenary.

In the past, Long Yi had asked Red Lady a question. She was also an SS ranked mercenary like Mad Lion. As such, Long Yi got curious and asked her who was stronger between herself and Mad Lion. The answer shocked Long Yi. Red Lady, who never admitted defeat, shook her head and said with a sigh, “I’m not even one-tenth as strong as him. Facing him, I don’t have any chance of winning.”

“I would never have thought that Young Master Ximen heard of my title before. I feel honored.” Mad Lion smiled and poured another cup of wine.

Long Yi’s expression turned cold the moment he mentioned ‘Young Master Ximen’. A hint of killing intent flashed through his eyes.

“Young Master Ximen doesn’t need to be tense. Your magic is perfect. No one is able to see through it. However, you called yourself Long Yi. You should know that you called yourself Long Yi when you were in Mea Principality. Although not many people know of the name ‘Long Yi’, there are still some people who are familiar with your name.” Mad Lion said with a smile.

Long Yi relaxed when he heard Mad Lion’s explanation. As it turned out, he was careless. In the eyes of an observant person, Long Yi’s identity wasn’t a secret at all.

“Since the beauty has already left, there is no reason to stay here any longer. How about us two brothers look for a place to drink?” Long Yi stood up and laughed.

“Exactly what I wanted.” Mad Lion laughed heartily. He was extremely happy at the moment. He heard that Young Master Ximen was extremely strong and there was only a few people in the world who could fight him. After a chance encounter with Long Yi, Mad Lion decided that he had to become Long Yi’s friend.

The two people left the room side by side. When they were walking out, Long Yi suddenly thought about how Mad Lion immobilized the four maids at the start of the fight. He couldn’t help but ask, “Mad Lion, what exactly do you cultivate? It seems like it doesn’t have anything to do with magic douqi.”

Mad Lion shook his head and sighed, “How can I be blessed enough to learn magic douqi? I never cultivated in my life. If I have to make a guess, I would say that this ability awakened after continuous slaughter.”

Long Yi was startled. He wanted to ask more question but a maid rushed in front of him and blocked his way. Long Yi was immediately able to recall that this maid was one of the four in the hall earlier.

“This guest, please stay behind. My family’s Miss invites you for a chat.” The maid stared at Long Yi and requested.

“Haha, brother has a lot of good fortune in love affairs. I’ll not bother you any longer. If you want to look for me, come to the Phoenix Inn.” Mad Lion laughed and lightly stomped. He shot out like an arrow released from the bowstring.

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