Chapter 31: So Melodramatic, Ah

Su Le was the type of person who are very magnanimous on most occasions, but there would also be occasions where she would be very narrow-minded. Just like her current situation, for example, where all her accessories like her watch, shoes, and even her bracelet was being criticised by someone else based on the brand and monetary value, it’s no wonder that the smile on Su Le’s face was gradually getting fainter.

“Young girls, like you, these days are all the same, you like buying random cheap things. But things like class can’t be reflected by using those cheap things,” the woman flaunted. She would have been much more easier to deal with if she were just bragging about herself.

Su Le lowered her eyes while holding a teacup in her hands. Thinking to herself, she wondered if she should just leave and take a stroll first because if she knew beforehand that she would meet such a person, she would have never stayed in the same room as her even if she was beaten to death. By associating with such a woman, Su Le’s temperament and tolerance were being tested, even her acting skills as well. Ah, it was getting more and more difficult for Su Le to maintain the smile on her face.

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open by Wei Chu who was dressed in formal work clothes. The woman who was babbling away immediately went silent when Wei Chu’s sight fell on her. Then with a smile, Wei Chu walked towards Su Le and spoke once he was standing next to her, “Su Le, why are you sitting here?” He, then, turned towards Chen Xu and said, “Chen Xu, go and lead Su Le to my office to rest. She should be tired after speaking so much.” Wei Chu gently patted on Su Le’s shoulder, displaying to others as if they were really close.

The woman, whose mouth went non-stop just then, had a change of expression as her heart shivered. The girl in front of her, she wouldn’t happen to be this CEO’s girlfriend, right?

Su Le sighed in relief when she heard Wei Chu’s words. She stood up and nodded towards Wei Chu, “Then I’ll go to your office first and, oh right, could you help me contact the planning manager later?”

“Alright, no problem,” Wei Chu nodded, “Then go and take a break first. I didn’t know you had so much to say to strangers. How come I don’t see you treating me this friendly.”

Wei Chu’s words were sharp because from the very beginning, Su Le did not say much at all. So who Wei Chu really was pointing at was the woman who constantly bragged and criticised. Su Le took a quick glance at the woman and, as expected, the woman’s expression had turned ugly. Su Le smiled. At least the woman knew Wei Chu was actually ridiculing her, otherwise, she really could not be saved.

Since Su Le was aware that Wei Chu had some business to talk about with the other two people, she didn’t insist on staying and turned to leave. Chen Xu, who followed her out, was apologetic, “Su Le, I’m really sorry, she was …”
“It’s alright, it wasn’t like she was your family member,” laughed Su Le. When they entered the CEO’s office, Su Le went to sit down on the sofa while Chen Xu passed her a laptop. He soon left the room to go and get her another cup of tea and Su Le was now alone in the office.

Su Le switched on the laptop and discovered it didn’t require a password to log in. She directly accessed the laptop. On the desktop, there were a picture of a man-made lake. In the middle of the lake, there were a little isle with some wutong trees planted and there was a stone bridge next to them that crossed over to the bank of the lake.

On the picture, there were some words written in calligraphy, ‘何日凤栖梧’. It gave off some ancient feeling. Su Le was very familiar with the scenery in the picture because there was also a man-made lake next to the 9th building in her university. There were also some trees planted by it. That location was a very popular spot for couples to take a stroll around it at night.

Su Le never thought she would see such a familiar scenery in the laptop and she was a little frightened because she remembered she had also taken a walk around there before with Zhuang Wei. Although she and Zhuang Wei had now gone their separate ways, the lake was still as beautiful as before.


“CEO Chen, this type of collaboration is not really beneficial to JinChu,” Wei Chu replied after listening to the opposite party’s proposal, which had the intention of forming a collaboration, and he carried on without any hesitation, “JinChu is not interested in that aspect and it is also not definite that CEO Chen’s company can handle such a large amount of money. If there were to be any problems in the project, it wouldn’t just be Liu Shi that would suffer, even my JinChu would suffer a loss.”

Liu Fen, who liked to flaunt, wrinkled her brows and rushed to speak before CEO Chen Kai had the chance to open his mouth, “CEO Wei, consider the project based on Chen Xu’s face.”

Chen Xu, who just happened to enter the room, knitted his brows together when he heard the woman’s words. He was not even close with the Liu family, and even if he were, he would still not agree to something that would harm JinChu just because of personal reasons.

“What does Ms Liu take my JinChu as?” Wei Chu said steadily, “JinChu would not change our mind and collaborate with others based on personal relationships. Furthermore, Ms Liu’s words have insulted my assistant’s work ethic and morals. My JinChu has no need to work with someone like this.”

Liu Fen was embarrassed after hearing those words. She then remembered the young girl from before and accused, “Then how about that person from the beverage company, is that not because of personal reasons?”

“Xiao Fen,” Chen Kai interrupted her as she was stepping over the line, “BaiSheng corporation is a reputable beverage company. Don’t say nonsense.”

“How am I talking nonsense. You saw his expression when he faced her, does it look like they have nothing going on?” Liu Fen glared at Chen Kai but, thankfully, she didn’t carry on making a fuss anymore.

With that kind of shrewd behaviour, Wei Chu did not have much experience in dealing with because normally others would either hiding their true intentions behind a smile or they would be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now, seeing someone who doesn’t want face by causing a scene and acting so shamelessly, he would have gotten someone to send them out ages ago if it wasn’t for Chen Xu.

Chen Xu’s expression was extremely bad. After all, they were people he invited but were now acting in such a manner. Even if he were to kick them out, it would surely affect JinChu’s reputation. He thought for a moment before giving a nod to Wei Chu and left the VIP lounge.

After calling his mother to explain things, Chen Xu no longer wanted to be polite to his ‘guests’ anymore. So after he re-entered the VIP lounge, he said to them, “CEO Chen, Ms Liu, this is JinChu’s VIP lounge room and not a place for you to cause a scene. If you carry on acting in such a manner, then I can only call security to escort you out.”

“What, you think your big company is so great?” Liu Fen was angry for losing face so she sat on the floor and started wailing and shouting that the big companies are bullying them and how they look down on the ordinary people etc.

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Chen Xu shook his head silently as he remembered how this Liu Fen originally treated Su Le. All she did was flaunt or criticise Su Le. He believed that she was the one who looked down on others.

“Ms Liu, our VIP lounge is equipped with CCTV. The security department can see everything that is happening in this room.” All of Liu Fen’s unreasonable behaviour did not even enter Wei Chu’s eyes as he carried on, “Also with all your actions recorded on video, I can sue you for your conduct of deliberately causing a disturbance, under the civil law.”

When Liu Fen heard this, she stopped making a ruckus. Instead, she stood up and went to sit on the sofa while smoothing out her clothes. She did not speak but neither did she leave.

Chen Kai’s expression had become very ugly. Previously, when he got together with Liu Fen, her father was a boss of a small factory and later when they have become successful, Liu Fen would often remind him that if not for her, he would not even have the chance of experiencing the life of a rich person. But now that she was throwing her face in front of a large company’s CEO, Chen Kai felt his face being repeatedly stomped on by Liu Fen.

“Liu Fen, stop causing a ruckus. We’ll leave now.” After that, he turned towards Wei Chu and apologised, “CEO Wei, I’m very sorry. My wife has a somewhat impatient personality. Please don’t take a notice of it and don’t lower yourself to her level.”

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“Hah, that’s great. Chen Kai, how come you didn’t mind my impatient personality when you first got together with me. If it wasn’t for my Liu family, would you still be as successful as you are today. You think by relying on that woman, Su Ruan Xiu, you would still be as successful? Since you dislike my personality, you can go back and find that Su Ruan Xiu. She is kind, gentle, and considerate but does she even want you back?” Liu Fen pointed her finger towards Chen Kai’s nose as she cursed, “Don’t think you’re so great. You’re just a useless man that relied on my Liu family to get to where you are today!”

Wei Chu frowned deeply. He had no interest in these arguments about ‘your bad qualities and my grievances’ so he told them, “Ms Liu, CEO Chen, this is my JinChu’s VIP lounge. Please sort out your family matters at home.”

This world really had all kinds of people. Chen Xu forcefully stopped himself from smiling. He found their family morals really laughable, yet when he looked at Chen Kai’s expression, Chen Xu deeply sympathised for him. After all, any man who had a wife like that was just like getting tormented daily. But since he was a man who abandoned both his first wife and child, it made people undecided if they should sympathise with him or that he deserved it because it was all karma.

Chen Kai forcefully suppressed the anger he felt inside and apologised to Wei Chu again before turning to leave. He did not even give a single glance at Liu Fen. His expression showed that he was fed up.


When Su Le exited Wei Chu’s office, she was soon bumped into someone before she could even take a few steps. The other party was aware of knocking into someone so he reached out a hand to steady Su Le.

“What are you doing!” Su Le’s ears rung painfully from a woman’s roar. She looked at the direction of the noise and saw the woman, who flaunted earlier, come rushing towards them with a threatening aura as her high heels clicked loudly against the floor. The older man, who bumped in Su Le, held onto her wrist to stop her from falling.

“Chen Kai, do you still have any face!” As Liu Fen came closer, she saw Chen Kai holding onto Su Le’s wrist so she pushed Chen Kai with force. Unfortunately for Su Le, she was also affected from the push and was pulled towards a wall while Chen Kai stumbled. Su Le’s head hit the wall with an audible bang.

MB! Su Le was someone who rarely cursed but at the present scene, she touched the back of her head and swore silently while crouching down on the floor. It was so painful that her tears almost came rushing out. She must have forgotten to read the almanac before she left her house today. Otherwise, why else would she meet such a brute woman.

But … the name Chen Kai …

“Su Le!” Wei Chu, who also left the lounge, saw Su Le pressing onto the back of her head while crouching on the floor. His expression immediately turned frightening.

Su Le lifted her head, but she wasn’t looking at Wei Chu. Instead, she saw the woman lifting her hand to slap the man in front of her. While touching the bump on the back of her head, anger and gloom built up inside Su Le.

Great, just another scene from a melodramatic drama starting again!

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