Chapter 32: Regret?

Wei Chu went near Su Le and bent down to ask worriedly, “Are you alright?”

“Humph,” Su Le breathed and tearfully stared at Wei Chu. She did cried, but only because it was painful and her eyes just automatically teared up, “Boss Wei Chu, next time if there is another dangerous person coming, can you give me a heads up so that I can take a detour.”

Wei Chu’s heart hurt as he watched Su Le scrunch up her head in pain. He reached out and gently massaged the back of her head and said, “I’ll take you to see the doctor.”

“No need, it’s just a small matter,” said Su Le as she stood up. She was still feeling a little dizzy. The woman, that was about 3 steps away, had already raised her hand to slap the man but the man caught her hand.

“Chen Kai, throughout these years how much benefits did my Liu family give you, you should know some conscience,” Liu Fen accused while wiping her tears, “Our child is almost graduating from university, yet you, you’re still mentioning, what, Niu Niu. You are currently my husband, do you understand that!”

Su Le glanced at Wei Chu with sympathy. Luckily, there wasn’t many employees on this floor otherwise who knows how many people would crowd around to watch the spectacle. At this current era, although the dramatic family genre was not very popular, there were still many who liked watching a show occurring in front of them.

“Liu Fen, can you stop being so unreasonable. Me and Su Ruan Xiu have been divorced for many years already, and in these years, I didn’t even go back and take a look at them or even send them any money. So what are you still dissatisfied about? And what relying on your Liu family, when we first got married, how big was your factory? Now that the Liu family is so successful, whose merit is that? Can you stop making a fuss for a single day?!” Any man who lost face would definitely lose his calm, “You keep mentioning Su Ruan Xiu endlessly, but apart from having a bit more money than her, where else are you better than her?!”

“Right, I can’t be compared to her, but didn’t you still abandon her and her daughter to be together with me?” Liu Fen angrily laughed. “Do you think you’re someone great? If I am someone who don’t want face, then you, Chen Kai, is just an animal wearing human clothes.”

Su Le listened to them quarrel when something in her mind clicked. She didn’t even notice that someone was massaging the back of her head, where she was injured. Chen Kai. Su Ruan Xiu. If these name were mentioned separately, she would think it was all a coincidence but putting these two names together, as well as mentioning about the divorce and a daughter, then by now Su Le understood that the melodramatic family drama scene in front of her that was like from a TV show was no longer unrelated to her. She was no longer a spectator but one of the involved parties.

Anger? It wasn’t that she didn’t feel angry, it’s just that she did not feel as angry as she thought she would. She looked at the man who abandoned his wife and child, the man who abandoned her mother, which then caused them to pass their days with so much hardship. Then she remembered her mother who is now living her days leisurely, Su Le suddenly thought mockingly why did this man must suddenly appear now? For what use?

To use his dejected and depressed face to highlight how comfortable her mother’s life is?

“Shut your mouth!” Chen Kai was very angry. Now that such a matter was announced out in the open, it left him with absolutely no face left.

“Why should I? I’ll just say it again, she, Su Ruan Xiu is a useless woman, a sl*t. Even when she has a child, that child’s only a daughter and not a son!”

‘Pak!’ The sound of the slap was loud and crisp. The entire floor could hear it before everything went silent. There were no more screech from the woman or any snarling from the man.

The culprit was not Chen Kai but Su Le who stood at the side right from the start.

Su Le expressionlessly stared at the woman in front of her, whose make-up was ruined by tears, and she coldly said, “When you were together with this man who has no sense of responsibility, my mother did not curse you. That is because of my mother’s grace and also because that type of man is the type my mother disliked. And when you got married and when you didn’t pay for my child support, my mother did not complain because she was capable enough to raise me. You two can be so shameless and my mother will still ignore you, so what face do you have to curse my mother today? Is it because you don’t even have the woman’s sense of honour that you can be so vulgar?”

Because of Su Le’s sudden actions, the woman was stunned and couldn’t react. Instead, she just woodenly covered her cheek with her hand. With her make-up all smudged, the woman’s appearance was extremely hideous to look at.

“You are … Niu Niu?” The last bit of self esteem appeared to be evaporated from Chen Kai. The way he looked at Su Le was like as if he was struck by lightning. Within a few short seconds, he seemed to have suddenly aged by 10 years.

Su Le turned to look at Chen Kai. Her expression was cold. It was unlike those female lead in dramas who look at their biological father with resentment because their mother was abandoned. That’s because Su Le couldn’t remember this man at all. Su Le’s mother was an intelligent woman, she did not constantly tell her daughter that she was abandoned by Su Le’s father and neither did she tell Su Le that if she should ever meet him, she should do this and that. All Su Le’s mother taught Su Le was how she should live even better.

To a man, this was retribution. Because of money, he abandoned his wife. But now, he was living a life without any self respect and there was also a woman by his side who frequently steps over the line. Since he was now like this, what else does Su Le want? Now, this man was no different than a stranger to her.

“Su Le?” Wei Chu had never thought that the matter would become so dramatic. But looking at Su Le who was currently silent, Wei Chu felt his heart hurt as he recalled the usual Su Le who was efficient and rational, as well as the female leads in all her novels that all have a resolute personality. It’s too bad that in this family matter, he doesn’t have any status to get involved.

“You are Su Ruan Xiu’s daughter?!” Liu Fen finally reacted as she stared at Su Le with hatred in her eyes. As she remembered that she had just been slapped by Su Le, she lost all reason and went to slap Su Le back.

But before the slap landed, Su Le had already entered a warm embrace while Chen Kai pushed Liu Fen away. Liu Fen fell onto the floor.

“Have you finished causing a scene!” Chen Ki looked at Liu Fen who was still on the ground, “If you carry on making a scene then let’s divorce!”

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“You want to divorce me…” Liu Fen looked at Chen Kai like a deflated balloon, “You’re now saying you want a divorce?”

Chen Kai turned around to look at Su Le who was still in Wei Chu’s protective hold and remained silent.

Before, when Liu Fen raised her arm to slap her, she hadn’t regained her senses. Su Le never thought that instead of getting a slap, she ended up getting held against a broad and warm chest. The clean scent emitted had a hint of lemon. It was, for some reason, unexplainably comfortable.

Chen Xu also never thought that the situation would escalate to this stage. He glanced at Wei Chu, then towards Liu Fen, and decided to call the security department.

“Niu Niu,” Chen Kai had never imagined that his daughter would be in front of him, so for a moment, he did not know what to say. Instead, he just asked, “Did you live well all these years?” Thinking back to Su Le’s bearing at the start and that she’s BaiSheng’s representative for the collaboration with JinChu, as well as the protection Wei Chu gave her, Chen Kai gradually understood in his heart that this daughter of his had a very good future ahead of her.

“That has got nothing to do with you,” Su Le said indifferently, “Mr Chen, regarding my upbringing, you have never taken any responsibility so you’re just my father biologically. Even if you’re my father by law, I am not required to call you ‘father’. Also, from today onwards, would you and your wife stop using such language to insult my mother, otherwise, I’ll sue you for slander. I believe that if we do go to court, I would not lose the lawsuit.”

Afterwards, Su Le turned to face Wei Chu, “Help me write a check of 100 thousand for Mr Chen.” Then she turned back to Chen Kai, “Since the day I was born, you were always out at work, and you divorced with my mother soon after. During that time, you sent home 1000 Yuan. I’ll treat that as my milk money. The prices of those days are different from the present, so now I’m giving you 100 thousand, I don’t think you’ve made a lost with this and I believe anyone else would agree as well.”

Wei Chu nodded to Chen Xu and Chen Xu promptly wrote a cheque and passed it to Su Le. Su Le then stuffed the cheque into Chen Kai’s hands and said, “ We now no longer owe each other anything.”

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Chen Kai looked at the amount on the cheque. His face turned red but he remained silent as he could not refute.

Wei Chu held onto Su Le’s shoulders and said steadily, “CEO Chen, we at JinChu will not collaborate with a CEO like you. Please find someone else.”

Su Le no longer looked at Chen Kai and returned to Wei Chu’s office. When Wei Chu saw this, he also followed behind and left Chen Xu to deal with the rest of the situation.

Thinking about Su Le and her mother, who had to live by themselves and suffer all kinds of difficulties in the past, Chen Xu looked at Chen Kai blankly and said, “CEO Chen, you and your wife should leave. With a father like you, you really make us, the younger generation, gasp in amazement.”

Chen Kai was once again filled with embarrassment but he couldn’t do anything about it. He glanced towards the doors of the CEO’s office, which were tightly shut, and said miserly, “I’ve let them down.” After speaking, he wanted to return the cheque of 100 thousand to Chen Xu.

Chen Xu rejected it and said, “If CEO Chen doesn’t want the cheque, you can just throw it in the bin. Although Miss Su isn’t someone rich, she can still afford a 100 thousand. Even if Miss Su doesn’t have it, this amount is not much much in our CEO’s eyes, so we will not be taking it back after giving it out.”

Normally the more refined someone is, the higher the attacking power of their words will be and Chen Xu was an example of this. As he watched Chen Kai’s face turn from red to white the white to red, all Chen Xu did was push his glasses up.

Chen Kai lowered his head sadly and turned around to walk towards the lifts. Looking at his figure from the back, he appeared lonely and powerless.

Chen Xu lowered his eyes and smiled coldly. He wondered that if things were going to end up like this, would Chen Kai still have made the wrong decision.

A moment later, Liu Fen was wailing as she was escorted out by security. Chen Xu glanced at the CEO office, and thought for a moment before deciding not to enter the room.

If boss could get a little closer to Su Le from this matter, then it would be great.

But for having such a father, Su Le’s childhood can only be described as unfortunate.

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