Chapter 78

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Qiao Tian Chang had never been this irritable before. How shameless was this woman? She actually trespassed time and time again. Not only that, what was that attitude of hers that made it seem that she was the owner of the house? Who was she doing this for?

Seeing Qiao Tian Chang’s face becoming darker and darker, Yang Cui knew that this was bad. Stammering as she walked to Qiao Tian Chang’s side, she spoke in a small voice: “Big Brother Qiao, how are you? Don’t be mad, okay?”

Qiao Tian Chang deeply inhaled. He took her by the collar and threw her out.

There were also people outside and when they saw Yang Cui being thrown by Qiao Tian Chang, they became curious.

“Qiao boy, what happened?” His face was scarily ugly.

Qiao Tian Chang did not reply that person. He only used cold and bloodthirsty gaze to see Yang Cui: “Yang Cui, this is the last time I warned you. If you secretly enter my house again, then don’t blame me for not being kind. If you give me trouble, then I can do anything in retaliation. If you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and try.”

These words made Yang Cui’s facial expression changed. She looked at Qiao Tian Chang in a fluster and stammered: “Big Brother Qiao, what are you saying? I don’t understand.”

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“You don’t understand? Then I will say it to you in detail. When you climbed the wall and enter my house when I was not present before, I will not say anything. Now it is new year and you give me trouble. Not only did you climb the wall and enter, you also touched my things. My house is not your house. Get this straight. Moreover, you are a girl, don’t be so shameless.” Qiao Tian Chang’s words made the crowd face each other. How angry was he to say out those serious words?

But seeing Yang Cui’s pale white face, they knew that most of his words were true. If not, why would he spoke about her and not others?

“How can it be? Cui girl, you entered other’s house again? Did I not reminded you before?” The person who saw Yang Cui climbing the wall before stared at Yang Cui in disbelief.

Once these words were spoken, the people were curious about what happened. After they heard the explanation, their gazes toward Yang Cui became filled with disdain.

“Cui girl, although you have a scholar as a brother, you still cannot trespass into private property. If Qiao boy wants to deal with this thoroughly, you would have to go in prison.”

“That’s right. Cui girl, you’ve grown to the time when girls are discussing marriage, you should carry yourself better.”

The villagers’ continuous comments made Yang Cui’s face turned very ugly, but she could not find something to refute with.

Yang Cui’s heart squeezed as she gazed at Qiao Tian Chang, saying with a wronged tone: “Big Brother Qiao, I know I’m wrong. I really like you, I just want to get married to you.”

Qiao Tian Chang stared at Yang Cui with irony: “Very sorry, I do not like you. I also do not want to marry a shameless woman like you.” After saying this, he closed the door and headed toward Yang Zhu’s house.

If this continued, he would really become mad.

Yang Cui thought that when she told him she wanted to get married to him, he would immediately agree. Who knew that not only did he rejected her, he also belittled her like that.

She believed that from today on, she would be a shameless woman in the eyes of others.

Yang Cui could not stand the crowd’s pointing and covered her face as she ran back. If she knew things would be that way, she should not have done it. Now, she was like someone who wanted to steal a chicken using rice but ended up losing the rice used to lure it.

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When Qiao Tian Chang asked Yang Zhu, he discovered that the lands on the base of the mountain were all bought by Ning Meng Yao. If he wanted to buy, he needed to buy it from Ning Meng Yao.

This made Qiao Tian Chang a bit unexpected. But after thinking about it, he did not care. That land was powerless and now she opened a workshop, seeming not small, buying the soles were expected.

“Thank you, village chief. I will go ask her.”

“Then go.”

When Qiao Tian Chang arrived, Ning Meng Yao was planning the land at the back of the mountain and the lands around that she bought not long ago.

“Big Brother Qiao, what brings you here?” Ning Meng Yao looked at Qiao Tian Chang in doubt.

“I want to buy some land from you, not much, just one to two miao.” Qiao Tian Chang did not beat around the bush and went straight to what he came for.

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