Chapter 77

As he took a snack and put it in his mouth, he thought of what to give Ning Meng Yao back as he chew. It could not be too much or too light.

This made Qiao Tian Chang felt helpless, not knowing what to give. It seemed that the girl had everything.

Finally, Qiao Tian Chang decided to go up the mountain to see whether or not he could find a fox. If he could, then he would make two pieces of fox fur.

He thought as he ate the snacks. He then kept it well and took his bow and arrows to go up the mountain to see around.

After Qiao Tian Chang left, Yang Cui stealthily climbed the wall. The things on the edges of the wall made her afraid, so after staring for so long, she could only climbed to the upper part of the door and jumped from there.

When she was on the door, she was seen the by people of the village: “Cui girl, what are you doing? The owner locked the door, you know.”

Being called out made Yang Cui’s hand slipped and fell down to the ground.

Yang Cui slipped on the ground and depressedly look at the people in front: “Why did you call me?”

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“I say, why are you climbing the wall? And another person’s wall at that.”

“What does it have to do with you? Dog seizing mouse, caring too much of other’s business.”

When that person heard Yang Cui’s words, she was angered until she laughed.

“It indeed has nothing to do with me, I should not call you, letting you to slip into other’s house just like that. When the person comes home, I would report you breaking into private property and let you be imprisoned.” The villager had good intention by calling her, who knew that she would receive such blame.

Yang Cui’s face became green then white, her hate-filled eyes glared at the people in front before standing up and pat her butt then left.

Seeing Yang Cui leaving, the passerby let out a ‘pooh’ and left muttering in small voice.

Yang Cui went back to her courtyard in depressed state. Seeing the stair that was still there, her eyes carried dissatisfaction. It it weren’t for those people, she would’ve been inside already and not sitting there.

She had wanted to come in and see what new year gift Ning Meng Yao that sl*t gave to Qiao Tian Chang, making him that happy.

She also gave Qiao Tian Chang new year gift but who knew that she was rejected, saying that he had done nothing to deserve it.

Alright. With her, it was doing nothing to deserve reward, but with Ning Meng Yao, he accepted everything. What was with this difference in attitude?

Because of this, Yang Cui held deep resentment toward Ning Meng Yao, but she also did not think what had she given to him? They were shoes and clothes.

Which girl would give other male clothes and shoes? If people were to know this, they would be backbitten.

Qiao Tian Chang who was on the mountain did not know any of this. He did not find the fox but found not little pure white rabbit. If being made into cloth, it would look great.

As he prepared to leave, a flash of red ran over, making Qiao Tian Chang’s eyes lit up. Was this not what he searched for?

Following that red shadow, he spent a lot of energy before he could capture that red flash.

Seeing the fox losing its breath, Qiao Tian Chang’s eyes were filled with laughter. He had finally caught it.

Carrying his preys, he was stopped when he arrived near his door.

“I say, big nephew, you should lock your door tight.”

“En? Had something happened?” Qiao Tian Chang looked at them strangely and asked.

That person glaced at yang Cui’s house and secretively said: “Yang Cui that girl wanted to climb the wall to enter your house when you’re gone. I called her and she was shocked. You better be careful.” After saying this, that person left.

Qiao Tian Chang’s happy mood that came from him catching a fox disappeared after hearing this, his face became dark and ugly.

What was the meaning of that? She ran to his house secretively again?

Seeing his house that was separated with only a wall with Yang Cui’s house, he decided that after new year, he would buy land to build a house.

He opened the door and went in his house. But when he went in, Qiao Tian Chang’s face became dark and gloomy.

Why? Because Yang Cui once again sat in his house, her hand taking the snacks Ning Meng Yao gave him and ate them non-stop.

Placing his gaze on the hands that were taking the snacks, Qiao Tian Chang had an urge to break those hands.

Yang Cui’s hands stopped, not thinking that Qiao Tian Chang would be back so quick.

Awkwardly standing and looking at the snack in her hand, she immediately threw it away, wiping her hands and embarrassedly called out: “Big Brother Qiao…….”

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