Chapter 30: A Coincidental Meeting


Everything around was extremely quiet.

Although Su Le was smiling, Wei Chu could see the hidden meaning behind her smile. He quickly calculated the success rate of confessing to her in his head. In the end, he resolutely opened his mouth, “If I have fallen for you, what would you do?”

Su Le stared at Wei Chu with her eyes wide open. Even though he was smiling at her, she could not figure out what he was thinking and what he meant by those words so she answered truthfully, “I would be really troubled. With such a good man, I don’t even know how many women has fallen for him.”

Wei Chu understood what Su Le’s words were hinting at and immediately said, “What if I have no interest in other women and refuse them for bothering me?”

The tone of voice he used sounded serious but the expression on his face was the total opposite. He looked as if he was just joking around. Su Le gripped the soft toys tightly and her fingers poked into the stomach of the ripped toy. “Senior, using your junior for a joke is not nice.”

“Don’t be so mean, junior sister,” Wei Chu sighed while lifting the corner of his lips, “But if junior sister doesn’t mind, then I can be your boyfriend.”

“There’s no need for the trouble,” Su Le sighed, “You don’t match my criteria to be my boyfriend. Also, I would feel pressured if you were my boyfriend so thanks but no thanks.”

“Well that’s a shame,” Wei Chu’s expression did not reveal the disappointment he felt in his heart. But it was clear from this that Su Le had a good impression of him so that could be considered as an improvement. Although small, it was an improvement nevertheless because, after all, this means there was still hope for him.

It was only after Wei Chu watched Su Le enter the building, did he get into his car and left the area. When he got home, he suddenly remembered the words that schoolmate, though he had already forgotten her name, said earlier to Su Le. It appears that Zhuang Wei wanted to go back together with Su Le. However, he would not be getting another chance. Having missed the first, he was not going to give up on such a good chance now.

There was also Su Le’s biological father. He wrinkled his brows. Wei Chu was not well informed about Su Le’s family situation. He only knew that her parents had divorced a long time ago and that Su Le grew up with her mother. A man that has no sense of responsibility to his family… Wei Chu was still slightly traditional when it came to marriage as he believes that a married man should be responsible. If a married man was unwilling to take care of his wife, can he even be considered a man?

Marriage is a responsibility. If one wasn’t willing to take the responsibility or couldn’t shoulder it, then the two parties shouldn’t have got married so rashly in the beginning and put their names together into the red book. Because, when they separate so easily, they would only hurt the third person in the end.

Switching on his computer, he found out that there were no new posts on Qi Jiu’s weibo. The newest post was from last night where she said that she was going somewhere to play. But her novel had a new chapter posted though, so he seriously brought the new chapter, read it carefully in detail, and sincerely left a comment before closing the novel’s web page.

Back in university when he was still part of the Student Union, he had once used the opportunity to take a look at Su Le’s information. Su Le had used her mother’s surname so he couldn’t search for that unresponsible man for Su Le even if he wanted to. Of course, he could have hired a private investigator but if he did then he would be disrespecting Su Le. He was unwilling to do that.

His phone rang. Wei Chu picked up the call, “Chen Xu, what’s the matter?”

“That company wants to collaborate with our company?” Wei Chu frowned, “That company has been declining in recent years. Sooner or later, they would go bankrupt. I’m not interested.”

Chen Xu, on the other end of the call, smiled bitterly and said, “Lao Dao, can’t you just meet them. This company’s lady boss and my mother are friends. Even though I know it’s not necessary for us to collaborate with them, can’t you just set up a time and have a chat with them for me to complete my mission?”

Wei Chu understood the helplessness between relationships, and he had been friends with Chen Xu for many years so he could only agree, “Alright then, you can arrange the time.”

“Okay, it won’t delay you in pursuing your wife,” Chen Xu, who has completed his mission, was immediately in a good mood. But when he thought about his mother’s old friend, Chen Xu couldn’t help but massage his head. He didn’t know where this mother of his actually such a woman.


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Soon after Su Le entered the company, she was sent to JinChu by the general manager under the excuse that they should work well with the collaboration partner present. The general manager also expressed that in the future when she had clocked in, she should go straight to JinChu.

Su Le had the illusion that she was a discounted product that included the shipping fee to be sent to Jin Chu. Carrying a folder, Su Le set off to JinChu. When she reached the receptionist, the young lady greeted her with all smiles and a friendly attitude. Su Le suddenly felt like she wasn’t an employee from BaiSheng but from JinChu. Could that be right?

As she walked down the familiar path to the elevator, Su Le saw the same employee, who took her to the upper floors for the past couple of times, as well as a male and female who seemed like they were over their 50’s. The woman was wearing branded clothings and accessories, but for some reason, she gave off a feeling that was out of sorts. Also, one can tell her face had some sort of beauty but it seems like she was caustic. The man beside her was slightly plum but it was possible to tell that he was a handsome man in his younger years. Looking at his expression, it seems like he was someone easy to get along with but Su Le was sure this man looked somewhat familiar to her though she couldn’t remember where she had seen him before. Su Le guessed that they were JinChu’s clients. Looking at the elevator doors that has yet to close, she considered if she should get out first and wait for the next one.

“Miss Su,” the employee greeted her friendly, “Before, the CEO had said that if Miss Su arrived, she should go straight to CEO’s office. I never thought that Miss Su would be here so soon.”

Su Le muttered in her mind that this matter was for the planning department, so why was Wei Chu joining in as well? But on the surface, she smiled and thanked the employee before using the light she took a few extra looks at the man from the corner of her eyes.

When the elevator doors opened, before Su Le could leave, the woman beside her barged her way out. On her way out, the woman bumped into Su Le. Su Le was suddenly reminded of the crowds in public transport during rush hour where some of them had very strong attack power. But aren’t these people JinChu’s clients? Won’t they lose face from such behaviour which had no etiquette?

Or did that person consider such behaviour correct? Su Le looked at the employee in the elevator who had an apologetic smile on her face as she shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t mind leaving later, after all, there were many other like that woman in the society. Even if she said something, it would only be benefiting that woman so she might as well just ignore it. Sooner or later, there would be a day where that woman would suffer grievances from her actions. Only then would that be a true revenge.

When Chen Xu saw Su Le, he smiled and said, “Su Le, you …”

“Xiao Chen, so you are here. Where is your boss?” A woman’s sharp voice interrupted Chen Xu. It caused Chen Xu’s smile to stiffen to a few degree.

“Aunt Du, the boss is still in a meeting. Would you two please go to the lounge to rest for a while,” Chen Xu knew this woman’s personality and smiled as he led them to the waiting room. Su Le thought for a moment before following them because, in the end, she didn’t know how Wei Chu arranged things, and if she suddenly went to the planning department, it wouldn’t be good if she got disliked for that reason.

Chen Xu sat in the reception room with the three of them. Su Le was unsure who the other two were so she just lowered her head and remained quiet as she drank her tea. All she heard was that woman talking to Chen Xu about how expensive the clothing were in Hong Kong. Su Le watched the smile on Chen Xu’s face become more and more stiff, and she could not help but reveal a joking smile.

“Who may this Miss be?” The man who remained silent suddenly asked and spoke towards Su Le, “Are you also working with CEO Wei?”

Su Le put her teacup down and politely smiled, “Hello Sir, I’m an employee from BaiSheng.”

The man nodded his head and did not speak anymore.

“Miss, where did you buy the high heels you’re wearing now? I saw this brand on sale a few days ago,” the woman suddenly put her sight on Su Le, “Discounted items are already not in style.”

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Su Le coughed dryly when she heard the woman’s words. This woman’s attack power is high. If it was someone else, they would have already been angered, but as for Su Le, she was more interested in how that man, who seemed to be quiet, managed to pass his days with a woman like her?

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