Chapter 113: Sneaky

Liao Jian was eager to do so, and upon hearing those words, he was like a mouse scuttering away as he disappeared from Ye Ying’s sight.

“Ye Jian from Class 2 really is clever. She really makes us envious of her for being able to go overseas and represent the country in a global competition.”

“That’s only because she is capable. Let’s see if you’ll still dare to talk bad behind her.” It was Gao Yiyang’s voice coming from the other side of the lush trees. “She’s a girl who was made a fool by so many others. A man will surely say his apologies.”

“I’m going to do that, alright? Why don’t you accompany me too?”

As Ye Ying was about to leave, she stopped in her tracks after hearing so as she wanted to hear the answer from Gao Yiyang, who was now silent.

After remaining quiet for a moment, Gao Yiyang finally smiled and answered, “Ke, you and I? I’m afraid she might flee even more quickly.” Her hatred towards him was so obvious that even covering it with a blanket was impossible.

Ye Ying squinted her eyes as she waited for the footsteps to leave before chuckling softly to herself. With an expressionless face, she left the pavilion.

If Ye Jian were to know about Gao Yiyang’s family background, would she still flee far away? She would surely be like a fly, eyeing him tightly!

Throughout the entire school, so long as there were students gathered around, Ye Jian’s name would always be heard. This storm continued all the way until June and still remained active.

After the days entered into June, the weather was so warm that a soak in cool water was indeed refreshing.

For Ye Jian, her vigor which drove her learning would not be stopped regardless of the weather.

In the teachers’ meeting room, the extra lessons for Ye Jian had already begun, starting from the first year high school curriculum.

These were the third year teachers who learned that Ye Jian had a 50% chance to represent the country and spontaneously decided to sacrifice their lunch break to take turns giving her extra lessons.

The teachers taught and the student benefited.

They were more than glad to have the one-on-one extra lessons for a month with Ye Jian who was eager to finish learning the entire ninth grade course and attain a high score during the examinations.

For such a talent to be buried… would truly be a great mistake of a teacher!

The second-semester examinations were taking place in two weeks’ time for the eighth graders, and the school had finally received the names of students who could participate in the screening.

Other than Ye Jian who was guaranteed in the screening, Gao Yiyang, Ye Ying, Zhou Liao, and fourteen other students would be arranged to head to the capital to take part in the screening on the second day after the second-semester examinations.

Sun Dongqing got the news from Ye Zifan, and she was so elated that she could not wait to set firecrackers outside her door.

Going abroad! Her daughter had the chance to go overseas to take part in a competition. If word got out, they would surely gain reputation!

“Don’t go letting your mouth run outside. Ying Ying still has to go through two hurdles.” Ye Zifan said before his heart sunk a little, and he spoke with a heavy expression, “Ying Ying’s going, and Ye Jian that lass as well!”

Sun Dongqing snorted coldly upon hearing him, and she roared, “What can that damned lass do? As if she can be better than our Ying Ying! Don’t mention her in front of me, else I’ll always get so mad hearing her name! To be raised so high in fame just after topping the cohort once, pei! That made our Ying Ying’s mood poor for an entire month.”

“I’m too lazy to speak with you. There’ll be a town’s meeting at night, so you and Ying Ying eat together.” Not long after returning home, Ye Zifan picked up his briefcase and walked out of the house again. He and his wife were in different worlds, and that made it unbearable for him to stay even for a minute.

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Sun Dongqing watched her husband’s back as he left, and after a while, she sneered and gleefly returned to making dinner for Ye Ying.

Today was Friday, and after school, all the students staying in the dormitory were on their way home. After walking past the school gate, Ye Jian did not head in the direction of town. Rather, she went in the opposite direction instead.

The streets were filled with students who were heading home from school. They wore the same uniform, and from afar, it was difficult to recognize who was who.

Ye Jian walked for almost 200 meters away from school before erasing her trace using her light footsteps. Someone… was following her.

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