Chapter 112: Face Slapping (5)

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Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine grinned at her and spoke, “We still have to see her face for more than a year. Student An, you should cut down on your remarks. She’s still our teacher after all…”

A student suddenly went up to them and interrupted Ye Jian’s words.

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“Student Ye Jian, I’m sorry!” The boy apologized all of a sudden before giving a her bow, “I hope you’ll attain an even better score in your next exams and represent our country in the Olympiad!”

Ye Jian smiled at the change in attitude. Her plan had gone beautifully, and she said, “I will work hard, thank you.” After a storm comes a rainbow.

From the classroom all the way to the school’s cafeteria, Ye Jian had received countless apologies from the students, as well as praises.

An Jiaxin’s eyes turned slightly moist, “Ye Jian, in the future, there will not be anyone who would dare to say anything bad about you or impugn you.”

“I’m not afraid of that.” Ye Jian’s deep and dark eyes gazed ahead, almost as if it could pierce through the clouds and to the sun which shone down upon them. “I am just afraid that I will become stagnant and finally disappear from the world like a speck of dust.”

“My hard work, is not to prove to them my capabilities, but… to let myself live a better life. Understand?”

That last sentence was like an elderly who had experienced the ups and downs of life. Using her experiences, she concluded her reason for doing so with only three words, and it was: to live on.

Like a gong being struck, it heavily impacted An Jiaxin’s heart. For a good and honest girl like her, she seemed to have grown up in an instant, and she wanted to know more about her at the moment.

Different characters influence differently.

Ye Jian’s charm was able to invisibly affect those around her.

Watching as some students went up to Ye Jian, a leaf that was squeezed so tightly by Ye Ying ended up dying her fingertips with green pigment. The resentment had already taken root in her eyes, and it could not be removed.

Liao Jian’s figure disappeared among the lush trees. Only then did Ye Ying finally keep her gaze as she headed towards the famous “Study Pavilion” in the school.

Study Pavilion was located in the middle of two teaching buildings with tall trees surrounding it. In the morning, many students would visit it to do their morning reading.

In the afternoon, there was no one in the pavilion. Ye Ying followed the road paved with flagstones and saw Liao Jian smoking a cigarette in his mouth. A delinquent similar to those out in the society.

“Okay, my dad told me to tell you that your dad will be out in two months time,” said Ye Ying. She had always disliked speaking with homeless students. However, she did not have a choice, so she could only force herself to not keep her distance away from him. “Also, the task that I want you to do, have you done it?”

Hearing that his father would be able to return after two months, the gloominess on his face was immediately swept away.

He looked around him before passing something from his pocket into Ye Ying’s hand. “This is a little something my mum wanted to give your family. Keep it. As for the matter with Ye Jian, just you wait. My bros have figured out where she lives. We can teach her a lesson anytime.”

What he did not think of was that this little lady actually lived in the recruits’ camp.

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He had to fool Ye Ying first. And once his father truly returned, he could just deal with Ye Jian just as easily as handling a pie.

Someone was walking towards the pavilion. Fearing that someone might see her together with a hopeless student, she quickly said, “Okay, leave quickly. Ye Jian that matter, I’ll tell you what to do when the time comes.”

Teaching Ye Jian a lesson anytime soon would be impossible with those countless pairs of eyes all on her… If things were to go wrong, the entire school would surely be informed!

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