Chapter 114: Cleaning Up the Insignificant

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“Damn, why’s she heading into the mountains.” A young man wearing a vest and a flower-patterned shorts cursed as he chewed the gum in his mouth. His eyes stared at the girl who could have taken the main road but instead made her way up a trail. “Is her house up the mountain or something?”

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A yellow-haired young man, with a Chinese character of “dagger” tattooed on his arm, looked at his partner. “Should we still f**king follow her?”

“Follow!” The young man with the vest stared at the flip-flops on his feet. “Damn, just go in and see. If there’s anything, just come back and report to Brother Liao. You go after her first. I wore this wrong damn footwear out today.”

The spoken Brother Liao was actually referring to Liao Jian’s father… Liao Youde.

The mountain was Ye Jian’s domain.

Standing behind a tree, Ye Jian’s eyes caught the yellow-haired young man entering on his own and then running past the tree which she was hiding behind. Soon after, the other man began running in while cursing to himself.

When the yellow-haired man was out of sight, Ye Jian came out from her hiding and directly confronted the man in the vest. She smiled and said, “What are you following me for?”

Her exposing herself without any hesitation immediately gave the young man in the vest, whose head was focused on the ground, a scare. But he soon recognized the student who was now blocking his path.

“Damn, I lost her.” The yellow-haired young man came rushing back after not seeing any sight of the girl he was tasked to follow.

But in this three to five minutes of separation, he saw his partner gagged with a piece of filthy rag in his mouth when he returned. The upper half of his partner was bare, and his hands were tied tightly to a pine tree as he struggled to break free.

My damn, what the heck is going on!

Seeing his partner return, the man was not glad. Instead, he struggled even more. As if caught by the wind, his eyes kept gazing upward.

He made numerous gagging sounds which translated to: Above, above!

It truly was unfortunate that the yellow-haired man could not understand. He cursed as he rushed over. “Damn, who the heck did this! Just who!”

“I did it. So what will you do?”

The yellow-haired man heard a girl’s voice from above his head. He subconsciously took a step back and looked up, only to see a girl in her school uniform gazing right at him with a smile on her face.

…Isn’t, isn’t she the damn girl whom they were following not too long ago?

“Following me here… Just tell me, who sent you?” Ye Jian’s eyes were cold as she stood on a branch. Looking down, her expression was as cold as the moonlight as she threatened, “If you don’t wish to end up like your friend, before I get angry, tell me!”

As a youngster, he hated being looked down upon, not to mention by an arrogant little lass.

Hearing her so, the yellow-haired young man got furious. He raised his foot and sent it kicking at the tree. “Damn you, get down now!” He scolded and kicked the tree madly, but little did he know that his partner got so scared that he almost wet his shorts.

“I’m afraid that if I come down, you’ll run off.” As Ye Jian spoke, both her hands grabbed onto the branch before she landed gracefully on the ground. She smiled before laughing at the yellow-haired man, “It seems that tonight, the both of you plan to suffer together like brothers.”

Dealing with two goons even without training for the past few months, Ye Jian could easily knock them down.

“Little missy, I’ll say, I’ll say alright?” The yellow-haired young man, whose face immediately met the floor, begged shamelessly for mercy, “It was Brother Liao, he was the one who asked us to keep our eyes on your for a few days.”

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