Chapter 115: I Will Find You

Putting the opponent’s hands to his back, Ye Jian twisted his wrists to lock both arms before smiling. “It’s too bad that it’s already too late. Enjoy accompanying your friend.”

Brother Liao… Liao Youde? Why is he sending people to follow me? Did he figure out something?

Her face did not reveal what her heart was now thinking. Once the other party had gotten up, with his hands behind his back, he was tied to a tree. “I’m still a student, and I’m most afraid of you guys who belong in the society. I tied you guys up, lest you all follow me.”

The two men almost cried. Little missy, it should be them who were more afraid of her than she was of them!

On the main road, Liao Jian brought Ye Ying along with him. As they walked, he spoke, “That sister of yours, I’m not sure when she got in contact with the military. During normal days, she would stay in the new recruits’ camp, and on Fridays, she would ride on their vehicle back to the village.”

Walking with a group of students around them, there were some worries in Liao Jian’s eyes. “How do you plan to deal with her? I’m afraid it might be a little difficult.”

That lass was indeed skilled, to be able to be in contact with the military.

Ye Ying snorted before smiling coldly, “Before, I had truly belittled her.” After walking a few more steps, she looked at the meander road before raising a brow to ask, “Where are your men?”

“They may be in front. Let’s go…” Before Liao Jian finished, he had quickly darted into the group of students. “Ye Jian, up at the mountain.”

Ye Ying also saw a figure walking down from the mountain and to the road. Her eyes were glued on her as she stared viciously at Ye Jian’s back.

After some time, a sneer appeared on Ye Ying’s face which sent a chill down Liao Jian’s spine. “Even so, I still have to make her understand that just because she is now under a little limelight doesn’t mean she could step on my shoulders.”

That unquenchable and vicious gaze was so sinister that Ye Jian, who had just dealt with two young men, stopped in her tracks and turned her head back. In one glance, her dark pupils turned cold.

If Liao Youde had already sent people to follow her, then what did these people have to do with Ye Ying and Liao Jian?

Or, was her hypothesis wrong?

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It might not be Liao Youde tracking her due to what happened that night, but… something related to Yi Ying?

That was about right. Xia Jinyuan said before that locking people like Liao Youde for three to five years was not a problem. But since he had returned in advance… it must have something to do with the recent interaction between Ye Ying and Liao Jian. Ye Jian’s eyes glistened.

Was Ye Zifan a part of this? Or how else could Liao Youde return home?

A military jeep was parked at a junction. As Ye Jian thought, she quickened her steps towards the direction of the jeep.

She should first ask Xia Jinyuan about it and whether he had any clues with him.

However, although she had been in the military quite often in these two months and even sparred with the soldiers on weekends, she had not encountered the elegant…and dangerous man.

She wondered if she would run into him this time around. Or maybe, she should ask the soldiers.

On Sunday, the sun was warmer than on Saturday. There was no trace of wind and even the crickets went into hiding from the scorching sun’s rays.

Carrying a sniper rifle, both of Ye Jian’s arms were wrapped around a pine tree, and she let out a sigh of relief before climbing up the tree like a small cheetah.

She was receiving a 3 meter-range combat training, and her opponent wasn’t just anyone, but an actual sniper from the military!

All the way from noon, the sun gradually set and finally disappeared. At night, the owls in the forest hooted as they foraged for food. After ten hours of being in an ambush position, Ye Jian remained motionless, and her expression calm nevertheless.

An ant fell from the leaves and landed on her neck which was covered in perspiration, sending a tingling sensation.

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