Arc 3 Chapter 41: Peace?

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When they returned to Orcrock Varbu left guarding the goblins to Akira and the other orc officers. Before he hurried into the city to write a letter to Tornok in order to stop the pointless war.

Akira stood with the Orcs guarding the goblins closely watching the goblins.

Just moments before the goblins had all started screeching like the world was ending when they had seen Akira carrying the princess on his back. Some had even tried to run over and attack him but they were blocked by the orcs guarding them.

When it was clear that the princess was going to be taken into the city the goblins had again tried to rebel but after a few sharp words from the princess they stopped and sat back down.

Now they just glared at Akira as if he had eaten and drank the last bit of food and water in the desert.

It was safe to say they did not like Akira.

Movement in the sky caught Akira’s eye. He focused his attention on it to see that it was one of the messenger birds flying off with what he guessed was the letter Varbu had written.


“Chief we just received a message from Orcrock,” said Chop, Tornok’s personal aide, as he entered the tent being used as the headquarters for the Orc army.

“What did it say?” asked Tornok looking up from the map he had been studying.

“It was addressed to you so it was not opened,” said Chop handing the letter over to Tornok.

Tornok used his dagger to quickly open the sealed letter and walked over to the nearby candle in order to read it. Looking at the handwriting he was immediately able to tell it was from Varbu.

It only took him a minute to finish reading the letter.

Tornok looked at a second smaller letter written in neat goblin letters that had been sealed inside the first. It was the letter that Varbu had mentioned in his own.

“Gather all the officers for an emergency meeting,” said Tornok with a smile on his face.

“I’ll do it right away chief,” said Chop saluting Tornok.


“So, we all agree that this is what we’re going to do?” Tornok asked the officers surrounding him.

“Yes,” the officers all agreed at the same time.

“Then send the messenger and we will see if he accepts,” Tornok ordered Chop.

With a salute Chop left the tent and ran to the messengers relaying the orders from Tornok.

After hearing the details and receiving a letter they were a little surprised at the orders.

The messenger left the Orc’s camp and headed towards the goblin army, along with ten other veteran shield warriors for protection, while the messenger carried the letter and a white flag.

The goblins noticed the orcs marching towards then and started to chatter to themselves loudly but did not attack. They waited to see what the messenger and his escort would do. The orcs stopped a short distance away from the Goblin camp where they waited. A group of goblins detached from the main army and walked over to meet them.

The Orc messenger passed the letter over to the goblins after which he traded a few heated sentences with the goblins before both groups separated and headed back to their own camps.

Chop listened to the messenger’s report before walking back to the command tent. He could hear the agitated screeches coming from the goblin camp as news of the princesses rescue was spread through the goblin army.

“Well? What did they say?” asked Tornok.

“If king Gobgob is willing to meet with us they will send a messenger over. All we can do now is wait and see hopefully whatever was written in the second letter is enough to stop the war,” said Chop.

“I’m confident it will,” said Tornok.

It didn’t take long for another messenger to come to the tent reporting that the goblin king wanted to meet with them.

“Alright! The rest of you are in charge of the army while I go to talk with king Gobgob. If you sense anything is wrong you are to use the army to come and retrieve us. Let’s go,” said Tornok.

Chop and fifty other veteran Orc warriors left the camp and walked halfway to the goblin camp where they waited in the cold night air.

“How long is he going to make us wait,” asked Tornok not happy at being forced to wait for over ten minutes.

As if the goblins heard them, two goblins ran from the goblin camp one was carrying a white flag and stopped a short distance from the orcs. Tornok saw that neither of them was the king.

“Where is king Gobgob? Did he not accept to meet us? Does he now not want to talk?” Tornok asked multiple sharp questions before the goblins could say anything.

“Great warrior chief, I am Gnob. The mighty king still wants to meet with you but wishes for you to meet him in his tent,” said the goblin not carrying the white flag.

“What’s this crap you’re saying? Have you no shame?” asked Chop.

“Is your great King such a coward that he will not come out and meet us but instead has to hide in his tent? Is he afraid that unless he doesn’t have over 2000 soldiers surrounding us that he won’t be safe?” asked Tornok enraged at the king’s dishonorable request.

The faces of both goblins turned red with anger at the words mocking their king.

“The king is suspicious of what your plans are. You may be trying to lure him into a trap. Will you come or will I tell him you declined,” asked the messenger.

“We’ll come since we’re not cowards,” Tornok mocking the king with his words again.

The two goblins faces grew even redder.

“Fine, follow me and don’t do anything that would cause any problems when we get to the camp,” said the messenger turning his back to Tornok.

The veteran orc warriors surrounded Tornok and then followed behind the goblins leading them into the camp.

“Your guards can stay here,” said the goblin escort pointing to a spot at the edge of the camp.

“In your dreams. If we were not under the white flag I would kill you right now,” said the leader of the Orc guards. He was enraged at the arrogance the goblins showed when they spoke.

Gnob ignored the words and continued leading the way forward as if nothing had happened.

The veteran Orc guards pushed through the crowded goblin road glaring at the goblins giving off an aura full of killing intent at anyone that got to close.

They arrived at a large gray tent that was near the back of the goblins camp. They were forced to wait outside until King Gobgob barked orders from inside to let Tornok into the tent.

The fifty Orc guards were forced to wait outside the tent as Tornok and Chop entered the tent.

King Gobgob was sitting on a small wooden throne on the opposite side of the large tent guarded by over a dozen well-muscled guards who were all staring at Tornok.

Without greeting the king Tornok began speaking.

“What’s wrong with your legs? There must be something wrong with them for you to refuse meeting me outside. Otherwise, there is no other explanation but you being too much of a coward to meet me away from your soldiers. Where is your honor?” asked Tornok angrily.

“Gigigigigigi giiiii,” shouted the enraged King Gobgob.

Tornok guessed it was him swearing at him. He just shrugged his large shoulders and smiled back at the small shouting goblin.

King Gobgob regained his cool and started to speak in common. His voice sounded like a drunkard trying to speak and was doing a poor job at it, “Enough of your taunts. Is the letter true? Are you now holding my daughter as a captive?”

“Yes, a few days ago there was a fight at Orcrock your troops were led by unknown strong humans. They were defeated and the goblins attacking surrendered. The princess was found and brought back to Orcrock. My son is taking good care of her right now. So there is no need to worry,” said Tornok with a smile.

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“Release her! Now!” ordered King Gobgob.

“First we need to talk about ending this war you started. I know you did it because you were threatened with your daughter’s death. But there have been many Orc villages raided and looted, many Orcs have died during this war,” said Tornok.

“No! I will not talk to you about anything. This might be a trick of yours. Give me back my daughter before we talk.”

“Do you…”

“No more talking! Give me my daughter or the war will continue.”

“*Sigh*…She will be escorted here as soon as I send a message. But if you do not end the war and start talks about paying for the damage, we will follow you into goblin territory and continue to fight,” threatened Tornok.


Varbu had received a letter ordering him to escort the princess near one of the border towns.

There was nearly been a riot when the goblins saw Akira still carrying the weak princess on his back. What was worse was he was taking her away from the main group. The goblins quieted down after the princess scolded them.

There were only twenty other warriors traveling along with them. The only other goblin that was allowed to come was the veteran goblin commander.

Akira had many conversations with the princess mostly one-sided since she could not speak common. Although she could not reply to Akira she proved to be pretty smart her eyes had a very intelligent look to them. Varbu had said it was a rare thing for a goblin to be so smart.

The travel to the Orc border town was quick. They faced no trouble getting there after five days of travel.

Tornok, Chop, and his guards greeted them after they entered the camp.

“Princess it is nice to meet you again after such a long time,” said Tornok.

The princess nodded to him in acknowledgment.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this but there is no time for any of you to have a rest. We must go to King Gobgob so we can stop the war now that the princess is here. Everyone lets move,” said Tornok waving them forward.

The small group passed through the empty land between the two armies and were quickly led through the goblin army to the king’s tent.

The orc Guards had to roughly knocked back goblins who were trying to see who was in the middle of the group of orcs since there was a rumor that the princess had just arrived.

King Gobgob watched as Tornok and two other orcs walked in. The next person to come in was a human who was helping someone walk. A human? Why was he here?

He turned his gaze to see the person next to him was his daughter the princess.

“Who is this human touching my daughter?” he squeaked out in a voice boiling with anger.

“He is not human. He is an ambassador between the Orc clans and his werewolf clan,” said Tornok.

“Ha, a werewolf,” said King Gobgob with disdain letting the subject go.

“We have brought your daughter to you just like you asked. We can now start the talks of ending the war and the gold you will be giving us as repayment for the damage,” said Tornok.

“Give me my daughter,” ordered King Gobgob.

“End the war,” replied Tornok.

“Fine, I agree to end the war. Happy? Now give me my daughter.”

Tornok nodded to Akira who was helping the princess stand.

With Akira’s help, the princess walked over to the king who motioned for two of his guards to relieve Akira and help her to a chair next to him.

“Werewolf, you’re lucky that you are here under the flag of truce. Otherwise, I would have your arms cut off for daring to touch the princess,” said King Gobgob.

Akira didn’t know what to feel about being threatened by a small goblin whose height just barely reached his stomach.

“It is nice to meet you king Gobgob, I am known as Akira,” said Akira with an Orc salute.

King Gobgob ignored his greeting and looked back to Tornok. Akira seeing this as a dismissal walked back over to the Orcs.

“What are you still doing here I ended the war you have given me my daughter back there is nothing else to discuss,” said King Gobgob.

“Don’t be stupid, Do you have worms eating your brain? What are you going to do about paying me for the damage you have caused?” asked Tornok.

“There is no need to do anything more. It was a war we did not want to fight and we have lost hundreds of goblin warriors ourselves,” replied King Gobgob as if he was talking to an ignorant kid.

Tornok’s face grew red, “You have caused a large amount of damage to my villages and the many orcs who were not warriors died to your attacks along with all the orc warriors,” yelled Tornok.

“So? Like I said we were forced to.”

“Are you trying to start another war?” asked Tornok in a deathly quiet voice his hand on his weapon.

The goblin guards quickly walked in front of the king to protect him should Tornok attack.

“We are under the flag of truce,” screeched King Gobgob in fright.

“I know that,” said Tornok.”I would not do something as shameless and dishonorable as to goad my enemies and mock them while negotiating.”

Akira watched the argument went on for another ten minutes going nowhere the mood in the tent was quickly going south.

“Great King, the payment Tornok is asking for you can treat it as paying the orcs for rescuing the princess from the unknown enemy. The orcs can get the money they need to repair the villages that were damaged, this way everyone wins. Or do you not value your own daughter’s life enough, that you do not think she is worth paying a sum to the people who rescued her?” asked Akira interrupting the two arguing.

Everyone was speechless, partly because he had interrupted the two powerful leaders the other part due to his suggestion.

Varbu quickly recovered and spoke up, “I also think this is a good idea.”

Tornok and King Gobgob glared at each other for long minutes in silence.

“Fine, I will give you gold as payment for rescuing my daughter,” said king Gobgob begrudgingly.

“I will wait for it at Orcrock. Let us seal this deal and end the war,” said Tornok.

They each walked forward and grabbed each other’s hand and after shaking twice they stopped.

“The war is over so I will return to my camp now. I expect you to leave our lands by the end of tomorrow,” said Tornok before leaving the tent.


Quest ‘Peace’ complete! 

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