Arc 3 Chapter 40: Surprise!

The moonlight broke free from the clouds high in the sky illuminating the area around them.

Akira leaped from his hiding spot and charged forward with Nox running by his side.

They were halfway towards the goblin camp before one of the goblins noticed the 200 orc warriors charging towards them and raised the alarm.

“Gi gi giii giiiiiiii,” shouted the commanding goblin.

With the orders given the ragtag group of goblins hurriedly gathered together and formed a defensive stance near the edge of their camp.

Seconds later the two groups clashed but unlike the previous battles with the goblins, the ones they were fighting now were holding their ground.

Nox reached the goblins ahead of Akira and pounced onto the nearest sending both of their bodies tumbling to the ground.

The goblins nearest Nox stabbed their swords towards him in well-trained motions forcing him to jump back out of the reach of their short swords.

When Akira reached the goblins Nox again launched an attack aimed at a goblins legs causing the goblin to fall. Nox used his agility to repeatedly jump in and then escape from the goblin’s attacks. Akira stepped forward and quickly stabbed the goblin warrior that was still on the ground right in the chest killing him in one fatal attack.

He was forced to step back and hide behind his shield when multiple coordinated attacks came towards him.

Clang! Bang!

Akira was surprised at how ferocious the goblins were fighting even when they were already wounded and maimed before the fight had started. Looking at their eyes they seemed to have a fanatical desperation gushing out.

He looked at their level that was shown above their head [Veteran guards Lvl 20].

‘No wonder they are so tough,’ thought Akira.

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“They are no match for us! Crush them!” shouted Varbu further energizing the orc warriors.

Akira glanced around him to see the other Orcs in fierce fights trying to slowly push forward. The orcs that were able to fight on the front line were trying to flank the goblins on the edges causing the goblins to pull back in order to not get surrounded.

Step by step they were pushing them forward towards the city walls where the orc archers on the walls could help whittle down the goblin force with arrows.

Burrooooooo! Burrooooooo! Burrooooooo!

At that moment three war horns that had a different sound than the Orc war horns sounded from behind Akira and the Orc warriors.

Akira looked behind him after successfully blocking an attack and killing the attacker with a stab in the head. Three large groups of goblins could be seen charging from different directions all headed towards the Orcs who were in the middle of an intense fight.

Within moments the goblins had formed a large net that surrounded the Orcs including Akira.

The slow push forward ground to a halt as the orcs that were pressuring the goblins turned around after seeing the goblins rushing towards them they gave a war cry and charged towards the oncoming goblins.

Akira could hear Varbu cursing himself nearby for not being more cautious.

“Everyone stay together! Be careful this is not like the normal goblins tactics. Something or someone is ordering them,” shouted Varbu.

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The Orcs got closer and bunched up next to each other while fighting to better defend each other.

After sending a [Sword Slash] and cutting down multiple goblins in front of him Akira scanned the goblins behind him but could see no other being other than goblins.

“Warriors we must push forward now before it’s too late. Breakthrough the goblins and get to the walls of the city,” shouted Varbu over the sound of battle.

The orcs focused all their power on pushing through the wounded goblins blocking their path with each swing of the sword a goblin lost a limb or his life. Step by step the momentum they had lost was building back up due to the orcs renewed fighting spirit.

Akira helped using his shield and sword to plow through the enemy along with Nox to open a large gap. The orcs nearest to him saw the opening and ran forward to fill it up and try to make it even larger.

With Akira’s help, they managed to break through the enclosure. Akira and a few other Orcs held the small gap open letting Varbu lead the rest of the orcs out of the encirclement.

Two of the Orc warriors near Akira helping hold the wave of goblins back were killed while everyone was escaping.

“To the wall!” shouted Varbu.

When the last orc was free from the encirclement Akira and the small group of warriors that had blocked the goblins began to retreat.

“Stop them!” shouted a voice from the darkness.

“Gi gi gi giiiii!” a nearby goblin shouted.

Wounded and half dead goblins lunged at Akira and the orcs that were trying to escape some even crawling towards them, it was an unsettling sight. Akira was forced to fight them off while he ran with the retreating orcs. A few of the orcs were stabbed in the leg or foot causing them to stumble they were quickly swarmed and stabbed to death.

Akira used his skill [Sword slash] to cut down the goblins that were trying to overrun them causing multiple deaths and maiming others. The mob of goblins paused for a few seconds not wanting to get hit by his attack which was enough time for Akira and the others distance themselves are rejoin Varbu and the other Orcs.

As they got closer to the walls of Orcrock the archers on the walls were able to help them by raining down arrows killing and wounding the goblins chasing after them.

“We will form up here and defend on this spot,” shouted Varbu standing in front of the closed city gates.

With their backs safe and no chance of the goblins being able to surround them the orcs met the oncoming goblins with fierce a war cry.

Akira stood next to Varbu and asked, “What’s the plan? Just defend?”

“Yes,” said Varbu not wasting any more words as he swung his Quarterstaff bashing the head of a goblin delivering a killing blow.

Akira and Nox worked as a well-trained team. Akira used his shield to block the numerous attacks of all the goblins in front of him, while Nox attacked and killed the enemies with the help of a sword stab or two from Akira.

The orcs though outnumbered on the ground were able to keep the goblins back with the help of the archers on the wall.

Movement at the back of the mob of goblin warriors caught Akira’s eye. Multiple figures in black clothing swiftly moved through the large crowded area towards the spot that Akira and Varbu where fighting.

“It looks like we have trouble coming our way,” shouted Akira warning Varbu.

Akira used the short time transformed into a werewolf to help with the coming fight.

A few moments later the black figures jumped out of the crowd and launched fierce attacks at both Akira and Varbu.

Two nearby orc warriors tried to step forward to help defend Varbu but instead ended up taking the full attack and were killed instantly.

“Stay back, focus on the goblins, we’ll take care of this,” shouted Varbu angry that two warriors were killed right in front of him.

Akira stared at the four black-clothed figures and shouted, “Just who are you guys?”

The four familiar figures did not stop their attacks to answer Akira and stayed silent.

A large area opened around them as the goblins and orcs parted way as to not get caught up in the intense fight.

Clang! Bang! Thump!

The fight was a 4 vs 3, with Akira blocking the attacks of two while Nox and Varbu fought the others.

It was looking like they would not be able to beat the headhunters any time soon due to the enemies skills with their weapons.

Akira heard an arrow whistle past his head and saw it slam into the shoulder of the headhunter Nox was fighting. This chance allowed Nox to pounce on him and end his life with a few well-placed bites.

The two Headhunters seeing Akira’s attention was drawn away from him both launched attacks towards Akira’s head.

When Akira realized what was happening he was only able to dodge one of the swords with the second one stabbing into his shoulder pricing his armor and opening a painful wound. He was forced to bear with the pain as he focused on blocking all the attacks sent towards him he was unable to counterattack with the two constantly attacking.

With one Headhunter dead, Nox was now able to help Akira and attack one of the headhunters while they were still unbalanced from a strong attack directed at Akira.

Over to Akira’s left Varbu was fighting with a headhunter whose body was similarly well built both of them creating loud clangs and bangs with their weapons repeatedly hitting each other.

Varbu Swung his staff down on the head of the headhunter but it is just barely blocked by the arm guards worn by the muscular headhunter. They looked to have been ruined due to the attack.

The battle raged on all around them. Minutes later Akira heard a roar of victory from Varbu, who has been successful in beating his opponent to a pulp but in the process, his Quarterstaff had broken.

He grabbed the long sword his enemy had been using and joined Akira and Nox in their fight to turn the tide and suddenly there was only one headhunter left after Varbu helped kill the one Nox was fighting.

“Who are you why are you fighting us?” asked Akira while dodging an attack sent by the last headhunter.

The headhunter kept quite but after seeing he was now surrounded by Nox and Varbu he gave a sneer and said, “Kill me! I am an elite headhunter, I will never talk.”

He launched multiple ferocious attacks at Akira trying to break his defense and kill him, ignoring Varbu and Nox and the mission he had been tasked to do, capture Akira and bring him back alive.

Both Varbu and Nox launched attacks at the headhunters back and legs wounding him severely, but he continued to fight until an arrow was shot through his head.

The goblins that had been watching the fight gave a cheer after seeing Akira and Varbu defeating the last of the Headhunters.

This stunned the Akira and the rest of the Orcs who had been fighting with the goblins a few moments ago.

The goblins sheathed their weapons and quickly backed away from the orcs. An older goblin who looked to be the commander walked a step forward.

“Peace,” said the goblin commander. He was barely able to say the word properly.

“What?” asked Varbu as he was not sure what was going on.

“Me. You. Not enemy,” said the goblin in barely recognizable words while pointing at himself then at Varbu.

“Gii gii gii gii gi,” said the goblin in an energetic voice while smiling.

“Anyone able to translate the gibberish he is speaking?” asked Varbu.

“I know a little, but I don’t think it is enough to understand everything he says. But I can try,” said an older Orc warrior a few feet away from Varbu.

“Groba I didn’t know you knew how to speak their language,” said Varbu.

“My father was one of the elders who specialized in the language he tried to teach me but I was never really interested in it so I’m a bit rusty,” said Groba sheepishly.

The commanding goblin could understand their intention and began speaking while pointing at the dead headhunters, “Giii gii gi giii gii gigigigi.”

The words were spoken at a slower pace so that the older Orc warrior could have a better chance to understand.

A short time passed as the old warrior deciphered the words in his head.

“Ah!” said the old warrior as he began to understand what was said.

“Do you understand what he said?” asked Varbu.

“I believe what he is saying is that they were forced to fight this war by these strong people. They captured King Gobgob’s daughter, the princess of the goblins and held her hostage forcing them to attack. She is still back at the strong peoples camp,” replied Groba.

“Then you have no intention of continuing to fight this war?” asked Varbu looking at the goblin in front of him.

“Gii giii giiii giiiiii giii gii,” said the goblin commander.

“As long as he is allowed to leave with the princess there should be no problem with the war stopping since they were forced to fight in the first place,” said Groba translating the words.

Varbu looked back towards the goblin commander and spoke, “You will stay here, we will go to their campsite and see if what you say is true. If it is, I will immediately have a message sent to the warrior chief in command of the Orc army to stop the war. If you are lying about this don’t blame me for what happens after,” warned Varbu.

“Giiii giiii giiii giiiii giiiiii,” said the goblin shaking his head in disagreement.

“He wants to know what you will do with the princess when you find her,” said Groba.

“If she is truly there we will not treat her badly. She will be treated as royalty until we are sure that the war is over then we will let her go. Otherwise, you might continue the war,” said Varbu.

“Giiiii gii giiiiiiii giiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,” said the goblin angrily.

“Sir, he says he will not let you go and capture the princess and use her as a hostage,” said Groba.

“You don’t have a choice. You are the ones who started the war. It doesn’t matter if you wanted to or were forced. If you want, you can come with us but the rest of your warriors are to stay here where they can be watched to make sure they don’t start any trouble,” said Varbu.

The goblins face changed a few colors as he tried to decide on what to do. A minute later he looked at Varbu and nodded his head and said, “Gii.”

“He says he agrees to go with you to the camp,” said Groba.


Quest complete!

Reinforce Orcrock complete. 

You have leveled up! Your level is now 19!

+3 to Toughness

New quest!


Help the orcs and goblins work out a peaceful end to the war.

Difficulty: F

Reward: Deeper friendship with the orcs.

Will you accept?

Yes / No

Varbu called his officers over for a quick meeting. Akira pushed the message windows to the side as now was not the time to be looking at them.

“Akira, Groba, and I will go with the goblin commander to check to see if they are telling the truth. You guys are to keep watch on the little goblins to make sure they don’t try anything sneaky,” ordered Varbu.

“Understood,” shouted all the officers while giving Varbu a military salute.

Varbu walked over to the goblin commander and said, “We can go now lead the way.”

The goblin commander nodded and walked towards the direction of the headhunters temporary camp.


After ten minutes of walking, they reached a small cave that had been hidden behind a large rock.

They entered the cave to see a fire still burning and three large tents set up around the fire a short distance away.

“According to our friend here the princess has to be in this cave somewhere. Akira since you are neither a goblin nor an Orc it’s fair to have you search for her while we wait and see,” said Varbu.

“Gii giii giii,” said the goblin commander haughtily.

“He says he is no liar,” said Groba.

Varbu ignored the goblin staring at him and watch as Akira check the first two tents finding no one inside.

Akira opened the flap of the last tent and found a young female goblin with her hands and feet tied and mouth gagged.

Seeing Akira the princess became frightened and tried to get away from him.

“Hey calm down I’m not here to harm you,” Akira said trying to soothe her fears but it didn’t help.

Akira stuck his head out of the tent and called out to Varbu and the other two near the entrance.

“There is a female goblin inside this tent. Who knows if it’s really the princess or not,” said Akira.

The goblin commander tried running forward but Varbu placed his large hand on the goblins small shoulder and forced him to walk at the same pace as him.

When the goblin commander looked inside the tent he started to jabber, “Giii giii giiii giiiii giiii gi.”

The goblin commander got on his knees and bowed to the princess his head touching the stone floor of the cave.

“What is he doing?” asked Varbu.

“He apologized to the princess for not being strong enough to protect her. I’m guessing that bow is something goblins do when they apologize,” said Groba.

“Akira hurry up and go untie her,” commanded Varbu.

Seeing the goblin commander the princess was no longer frightened of Akira. Instead, she eyed him with suspicion to see if he would do anything unwanted.

It took a minute or so of Akira fumbling around with the knots that had been tied before her hands and feet were untied.

Akira took off the rope that was around her mouth and stepped back to give her some space and get a better look at her.

Akira had to admit although he was not an expert on goblins the princes did look sort of cute. Well, judging by the goblins he had seen so far

“Are you the princess of the goblins?” Varbu asked in a brisk manner.

It took a few moments for the female goblin to find her voice after not using it for a long time.

“Gi,” she said nodding her head.

They did not need a translator to understand what it meant.

“We will not harm you but since the war is still going on you will be under our care, until both sides stop fighting,” said Varbu.

“Gi,” the princess nodded.

“Gii gii giii giii,” the goblin commander tried to argue with her decision but after she sent him a certain look he stopped talking.

“He told her she should not accept being captured by us,” said Groba.

“When we get back to the city we can each write a letter describing everything and send them to the warrior chief and king Gobgob. With that the battles should end,” said Varbu.

“Gi,” the princess again agreed not saying much else.

“Are you strong enough to walk?” asked Varbu.

As the princess tried to stand up she kept falling and stumbling due to not having anything to eat for a long time. They had not brought any extra food and could only give her some water.

“Akira help her,” ordered Varbu.

Akira tried to help her steady her feet. But as he tried to help her walk she keep stumbling and nearly fell numerous times.

In one swift motion, Akira picked her up and put her on his back.

“Ready,” said Akira.

“Giii giii gii giiiiii giii!” shouted the goblin commander in anger.

“He strongly disagrees with Akira touching her and says that a mutt should know better not to touch a princess much less do something like this,” said Groba.

“Whatever, we can’t spend all day waiting for her to hobble back to camp. We need to get back as quickly as we can. Let’s go,” said Varbu walking towards the cave’s exit with the goblin commander keep saying one syllable words most likely curses directed at Akira.

“Ah, I’m so hungry,” complained Akira as he jogged out of the cave.

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