Chapter 116: This Man is Not That Simple

Ye Jian remained motionless as she let the ant crawl across her neck and to her hair. The target person would appear in this area, and it was now a confrontation between two snipers. It’ll be a test of patience, perseverance, and as well as speed!

The sky tonight was beautiful. The soldiers, who were resting in a small open space, were reluctant to take their eyes off the stars which hung across the vast sky.

“Captain Xia, how long do you plan to sleep?” A soldier carrying an assault rifle asked Xia Jinyuan. “It has already been ten whole hours. Don’t let the little missy wait too long.”

Little missy?

Under the starry sky, Xia Jinyuan opened his eyes lazily and laughed, “Little missy? Do you think that the girl who handled five soldiers yesterday can still be called a little missy?”

“Those five soldiers! Letting them clean the washrooms for a month is already too lenient of me!”

Ai, his head throbbed a little. The little lass taught by Old Man Gen and Uncle Chen would be trained in the army whenever she returned to the camp.

They grew to be somewhat apprehensive of her.

That little lass! She was as sly as a fox, and to catch her, one must devise a careful plan to do so.

Returning only the night before after being away for two months, Xia Jinyuan was informed of the incident, and he followed the soldiers today regardless of the two days off he still had.

After two months of not seeing that daring lass, he wanted to test how much she had grown.

With eyes as sharp as an eagle, Xia Jinyuan, whose face was heavily painted and had a sniper rifle in his arms, jumped down handsomely from a rope before making a gesture with his hand. A total of five soldiers surrounded him.

Eleven hours later, there was movement in the bushes. With her night vision goggles on, she opened up the scope and leaned her eyes close to it.

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Swiftly, that movement in the bushes swept past and disappeared in a flash. Ye Jian removed her eye from the scope and briefly lowered her finger that was at the trigger.

They were teasing her.

“Nothing? Is there a mistake with our target?”

“Let’s wait and see what the situation is at Captain Xia’s side.”

The two shadows that went past the bushes hid behind the trees and a soft whisper could be heard in the dark, “Try the cross confusion again.”

The cross confusion refers to a technique to expose the sniper by conducting a real and false pattern at the same time.

Using a branch to lift up a helmet, and then using a thin fishing line wrapped around a branch. By shaking the line gently, it’ll create movement among the branches.

The bushes shook again, but Ye Jian had already kept her sniper rifle. Above a tree, Ye Jian remained in her position, motionless like a statue.

She only had one target and that was the sniper among the army. The other soldiers were not her target.

With the night vision goggles on, her entire world was green. In June, not only were there moths and mosquitoes deep inside the forest, but also venomous snakes and rodents. A gorgeous venomous snake with the thickness of a finger slithered across the fallen leaves and quietly hidden among a patch of grass.

Xia Jinyuan carefully stepped across it while holding onto his sniper rifle. With an entire body which stunk of bloodlust, he was like the nocturnal beasts hunting in the forest.

“Captain Xia, the target person is not found.” Team A’s voice came through the headset.

The voices from Team B and C soon came after. None were able to find the target.

Having gone past the area where Ye Jian was positioned, Xia Jinyuan cut himself off from the communication device. But before he did so, he lazily sent an instruction, “Go back and wash the two classes’ training clothes for two weeks.”

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