Chapter 76 – Opening Ceremony 1

“So this is the famed Dragon Capital, as expected from a race that had repelled the Inzektor race for many years, it’s more prosperous than the other cities I’ve heard of, ” said Gizmo as he examined his surroundings.

The trip on the spaceship was uneventful, it took about a month before they were able to arrive at the venue that was hosting the Alliance Tournament.

Luon who had spent the majority of the time training exited his seclusion several days before they arrived, only to see the disastrous scene of his teammates fooling around as if they were on a field trip, despite having the role of representing the entire Nexus solar system.

Unlike Arisa’ team and Zythos’ team, Luon’s team had the most comfortable atmosphere as they frequently lobbied the entertainment facilities that the spaceship had for them.

When they arrived at the city, the citizens of the Dragon Capital welcomed their guests with expert level hospitality.

The people from the Draco solar system were famed for their tourism, many people around the universe traveled from wide and far to visit or reside in this prosperous city. To repeatedly beat back the Inzektor race who wouldn’t want to stay in such a safe and secure environment? Especially since Dragons were experts about having fun.

Dragons, unlike most beast races, could transform themselves to a humanoid form to not intimidate their guests and play fairly with their opponents, their natural beauty was peerless. Reasonably speaking it was difficult for an average person even to scratch a dragon.

Because of this, there was some handicap placed due to these racial differences. Otherwise, people would have died more often during the tournaments. This all changed with the advent of the Vortex Container though.

Before when a dragon felt too stressed out about things they would wreak havoc, cause trouble or lust over other races. Although they lived for ages, their rampaging desires never ceased. It was said that the founder of Dragon Den’s had bedded over thousands of wives.

The Vortex Container solved the majority of their problems, the crime level went down, and dragons felt less stressed about things. Which is why they welcomed the people from the Nexus solar system with more hospitality.

Guided by two beautiful pairs of dragon sisters which looked like the generic Asian beauty wearing a cheongsam, except for the horns that were there. The group was guided and introduced to many different venues before arriving at their inn.

When the group appeared at the inn with a series of different expressions, the female Inn owner feels slightly awkward about welcoming these guest, but she professionally hid it beneath her smile as she began to guide the guests to their rooms.

During their sightseeing tour, Luon’s team was engrossed at the majestic sight, it made the other curious dragon citizens look at them like country-bumpkins and welcomed them with open arms. This made Luon, Arisa’s team and Zythos’s team feel awkward, especially Janet who spaced herself a considerable distance away from the group muttering, “Act like I don’t know them, pretend I don’t see them. I am here on vacation…”

They weren’t the only ones that were excited to be there, Helen clung to Captain Waver insisting that the city was crowded and that they shouldn’t be that far apart from each other.

In reality, she was staring daggers at the female dragonkins who were eyeing Captain Waver with seductive looks.

When the inn owner led Luon and his team to their lodging, Gizmo, Tyron, and Brendan ran right into the room and began to make a fuss out bed placements. Although the room was well ventilated, there was only one bed that was next to the air conditioner. One thing that never changes since the passing of time was the usage of air conditioners.

Realistically speaking it was difficult and wasteful to maintain a magical array to keep heat away from places. The retro and frugal design of air conditions were favored by many and had survived through many ages.

After settling the sleeping placements, the group made their way to the dining room where the headmaster made an announcement as they ate.

“According to our schedule our group has arrived a week earlier than what we expected, this calculation wasn’t intentional as we took in consideration of unsettling events that may impede our arrival,” said the headmaster.

As the kind of events that he was talking about Luon knew about the dangers of traveling into space. If anyone had experienced a life simulation that involved traveling in space, they would know that the majority of the problems were created by pirates, asteroid fields, random debris from previous wars, and Inzektors.

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The headmaster continued to lecture about some random situations that their previous predecessors who battled in the tournament found, what to look for during their battles and some life stories that he had experienced ages ago. Luon and the others ate their dinner while listening to all of this quietly. It wasn’t until the headmaster heard someone snoring during his lecture did he stopped. He turned to face the rude individual, gave a light cough and said, “Well, you guys got a week to do what you want, be careful not to ruin our solar systems, and school’s reputation by doing some unsightly actions. You are free to do as you please, but I expect all of you to be here when the opening ceremony starts.”

Dismissed temporary the group separated and left the room to their own devices, Luon woke up Bendan who had finished eating long ago and was asleep due to the headmaster’s lecture before returning to their place.

Along the way, Gizmo turned to look at Luon and asked him, “So what’re your plans for the week? Want to visit the hot springs? Play at the arcade? Don’t tell me you want to train despite arriving the Dragon Capital.”

Luon gave him an awkward look as he was indeed thinking of training while at the Dragon Capital. Before he could reply to Gizmo remark, a rough voice interrupted them.

“Train? Hahaha, no matter how much you people from the Nexus solar system train, it will be useless before our might,” said a dark-skinned figure with a deep voice. The man was followed by similarly shaped, gruesome and hideous people. They had claws as hands their face were disfigured to the point where it was difficult to look at. Fortunately, only the leader didn’t have a helmet as the others wore a set of knightly body armor to hide the majority of their appearance.

“Tsk, its someone from the Ark Judgement Empire, rude as always,” said Gizmo.

To Luon and his crew, it wasn’t the first time they met someone from the Ark Judgement Empire, or more specifically Lemegeton or Daemons Gate, the two schools from the Demonic solar systems which the Demon King oversaw. During their online matches, they had fought a hefty number of these arrogant demons. With physical abilities surpassing humans arrogantly boasted to being superior.

According to the rules placed on the solar system, the teams from the Ark Judgement Empire were restricted to not attacking their opponents base without waiting 5 minutes. They could only border the boundaries until the restriction was removed.

Despite having this handicap, it was still difficult for other teams to handle them, except for the Dragon Lair’s team.

Luon and his teammates faced these demons head on unfazed by their remark and silently walked by. Seeing their lack of reaction the demon was going to say something once more before another voice interrupted him.

“Hmm, looks like you demons are as unsightly as ever, to think we would benevolently lend you two solar systems to raise such arrogance. How wasteful, oh how wasteful indeed,” said an intelligent looking man garbed in white. Luon looked at the new group of people who had arrived and concluded from their appearance that they were from the Angelic side of the Ark Judgement Empire.

Beside the intelligent looking man, was man who wore a stylish black suit, he said, “It’s not a waste of two solar systems, its just that our secondary school Daemon’s gate is unsightly, you demon there, according to our hierarchy I order you to cease your unsightly activities and head back to your room to train.”

“Tch, your lucky puny humans from the Nexus solar system, if it weren’t for Deminier’s lenience I would have wiped the floor with you guys. Come on guys lets head back,” said the rude and arrogant demon as he led the train of heavily armed demons away.

At this moment, the demon name Deminier came and introduced himself to Luon as he said, “Hello folks from the Nexus, my name is Deminier Shadowfang, and I am pleased to hear that you are present today. May I ask a quick question?”

“Go ahead…” said Luon as he looked at Deminier who came to talk to them. His actions made Luon very suspicious of him and made him felt awkward as he felt as if something about his presence irked him.

“Ahem, I’ll try not to take too much of your time, but may I ask if Arisa Nightwalker is among the entrants of your teams?” Deminier asked.

Luon didn’t know Deminier’s relationship between him and Arisa, neither does he know the reason why he even knew of her existence despite being several solar systems away. Although Luon didn’t support the thought of exposing his friends before a stranger, the man seemed honest in his query. Luon felt quite perplexed about this situation before he could say anything a sweet familiar voice resonated with the surroundings.

“Deminier, don’t bother my fellow students from Nexus University. I already told you my intent before, and I am not going to marry into the Shadowfang royal family,” said Arisa who was followed by her teammates.

“Arisa, you don’t have the right to decide so, this arrangement was made from my parents and yours. Eventually, your bloodline will be integrated with my families, and together we’ll make a child whose genetics will be closest to the demon king,” said Deminier with an ecstatic voice, the very look as he licked his lips made even the angelic being beside him cringe.

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“Well if you would excuse me I have some matters to attend to,” said the intelligent man. He had no reason to waste any more of his intelligence with these youths.

Luon wanted to do the same, but found Belle beside him as she slowly whispered in his ears, “According to Arisa, her family was forced to arrange a marriage with the Shadowfang family because of the request of the demon king. The higher-ups were divided between agreeing with the marriage or allowing her to pick her own future husband as we advocated free will. Arisa said she wants to do whatever she wants to do and doesn’t plan on marrying that fool. However, they kept insisting to the point where they took some drastic measures, they would secretly harm the members of the side who supported the idea of having free will and supported the Mythos clan who wanted to push her to marry. Helpless we asked the system the ideal situation to handle things, and it suggested we settle things with this Alliance tournament, if our team was ranked higher they would completely pull out from their actions, and if we lose…”

Luon knew what her next words were without her saying anything. In the end, no matter how powerful your family is, without strength one isn’t able to decide their own fates. Luon felt anger inside of him, he originally was a pacifist, a cultured man who read books and he had read many stories similar to this situation, he didn’t expect to see this scene in reality. This scene was something new for him.

Luon stepped before Deminier and said, “Deminier, if you may excuse us we still have some things to do to prepare for the Alliance Tournament, if you would please excuse us we still have things to settle down. We’ll see you once again… in the tournament.”

Without hearing his reply, he grabbed Arisa’s hand and led her away. His eyes were filled with desire. If only he were stronger, he would be able to stop this injustice. If only he were stronger, he could judge his enemies by his beliefs. If only he were stronger, he could slay his enemies. With strength, he can protect what he wants to protect, no matter how many things there was for him to protect.

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