Chapter 598 – Evil Technique?

It was Bai Li Zi Xi!

Bai Li Zi Xi said in alarm, “Eh, isn’t this Lady Mu Rong? Why are you here?”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo turned around and forced a smile, “Hello Lady Bai Li, I am here to see my cousin…”

A trace of gentle laughter was found within Bai Li Zi Xi’s cold eyes, “Then why are you still here? I heard that Young Master Ya had just reached the Holy City today; as his cousin, it has been a long time since you met him also right?”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo lowered her head and replied embarrassingly, “Actually I am not that close with cousin, and cousin he does not want to meet me.”

The two girls stood there and it was a very beautiful sight.

One was gentle and quiet, the other was cold and noble.

Bai Li Zi Xi smiled, within her eyes was a shred of hard-to-notice disdain, “Lady Mu Rong must be joking, who doesn’t know that your relationship with Young Master Ya is very good.”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo was flustered, she knew that Bai Li Zi Xi would be her cousin’s main wife, and she herself would only be a concubine at most. Although it has not been set in stone yet, she was already subconsciously treating Bai Li Zi Xi as the main wife and not daring to do anything to displease her.

“No, Lady Bai Li, it is not what you think…”

Bai Li Zi Xi no longer continue the formalities with Mu Rong Xin Nuo as she turned and face the Feather Guards, “Did you Young Master specify that he did not want to meet Lady Mu Rong?”

Bai Li Zi Xi’s every action and every word were pleasing to the observers and listeners.

The young Feather Guard flushed before he replied, “That is not the case.”

“Then why did you stop her? Don’t you know her relationship with Young Master Ya?” Bai Li Zi Xi continued to pressure with questions.

Her gaze was focused on the eyes of the young Feather Guard, within her gaze was a shadow of the Luan bird.

The young Feather Guard’s mind turned blank for a moment and he did not know how to reply her question.

When suddenly, a harsh voice came, “The Saintess is asking you a question. Why are you blanking out for?”

It was Yu Yi.

Yu Yi wore the Feather Guard Commander’s uniform and was walking out from within the estate with a solemn face.

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The young Feather Guard was immediately shaken awake and with a regretful expression he replied Bai Li Zi Xi’s question.

Next, Yu Yi smiled as he looked at Bai Li Zi Xi, “Saintess, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask Yu Yi directly. Although Yu Yi is not talented and is only a peak True Sprit Master, I believe I will not lose focus when Saintess asks questions.”

Bai Li Zi Xi sized up Yu Yi for a moment before she replied with a grin, “I am overstepping myself, I trust that Young Master Ya has his reasons for his instructions. This young girl shall not disturb any longer; Lady Mu Rong, would you like to seat with me over there?”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo felt slightly undeserving to be offered an invitation and quickly replied, “Lady Bai Li will be coronated as the Saintess tomorrow and I believe you would be very busy, Xin Nuo dare not disturb you.”

“There’s no need to be so polite Lady Mu Rong, in the future we will be spending time together as well.”

With that, the two girls held hands and walked away.

When the two of them left, Yu Yi immediately got someone to replace the young Feather Guard and brought him into the estate.

And gave him a harsh scolding, “You nearly exposed the recent whereabouts of Young Master! Do you want to die?”

The young Feather Guard replied confused, “I did not!”

“Fool, your spirit treasure was controlled by her just now and had I had not appeared, you would have revealed where you have gone and what you have been doing recently to her…”

The young Feather Guard turned paled, “Commander, that woman has such an evil technique?”

“What evil technique is that? It is a Spirit Treasure Controlling Technique! Pass down my orders, all Feather Guards must not look at Bai Li Zi Xi’s eyes from now on. Ideally, stay away as far away from her as possible. In addition, if she is close, to always stay alert to reduce the chances of her succeeding!”

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