Chapter 599 – So He Hasn’t Die Yet?

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A humid great abyssal deep prison.

Huan Qing Yan shuddered; an extremely uncomfortable feeling was surfacing from deep within her heart and it screamed at her to escape immediately.

Ji Mo Ya held her hand as he led her from the front, they were in a great prison constructed underground and it was exceptionally big and empty.

With every step down the stairs they went, their footsteps resounded through the entire facility.

Startling ghostly wails of bitter grudge would occasionally come from the deep recess of the underground prison.

Why, Yan Lass? Ji Mo Ya had discovered her weird reactions from the start.

Ever since they entered this underground prison, the lass has been displaying an extremely negative emotion, her face was covered in fear and panic.

Huan Qing Yan also did not know why she was like that; she calmed her mind, I am feeling flustered and I do not know why. Why are we here in this prison?

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Ji Mo Yas starry eyes flashed before his entire body started emitting light like a lamp and lit up the entire area.

With measured and calm steps, he held onto Huan Qing Yans hand and walked on without stopping.

We will be there very soon, you will know then.

Because of Ji Mo Yas arrival, the underground prison guards have retreated, therefore, except for the prisoners there were no one else except the both of them.

Then they walked for a while more.

The humidity increases the deeper they went, and mixed within the air were waves of nausueating rotten stink.

Ji Mo Ya explained, This is the area where the prisoners on death row are kept.

While he spoke, the two had reached the deepest area of the prison where the prison cells were made of special cold iron.

Dim oil lamps were hung on the wall, providing a gloomy light that illuminated the walkways.

Ji Mo Ya brought Huan Qing Yan to a prison cell that was emitting a foul-smelling stench.

This prison held two prisoners, one was a fat man whose fat creates ripples on his skin, he was exceptionally ugly and had a face full of malice. And he was beating up a shriveled looking woman.

How could not Huan Qing Yan recognize a man as fat as that!

Jin Da Zhong!

So, he has yet to die?

The judgement of the Holy Court seemed to be too slow.

Ji Mo Ya signaled for her to control her anger.

The prisons lights were all along dim, and Ji Mo Ya had stopped his halo effect, thus allowing him to hide in the dark which was why Jin Da Zhong did not discover the two of them.

The woman that Ji Da Zhong was torturing and yelling at wore tattered clothes which did not managed to cover much of her body. Her entire body was covered in startling amount bruises and injuries, including the most intimate area of a woman as well.

Jin Da Zhong grabbed the chest of the woman so forcefully and gave it vicious twist, Its all your fault d*mn b*tch, its all because of you that caused me to receive the death sentence, that I have to be locked in this dark place and eat food meant pigs…”

The woman was pale from the pain while trying her best to retreat away.

She was muffling, as though she was trying to beg.

Ji Da Zhong angrily yank up her head using her hair and gave her two slaps, causing blood to spill out the corner of her mouth, Why are you trying to hide? This daddy had played your body everyday till I am sick of it. I have long lost all interest in your body, you are just a crazy b*tch that has nothing valuable. So why are you trying to hide now?

Huan Qing Yan was extremely furious, this Jin Da Zhong was torturing woman again, just as she wants to go up and uphold justice.

She was held back by Ji Mo Ya.

Using the faint light of the prison, she managed to see the womans face

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