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Chapter 117: Restraint

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The six soldiers were almost ready to shed tears… Squad 5 was punished to wash the washrooms last night, and today, it was their turn to be punished to wash the clothes… Running ten laps around the field would have been better!

At 9pm, it had already been thirteen whole hours.

At last, at about 400 meters away, the leaves of a tree shook gently. The movement was extremely faint, like a hare entering a hole dug beneath it.

But Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine knew. That was not a hare!

That was her target, the other party had begun to move.

In the day, Ye Jian was able to hit her target within 370 meters using a scope. But at night in the forest, the difficulty was even greater.

Half an hour went by, and the leaves on a tree shook again. Ye Jian moved her eye to the scope. In the green world… her entire view was quiet and still.

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Hidden behind a trunk, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon gently pulled his helmet back. ‘Peng,’ a gunshot came from his four-o’clock direction, and it hit his camouflaged helmet.

In that split moment, Xia Jinyuan shifted his sniper rifle and shot at a tree that was four-o’clock of him and six meters away from him.

There was a faint chemical smell filled the air. Ye Jian had failed, and the same went for him.

Their sniper rifles were not actually loaded with bullets, but those which were meant for training. They were designed specifically for training snipers. And just the same, the bullets were not actual bullets.

The faint sound similar to a snake slithering through the leaves could be heard. And once again in that brief moment, Xia Jinyuan leaped forward and avoided Ye Jian’s first surprise attack.

Since sniping within 30-meters was not a success, she then went in for close combat!

In her hand was an unsheathed military dagger. When the other party dodged her surprise attack, she did not hesitate to move closer towards him before raising her military dagger again for a second strike.

If any of her strikes went in, her opponent would surely be at death’s door.

Quick and fierce, there was a murderous intent around her which made even Xia Jinyuan feel slightly surprised.

This lass! The aura being emitted out from her body seemed just as if she had killed countless of enemies, and it was suffocating.

Ye Jian, whose height was no more than 1.6m, was against Xia Jinyuan, whose height was around 1.86m. Circumventing her shortcoming, she was as flexible as a fox. Under the pressure of Xia Jinyuan coming at her empty-handed, and with nowhere to retreat, she parried and skillfully slipped through Xia Jinyuan’s legs. In a blink of an eye, she was now behind his back.

What a skilful lass! To even be able to avoid in such a manner.

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But so what… The corners of Xia Jinyuan’s lips gently rose, and he turned around. His stance was like a beast ready to pounce at his prey, and he single-handedly went for Ye Jian’s throat.

This was a simple and direct grapple, and Ye Jian’s entire body was entirely perked up for a fight.

“Hē!” Using a trunk as a support, she pushed herself against it and grabbed onto a swinging vine. Like a bird in a forest, her body glided forward with her two feet in front, aiming straight at Xia Jinyuan’s chest.

“Peng! Peng!”

After receiving two kicks on the chest, Xia Jinyuan raised his brows as he avoided the third before using his powerful and quick hands to grab Ye Jian’s delicate ankle. He pulled hard and Ye Jian, together with the vine, fell.

But with a twist of his arm, her entire body was thrown against a thick pile of fallen leaves.

He had deliberately picked that area, so that when Ye Jian fell onto the leaves, the pain she would have suffered would be greatly mitigated.

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