Chapter 118: Teasing

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“Little lass, in these few years, you’re the first to actually kick me twice on the chest.” Xia Jinyuan smiled slightly, and his gentle tone completely dissolved the intense fighting atmosphere. “Your strength was great; there’ll probably be two large bruises on my chest.”

During the fight, Ye Jian already had an inkling that her opponent was Xia Jinyuan. However, she brushed that uncertainty aside as she was sure that there was no way he’d join in this training.

But after hearing his voice, she let out sigh, “Captain Xia, aren’t you just bullying me? For a fully capable soldier to go against me, isn’t that a bit too much?”

She struggled to escape from his clutch. Xia Jinyuan looked at the energetic youth through the night vision goggles, and a deep smile formed on his face. “As of yet, no one has been able to escape from my grasp, so save your strength, daring little lass who has done in five of my soldiers.”

Hei! Did he come here specifically for revenge?

“If so, then shouldn’t you be thanking me instead?” The feeling of being trapped tightly against the dead leaves was really uncomfortable, especially when her arms were locked by his ironlike hands that just wouldn’t budge no matter how much she struggled.

Just look at this little fox with her pesky little mouth! She’s already drawing blood upon the first prick.

He indeed had to give her his thanks. Those five soldiers would have to do some chores to reflect on themselves!

Raising a brow, Xia Jinyuan smiled. “Indeed, I should give you my thanks, and that’s why I’m here personally. Now, do you surrender?”

Although he knew that this fight would be a one-sided battle, seeing the look on the little lass’s face was interesting.

How could she not surrender?

Ye Jian stopped struggling and sighed, “Yes, of course I surrender. Regardless of whether you’re a capable soldier or not, I’ve indeed lost. This is the gap, the gap between our strength.”

Every time she met him, all she saw in him was the gap between them!

The little lass had always been able to accept her shortcomings instead of avoiding them, and he greatly admired her for doing so. “The gap in strength between you and me is but a few years of training and certainly not because of the difference in our gender. Still, being able to kick me twice on the chest in less than half a year is more than enough to make all the soldiers in the army feel ashamed.”

“There are many ants in the pile of dead leaves, so get up first.” Having said that, Xia Jinyuan loosened his grip and pulled her up from the dead leaves.

In that instant, a sly smile appeared on Ye Jian’s face, and she once again went for a surprise attack.

She wrapped her arms around Xia Jinyuan’s neck before jumping over him. With a kick, she hit his knee, and his tall body slammed against the ground.

This time, the situation had changed. Ye Jian was now sitting on top of Xia Jinyuan’s waist with her military dagger at his throat. “Captain Xia, all’s fair in war. Now, do we have a tie?”

“What do you think?” Xia Jinyuan, who had a dagger next to his throat, smiled warmly. His sightly gradually slipped from Ye Jian’s face and seemed to hover between himself and her as he said, “Lass, have a look down.”

Ye Jian immediately lowered her eyes… D*mn! A black pistol was aimed straight at her chest.

After putting away her military dagger, Ye Jian shrugged her shoulders and said, “It’s still my loss, but…” Her eyes glistened, and she grinned. “Having the all-powerful soldier suppressed beneath me didn’t feel so bad.”

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