Chapter 119: Who’s Teasing Who

Having said that, Ye Jian raised her hand and patted his chest naturally before repeating, “This does feel good!”

Right in front of him was a fourteen-year-old silly little girl who didn’t understand anything at all. At least her words… don’t imply an adult’s devious thoughts.

But as a man, Xia Jinyuan already had a helpless smile plastered on his face after hearing her so.

Although he knew that every word she had said had no other meaning, for an adult like him… her words inevitably brought about a trace of indecency.

Moreover, he knew that her words were unintentional, so they signified a different meaning instead.

What to do? She’s just a silly girl who doesn’t understand anything, yet she is able to provoke a man’s thoughts… Xia Jinyuan was deep in thought. Looking at her radiant face which would have already made other teenagers fall in love with her, Xia Jinyuan slightly tightened his thin lips.

At fourteen, she should at least understand these things a little. Otherwise, she would surely lose out to others in life.

As she stood away from his body, he suddenly wrapped his hands around her slender waist, and with a man’s pure strength, he pressed the radiant girl close to him.

Not only did it happen all of a sudden, it was inexplicable!

After a few rolls, she was once again pressed against the ground. Facing up, Ye Jian felt a sudden weight bear upon her from a man who was 186 cm tall and was feeling almost out of breath.

Taking deep breaths, the refreshing minty smell from his body flooded her overwhelmingly. The warmth from the man’s body flowed through their clothes and flushed over her.

It was no longer a simple fight anymore. The change in situation immediately made Ye Jian felt uncomfortable since she had never been so close to a man before.

Not only could she smell the scent of that man, but her intuition as a woman… also made her feel that the progress of the situation was somewhat strange.

“Xia Jinyuan, get up!” The moment her fists landed on his shoulder, both of her hands were instantly caught by him, holding them above her head.

Ye Jian panicked because she had never been so close to an opposite gender. She couldn’t understand why Xia Jinyuan would become so devilish all of a sudden.

“I said get up!” she said as she clenched her teeth. She stared coldly at the man whose handsomeness was covered with oil paint and the fumed, “I am very, very angry now! Xia Jinyuan!”

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But he did not get up. Instead, his elegant and handsome face was slowly inching closer towards her, and she could feel his breathing up close. Ye Jian tensed up as she felt a sudden sense of danger!

“Silly lass, when you straddle a man and say that it feels good while running your finger down the man’s chest, do you know what your actions portray?” he asked in a deep voice. It was low, but it contained sweetness as well as attractiveness as he continued to question her, “Do you know what it means? Hmm?”

The end note was a little higher, making her feel like he had drunk some red wine and was therefore slightly tipsy.

“It means you are inviting; do you understand? You are inviting this man; do you understand?”

After living for two lifetimes, this was the first time Ye Jian had ever heard a man speak so explicitly to her.

She was usually calm, but at this time, she was inevitably in a state of panic. “No! I don’t have that meaning! Xia Jinyuan, you are too close to me! Your lips are about to touch my nose! Get up, I said get up!”

“But why does it sound to me like you are inviting me?”… It seems, cough… I’m a little too close now. Realizing that, Xia Jinyuan gently lifted his head and stared at the silly girl whose expression had changed after being frightened by him. He muttered silently, She really needs some scaring! Surely, she’ll understand after being scared!

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