Chapter 120: Of Age & Under Age

However, her eyes were really bright, and they were sparkling like the stars of this evening.

Ye Jian realized that he still misunderstood her, and so she started fuming, “You’re just an old man, so what good is there in inviting you!

Leaving aside the fact that he was her senior by six years, he was still such a dangerous person anyway! Even after eating a bear’s heart and leopard’s gall [t/n: idiom for plucking up some courage], she would never want to get involved with him.

An old man!! She actually called me an old man!!

Xia Jinyuan suddenly experienced the taste of the difficulties of bearing the evils he brought upon himself. [t/n: 自造孽不可活, if anyone is interested] After he had taken a deep breath of the air that was filled with the scent of dead leaves, he donned a forced smile. “You’re saying that the 20-year old me is already an old man? Alright, even if I’m just an old man, don’t you think I’m much more charismatic compared to the little rascals in your school?”

She couldn’t deny the truth of his statement. But even so, what did that have to do with her!

“Can’t we properly discuss this topic while we’re both on our feet!” She was making him leave, he wouldn’t. Ye Jian suppresses the anger inside and tried to negotiate, “Your weight is crushing me to the point that I really can’t breathe anymore.”

She’s unintentionally provoking me again!

However, he did lie down on her for quite a while.

Xia Jinyuan’s face darkened, and he did not immediately let go. Instead, he gritted his teeth as he complained, “You unappreciative lass! You’re lucky you bumped into me! If another man were in my place, they’ll come knocking at your door in the middle of the night!”

He increased the distance between them but did not immediately get up.

He understood the lass’s temper. If he were to get up now… Her fists would rain down to pummel him.

After restraining the mischievous smile on his handsome face, his clear voice became incomparably serious and deep. “Lass, remember this! Number one: Absolutely never casually sit on a man’s body! Especially their waist!”

“Number two: Absolutely never take the initiative to touch a man’s body!”

“Number three: Absolutely never say words that contain hints of provocation such as sensation, pressing, straddling, and riding to a man!”

“Number four: I’m letting go now; don’t you dare cause any mischief!”
After listening up to this point, Ye Jian finally understood.. So that’s what this was all about!

But seriously though, did he really have to tell her in this manner that guys were not to be trifled with!?

She was already scared out of her wits!

“Okay, I promise I won’t play any tricks.” She was clearly gritting her teeth, but her voice still sounded clear and calm.

When Xia Jinyuan looked at the deep bite marks on his forearm that showed a trace of blood, he understood one principle: No matter their age, women’s promises were really of no use!


This little lass, how ruthless does she need to be! Her mouth was wide open! It just so happened that Ye Jian left a full circle of teeth marks after biting.

From the looks of it, this little lass had two canines. Yes, her teeth looked perfect. When speaking with her during the day, people could see that they were neat and white, and their luster resembled those of pearls.

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Ye Jian was finally able to discern how badly she had bitten him. Pursing her lips, she glanced at the satchel hanging on his waist. She then extended her arm, and without a word, she opened the satchel and took out the first aid kit that all soldiers had in their packs. “Give me your arm”

And she murmured, “You’re so skilled, yet you didn’t even dodge.”

She could only temporarily disinfect it; vaccination was only possible after they had returned to camp.

Originally, he had thought that he would deal with it on his own, but he knew that as she was opening his satchel, she was already shaken by the bite mark. While extending his arm, he sighed, “ You heartless little lass. With the force behind your bite, it’s like you were trying to bite your sworn enemy to death.”

Had he really dodged, the feisty little lass would have very likely been so angry that she would have ignored him.

If a bite on the arm could help her cool down… Then that was all that mattered.

While Ye Jian looked into the opened satchel, she took out the rubbing alcohol and iodine. As she grabbed his strong wrist, she said in a not so gentle voice, “How dare you call me heartless! If another girl was faced with your actions just now, she would have long gone and cried out for help!”

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