Chapter 121: Captain Xia’s Mischief

She lowered her head to gently and meticulously disinfect the wound. Xia Jinyuan looked at the delicate skin of the girl under the light, and the smile on his lips gradually became more gentle. “Aren’t you exaggerating? Just now, you seemed to be afraid?”

Ye Jian raised her head and glanced at him. She replied indifferently, “If a timid girl were in my place, she would have fainted long ago!”

“Hmm, that’s why I’m lucky it’s you, right?” As expected, she’s still mad. Well, the lass has originally had her complaints against me, and now she’s angry… How much longer do I need to appease her? His insightful black pupils contained a hint of a smile in them. Then he said, “I’m glad you didn’t shout for help. If you did, I’ll be in deep trouble.”

YeJian first disinfected the wound with alcohol, then she put on a layer of iodine. With a slightly cold expression, Ye Jian kept the medical supplies and humphed. ”I’m still angry; don’t talk to me!”

Hearing that, Xia Jinyuan instantly felt glad. I should appease definitely appease her properly. She’s a little lass; appeasing her is a given.

However, we still need to properly discuss some matters!

Stretching out his hand, he started to rub her head as he reminded, “That’s why I said you’re heartless, lass. Have you already forgotten what I just said? Fourteen years old—that’s young, but you’re not that young anymore you know, Student Ye Jian.”

Her mind instantly repeated his warnings, Don’t sit on a guy’s waist! And then Ye Jian immediately felt her face starting to blush. …We were in mid-combat, do I really need to pay attention to that?

Never take the initiative when touching a man’s body! She was just… Okay, I was in high spirits, but didn’t I just pat him once?

Never say words that contain hints of provocation! However, Ye Jian thought, Bullsh*t, he just completely misunderstood!

Remembering that, Ye Jian’s anger flared up again, and she glared at him in an unkindly manner. ”It’s utterly not what you are thinking! What sensations were you talking about? I meant the good sensation of winning! What were you blindly thinking!”

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“Come come come, first drink some water, don’t be mad, don’t be mad.” Xia Jinyuan looked at the dainty face that was becoming more lively and enchanting, and his heart felt like it was swimming in the stream on a hot day; it felt so pleasant.

He unslung his military canteen and passed it over. “It’s clean. I haven’t even taken one sip.” When the lass got angry, her originally starlike eyes became spirited, urging him to touch them.

But If he really did so, he was afraid he will be adding a new set of teeth marks onto his left hand tonight.

Ye Jian glanced at the canteen he passed onto her, and she rubbed her temples to alleviate her slight headache.

At one moment, he was frosty, and the next moment, he was profound. Sometimes he could even be refined, and at other times she would feel like he was being extremely intimate… He was such an elusive and mysterious man, so she felt him to be dangerous. Hence, she wanted to stay away from him.

But on the contrary, his charm made her want to get close to him and learn from him!

Without accepting his canteen, she glared at him with a reluctant face. Unwilling to continue the topic that was unsuitable for the two of them to discuss, Ye Jian collected her emotions and calmly said, “I’m not mad. I knew beforehand about what you said, so don’t you ever mention it again! I’ll be more careful in the future!”

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And careful she had to be indeed. Xia Jinyuan’s lesson today had left such a deep impression on her that she still wanted to beat him up!

She was gradually getting over her humiliation, but in Xia Jinyuan’s eyes, she still looked like she was embarrassed.

Looking at the momentarily confused face of the lass who kept up a poker face, his lips hooked up into a sexy curve. Looking at her now, her usually cold pupils presently contained colors that normally would not be there. They looked gorgeous, yet not flirtatious, and they resembled the purity of lotus, while also resembling the intensity of peach blossoms.

Without the intangible coldness emanating from her whole person, her indifferent pupils were filled with bright colors, making people want to have a look at her more than once.

…Xia Jinyuan felt that he seemed to have stared for too long, so he unhurriedly averted his gaze. With ease, he changed the topic, “What are your plans over the summer break? Are you staying with the troops?”

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