Chapter 122: So Very Similar

Staying with the troops does not sound so bad; I can tease the gutsy lass after coming back from work.

Once the topic changed, Ye Jian quickly got over her humiliation, and leisureliness appeared between her brows. She pondered for a moment, then replied, “Not really. I signed up for an exam. After that, I have to travel to Australia, and I will probably be back by August 6th or 7th.”

Participating in an exam, then probably going to Australia?

“The Global Olympiad?” He could accurately guess it without her mentioning it

At the same time, hints of a smile slowly leaked out of his deep eyes. Unfortunately, he had also participated in the international competition.

Ye Jian saw that he had guessed it in a heartbeat, so she looked at him in bewilderment as she asked, “Are soldiers concerned about this, too?”

Am I obligated to tell her that the path that she’s currently walking the path that I myself took?

She was fourteen, yet she was so similar to him when he was that age. Such coincidences… tremendously astonished him.

However, why does it feel like she is not interested in such a meaningful event?

“Do well in your exams; it will help broaden your knowledge, and you’ll meet plenty of truly gifted people. Their style of conversation and talents are all worth learning.” The lass has always been a stubborn person all along. If she does not have any interest in this, I’m afraid she might not be attentive enough during the exam.

Through the earphone came a soft noise current, so Xia Jinyuan lifted his hand and pressed on the earphone. His formerly idle and relaxed expression instantly disappeared, and a solemn expression appeared between his refined brows. In a stern voice, he said, “Q King received, please respond.”

“Operation Rock Smasher overseas has sent us the newest updates…” From the earphone came the voice of the regimental commander. After a few sentences, Xia Jinyuan suddenly glanced at Ye Jian, and a faint smile flashed through his cold piercing gaze.

After the communications had beene cut off, Xia Jinyuan first stood up, then he looked at Ye Jian with a long and meaningful gaze. “Let’s go. I’m sending you down the mountain. Old Pops and Uncle Chen are waiting there for you.”

It was already 12 o’clock at midnight. When Ye Jian realized that the time was already so late, she quickly shuffled on her feet. “When did it become so late! Hurry, hurry! I have to go to school tomorrow.” It didn’t feel so late in the first place, so how did midnight arrive?

After contacting five other soldiers, they walked down the mountain path in a single file while under the starry moonlit sky, while Xia Jinyuan walked Ye Jian to the sentry tower furthest away from the camp. He looked at that restless face of hers and smiled. “Let me remind you again, remember every word that I said just now. Besides that, I…”

…I have already insisted on never mentioning it again!!

Not wanting to be reminded of it again, Ye Jian glared at the refined and handsome face of the man who had his warpaint cleaned off. Without waiting for him to finish, she swiftly jumped into the car and shut the door heavily with a bang as a motor transport operator sent her back to the village to meet up with Uncle Gen and Principal Chen.

A smile like the sky spread on Xia Jinyuan’s handsome face while watching the car leave. He stood still for a while, and he murmured a sentence, “What should I do? I think… I enjoy seeing the face she makes when I make her angry…”

Only when the regimental commander’s voice came through the earphone again did Xia Jinyuan then turn around. With a graceful yet swift and forceful stride, he got into a vehicle and headed towards the commander’s office.

By the time he had finished taking care of business and gone back to the living quarters, the sky was already the grey of dawn. He took off his combat uniform, revealing his strong upper body. While walking into the showers, cold water washed over his perfectly sculpted and desirable body. As he lifted his arm, his gaze rested on the teeth marks on his arm.

And then he remembered that he had to get vaccinated in 24 hours… So he had to be at the infirmary by 9PM.

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When he was lying on his bed, her rabbit-like escaping figure appeared in his mind. Inside the room where sunlight had already entered, the refined yet dangerous man slightly hooked up the corners of his mouth, and then he finally shut his eyes and fell asleep.

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In the next few days, Ye Jian, who was forced by a masculine man with his body to attend a particular lesson, was flailing her arms in her dreams while beating up Xia Jinyuan in the wee hours of the night.

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