Chapter 500: Scouting Red Sleeve Boat at night

In the spring rain, plums bloomed. After Long Yi’s continuous lashing, the little mermaid was unable to endure it any longer. She finally fell asleep after the intense session with Long Yi.

Long Yi wrapped the little mermaid with a bath towel carried her to the bedroom. He placed her down on the big bed and left the room. After returning to the hall, Long Yi reclined on the sofa and he got lost in his thoughts. After that intense session, Long Yi wasn’t exhausted at all. His thoughts were also a lot clearer.

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“It’s a little bit lacking. However, it seems as though Jingjing has some information that I can use against Mu Hanyan.” Long Yi muttered. He wanted to use Jingjing to breach open a gap in the dense fog of mystery that shrouded Mu Hanyan. However, he never expected that Jingjing would back out at the last minute. Long Yi came to the conclusion that Jingjing would not be able to bear the consequences if Mu Hanyan learnt about it.

Long Yi’s thoughts were flying all over the place as he recalled everything which happened in the Blue Waves Continent these past few years. One scene after another replayed in his mind. He sighed and caressed that milky white pearl on his chest. Long Yi whispered, “Xiao Yi ah Xiao Yi, why are you still not coming out? Where is the end of light and dark?”

Thinking about Xiao Yi, Long Yi was dejected in his heart. Long Yi could see her white hair fluttering in the wind and her face was without any makeup. As her appearance flashed before his eyes, Long Yi felt as though there was someone squeezing his heart.

All of a sudden, Long Yi felt something and he looked upwards. He flipped his body around and in the next second, he disappeared from the room.

The moment Long Yi disappeared from the room, a black shadow arrived on the roof of this Phoenix Inn. He respectfully clasped his hand and greeted Long Yi, “Ha Lei greets Young Master.”

Long Yi nodded his head and said with a smile, “Did Mu Hanyan send you here?”

Ha Lei was startled and he quickly replied Long Yi, “Yes, Young Master.”

“Ha Lei, you are quite courageous.” Long Yi suddenly raised a difficult question. His expression became stern and killing intent leaked out of his body. All of his killing intent was directed at Ha Lei and pressured him.

“Ha Lei doesn’t dare.” Ha Lei and Long Yi were bound by the Dark Soul Contract. Ha Lei was obviously unable to withstand Long Yi’s killing intent. He suddenly felt as if his heart was frozen solid and his soul was distorting.

“Don’t dare? You are a double-crossing bastard. Wasn’t it Mu Hanyan’s plan for you to come and help me?” Long Yi coldly said with a smile.

“Yes.” Long Yi’s killing intent made Ha Lei’s entire body tremble. This was the helplessness of the servant party of the Dark Soul Contract.

Long Yi was calm. He didn’t utter a single word. He simply looked at Ha Lei with a cold expression on his face. However, his brain was working at full capacity. He wanted to use the Dark Soul Contract to force Ha Lei to break away from Mu Hanyan’s control. All of a sudden, realization hit him like a thunderbolt. Breaking away from Mu Hanyan now was unnecessary. Regardless of Mu Hanyan’s final objective, they were both working towards the same goal now. Why should he discard away such a good helper?

“Since you and Mu Hanyan are partners, you must be very clear about her origin. Is that right?” Long Yi coldly looked at Ha Lei and asked.

“I do, but I can’t talk about it.” Ha Lei said while trembling. His body convulsed and his trembling became more and more violent. Before long, he fell to his knee on the roof and he held his head. Ha Lei roared with pain as though he was a wild beast experiencing extreme pain. He was unable to endure the pain and he rolled onto the ground. Moreover, a stream of blood flowed out of his mouth and it dyed his mask dark red.

Long Yi knitted his eyebrows before relaxing it. It was reasonable to say that Ha Lei was unable to defy his order at this moment. However, it also seemed as though Mu Hanyan had already taken some precautions against Long Yi. She had already done something to Ha Lei.

After a good while, Ha Lei stood up. Even though he was no longer feeling any pain, his legs were trembling and he appeared to be in sore straits.

“Why did Mu Hanyan ask you to look for me?” Long Yi asked.

“I don’t know, she just instructed me to look for you, that’s all.” Ha Lei said in a weak voice.

“Then, you can go back. Watch over White Cloud City for me and always be ready to cooperate with whatever I’m about to do.” Long Yi waved his hand. He wasn’t interested in talking to Hal Lei any longer. He didn’t have any extravagant hopes to obtain the information he wished to know from Ha Lei’s mouth.

The only reason Mu Hanyan made Ha Lei look for him was to pass him a message. She wanted Long Yi to know that she already knew his identity.

After Ha Lei disappeared, Long Yi thought about it for some time. He decided on something and he flew towards the shore of the White Cloud Lake.

A cold moonlight illuminated the White Cloud Lake as the moonlight pierced through the mist in the air. Along with the gentle breeze, the lake surface rippled. As ripples formed on the water surface, the silvery moonlight reflected off the ripples on the water surface.

At this moment, it was already late at night. Most of the gaily-painted pleasure-boats of White Cloud Lake had already switched off their multicolored magic lamps, leaving only a few small lamps to illuminate the boat as it flickered in the night. The pleasure-boats leisurely drifted on the surface of the White Cloud Lake. At first glance, it appeared as though this White Cloud Lake had many eyes floating on the surface of the water.

Jingjing had just finished her bath and was half-lying on the bed wearing pink bra and panties. At this moment, a large part of her snow-white jade skin was visible. At this moment, her glittering and translucent toes were squirming and she seemed to be in pain.

Creak, the door of the hall was pushed opened and footsteps could be heard as someone walked towards her lady’s chamber.

Jingjing gritted her teeth and her pained expression reverted back to normal. Other than Mu Hanyan, no one else would directly walk in without knocking first.

Sure enough, she could see an exquisite figure the moment Mu Hanyan entered her room.

Mu Hanyan directly pulled a chair and sat down. She stared at Jingjing who was half-lying on the bed sluggishly. An inexplicable emotion flashed through her eyes.

“You always seem to forget to knock on the door before entering.” Jingjing sneered.

“It is unnecessary for me. You don’t have any privacy in front of me. You don’t need to think of having any privacy as well.” Mu Hanyan indifferently said.

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The corner of Jinjing’s mouth twitched and she remained silent.

“I’m here to warn you. Because of him, I’ll let you off this once. I hope that you won’t do it again. Otherwise, you will suffer from my punishment. I think that you already know what the consequences are.” Mu Hanyan had neither anger nor an imposing aura when she talked to Jingjing. She was completely indifferent. Her current appearance was farthest from her usual charming to the bones appearance.

Jinjing looked up and suddenly chuckled. Only after laughing for a good while, she said, “Although I don’t know what kind of game you are playing with him, I have a premonition. You who have always been undefeated will definitely fall into his hands. Perhaps, at that time, you will feel pain ten thousand times worse than mine.”

Mu Hanyan clenched her little hands and his handsome face flashed before her eyes. She could see the trademark smirk on his face and she shorted. She quickly erased his shadow from her mind and she coldly said, “That is between him and me. You only have to care about yourself and quietly do your duty.”

Even though Mu Hanyan was speaking to her, Jingjing had a blank expression as though she didn’t hear her.

Looking at Jingjing’s expression Mu Hanyan sensed something. She suddenly appeared on the second floor and pushed open the door of the innermost room that belonged to her. She saw that Long Yi was calmly sitting on the sofa and he placed his legs on the tea table with no concern for where he was. He was watching her with a warm smile on her face.

“What a coquettish hussy. You seem to be extremely adept with the flesh business. The more you do it, the better you seem to get. Emerald Mist Pavilion in Blue Moon City, and the Red Sleeve Boat in White Cloud City. I wonder if you have other establishments elsewhere…” Long Yi waved his hand towards Mu Hanyan and said with a smile.

At this moment, Mu Hanyan was no longer that ice-cold woman inside Jingjing’s room. Her sexy lips were slightly curled upwards and her entire face was full of charm. She swayed her slender waist and sat down beside Long Yi replied him with a smile on her face, “Now, chaos fills the street and the flames of war is about to burn. Everyone wants to lead a befuddled life in order to escape from reality. Especially those people with wealth. This is the only reason the flesh business is flourishing, nothing more.”

Long Yi spread open his arms and pulled Mu Hanyan into his bosom without any restraint. Her full and plump ** stuck close to his chest.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Hanyan’s entire body softened and she half-closed her eyes as though she was in a trance. The two people had been apart for a period of time. She had truly missed that unique flavor of Long Yi. Just by leaning against his warm bosom, she would be able to feel his heartbeat. As she listened to his jokes, she was able to feel a sense of happiness. She felt extremely at ease when she was beside Long Yi. Although her happiness would only last for this moment, she still felt extremely satisfied and happy.

The devil’s talons of Long Yi squeezed through Mu Hanyan’s armpit and grabbed her big Jade Hare. He gently pinched them and he asked, “They have gotten bigger… What do you eat in order to make them grow?”

Mu Hanyan nibbled on Long Yi’s chest and she moaned coquettishly, “Isn’t it because of you, this damned man! You were the one who made them grow by groping them.”

Long Yi smirked and said, “Then I will grope them more. I want them to grow even bigger.”

One of Long Yi’s devil claws climbed up the mountain and the other moved downwards in search of the deep mysterious place. Before long, Mu Hanyan trembled and her private place secreted love juices.

When the two of them were touching each other, Mu Hanyan suddenly pushed Long Yi away. Her face which was blushed a shade of red suddenly turned pale.

“What’s wrong?” Long Yi was startled as he forcibly suppressed his fire of lust.

“Nothing. Maybe, I’m just too tired.” Mu Hanyan shook her head and smiled with great difficulty.

Of course, Long Yi didn’t believe her. However, he couldn’t do anything about it if she didn’t want to tell him. He picked up Mu Hanyan and placed her on her bed. After throwing off his shoes, he climbed onto the bed as well. Then, injecting his internal force in her temple, he gently massaged her.

Mu Hanyan comfortably let out a moan. She enjoyed Long Yi’s gentle treatment but a hint of inexplicable and unclear feeling appeared in her heart.

“Did Ha lei look for you?” Mu Hanyan muttered.

Long Yi’s hands suddenly stopped and it moved away from Mu Hanyan’s head. Now, that invisible barrier between them seemed to have gotten a lot thicker.

“Aren’t you curious about my identity?” Mu Hanyan felt somewhat disappointed and she rolled to one side. She softly asked Long Yi.

“Of course, I am curious… However, will you tell me?” Long Yi faintly said.

“No.” Mu Hanyan sighed softly and the two of them fell into silence.

“Then, are we friends or foes?” After a good while, Long Yi asked.

Mu Hanyan was startled and she replied, “For the time being…… We are friends.”

“Hehe, that is to say, we still have to become foes someday?” Long Yi said with a smile but the smile was a bitter one.


Long Yi looked at Mu Hanyan and he wanted to immediately jump out of the bed and leave. All of a sudden, he caught sight of a book from the corner of his eye. The book was pressed under Mu Hanyan’s pillow and the moment he saw the book, Long Yi’s heart shook.

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