Chapter 499: The longing of Jingjing

“Spare me, big sister. This little brother wasn’t doing it on purpose.” Long Yi begged in a loud voice and he grabbed onto Red Lady’s soft hands. His warm gaze was filled with yearning as he looked at Red Lady.

The beautiful gaze of Red Lady also became warm and her expression softened. As they looked at each other silently, they were able to feel the tenderness in each other’s gaze.

The entire Bounty Hunter Bar suddenly became quiet. Everyone blankly stared at Long Yi and Red Lady with their mouths wide open. This was a huge piece of news. Red Lady was actually in love. Not to mention the fact that her partner was this unremarkable and boorish fellow…

It had already been more than ten years since Red Lady made her debut in the mercenary world. Her strength and devastating beauty attracted countless pursuers. Ye Changli, the leader of the now destroyed Iron Blooded Mercenary Group, was also one of them. However, none of them managed to capture her heart. Today, a new world seemed to have appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. This fellow who only had an ordinary appearance turned into a mysterious being in everyone’s eyes. How could Red Lady fall in love with an ordinary man?

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Mad Lion was dumbfounded as he scratched his head. He never thought that Red Lady and Long Yi would have such an intimate relationship. As for Jingjing who was standing at the side, she was also stunned. She became even convinced that Long Yi wasn’t some ordinary person. This man in front of her was definitely not simple. The feeling in her heart became even more intense.

“When big sister left, you gave this younger brother a kiss. Since we met again today, you will not favor one and be prejudiced against the other right?” Long Yi held Red Lady’s little hand and he had a smile on his face. He gently caressed her hand.

Red Lady’s beautiful eyes were filled with brilliant light and vibrant colors as she chuckled. She bent towards Long Yi and gave him a kiss on the lips. She completely ignored everyone in the Bounty Hunter Bar.

“Wow, I am losing consciousness… Brother Mo Yan, let’s go.” Long Yi had an intoxicated expression on her face and he grabbed onto Red Lady’s hand as he pulled her out of the bar.

Outside, Jingjing took the initiative and she wanted to leave. However, her eyes were looking at Long Yi with a look of expectation. After leading this kind of life for the past few years, she got tired of it. For the proud woman of heaven to live in the shadow of powerlessness, she was truly fed up. She longed for a sufficiently powerful man to extend his warm big hand towards her and pull her out from this marsh of complete darkness.

“What? Jingjing, could it be that you don’t want to stay with us and go for a drink? Let’s go together.” Seeing through the thoughts of Jingjing, Long Yi urged her on with a smile. Jingjing had a purpose when she looked for him. However, he had his own reasons for getting closer to her. JHe might be able to breakthrough Mu Hanyan’s mysterious *** through Jingjing. If anyone told him right now that there was nothing going on between Mu Hanyan and Jingjing, Long Yi wouldn’t believe them even if he was beaten to death.

“It’s not that this small girl doesn’t want to accompany you. It is just that……” Jingjing looked at Long Yi. She believed that Long Yi definitely knew the meaning behind her words.

“Rest assured, I think Mu Hanyan will give me some face.” Long Yi lightly said.

Jingjing’s eyes flashed with a strange light. Sure enough, Long Yi’s relationship with Mu Hanyan wasn’t simple at all.

This group of people walked towards the Phoenix Inn because Feng Ling, Liuli, Liuxu, and Niur were there. Although he gave them an amethyst card containing one million amethyst coins, they might still be waiting for him to eat dinner.

Entering Phoenix Inn, Long Yi instructed the manager of this inn to arrange for a table of finely cooked dishes to be sent to his suite. After giving his instruction, he went upstairs with everyone.

“Girls, your husband is back!” Long Yi entered his suite and shouted loudly. The doors of several bedrooms opened in succession. Liuli, Feng Ling, and Liuxu walked out into the main hall. Liuxu was carrying little Niur as usual.

All of the women were not hiding their appearance when they emerged from their room. They had dispelled the appearance changing magic as they felt uncomfortable wearing it all the time. They never expected that Long Yi would return home with Mad Lion and Jingjing, this exceptionally beautiful woman.

“Father, hug, hug!” The moment Niur saw Long Yi, she started acting spoilt. Her plump body entered into Long Yi’s bosom and she grabbed onto Long Yi’s neck. For some unknown reason, Niur was even closer to Long Yi than Liuxu. This caused Liuxu to be extremely jealous of Long Yi.

“Smelly kid, when did you get a daughter this big?” Seeing Niur’s appearance, Red Lady couldn’t help but pinch Niur’s face. She asked Long Yi and her expression was complicated.

“Eh…… long ago……” Long Yi laughed hollowly as he kissed Niur’s face.

After the introduction, everyone sat down and started chatting in the spacious hall. Red Lady and Feng Ling were old acquaintances, and Mad Lion with bold and uninhibited characteristic also chatted happily with everyone. However, Liuxu and Liuli were bad at dealing with crowds and they sat quietly beside Long Yi. Although they didn’t talk much, they were paying attention to the conversation. As for Jingjing’s four maids, they were standing at the entrance of the suite.

Soon, food and drinks were brought up. With the presence of Mad Lion and Red Lady, the atmosphere was natural and warm. After drinking and eating till they were full, it was already late at night. Mad Lion staggered downstairs to his room. After drinking so much, even if he had a better capacity for liquor, he was somewhat unable to walk straight.

After the waiters cleaned up the hall, everybody started to chat with each other again. Red Lady looked at JIngjing and she realized that Jingjing was always looking at Long Yi. She knew that Jingjing had something to say to Long Yi. However, Feng Ling seemed to also have noticed that and she was intentionally stalling Long Yi. Jingjing became anxious and helpless as she had no idea how to cut into the conversation.

“Little sister Lingr, I haven’t seen you in a long time. How about talking to his big sister of yours in private?” Red Lady smiled and dragged Feng Ling away. When Feng Ling was pulled away by Red Lady, she pouted and stuck her tongue out at Long Yi.

After Red Lady and Feng Ling entered the room, Liuxu picked up Niur and she went to her room. As for Liuli, she wanted to leave. However, Long Yi made her massage his shoulders.

Jingjing elegantly sipped on a cup of green tea but her beautiful eyes were looking at Long Yi. All the women around this unattractive man were very beautiful. It wasn’t excessive to say that their beauty was able to cause the fall of a city. For instance, this cute golden haired woman who had blue pupils. She was massaging Long Yi’s shoulders as he spoke to Jingjing. Her pure temperament could make others relax and joyful. Liuli’s beauty wasn’t inferior to hers as well. Now she understood why Long Yi wasn’t that interested in her beauty when he first met her. With so many goddess level beauties around him, her appearance seemed ordinary in her eyes.

“Who are you?” After being silent for a while, Jingjing asked.

“I should be the one asking this question. Don’t you have something to say to me?” Long Yi placed one leg above the other and casually said.

“I am…… I……” Jingjing opened her mouth but she suddenly thought about Mu Hanyan’s threat before she left the boat. “You are not alone”.

Jingjing’s expression turned into one of pain and she became hesitant. Only after a long time, she opened her mouth, “What is the relation between you and her…… Mu Hanyan? Does she listen to you?”

“I think you should know her enough. Why are you asking me this? See the stars in the sky? Two stars appear very close to each other but they are in fact, they are infinitely far apart.” Long Yi lightly said. The relationship between him and Mu Hanyan was a peculiar one. He wanted to conquer the other party but he didn’t have any assurance that he would be able to succeed.

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Jingjing had a disappointed expression on her face. Just a moment ago, she had an urge to borrow Long Yi’s power in order to free herself. However, the invisible shackles which bound her forcefully pulled her back to reality. A feeling of being powerless appeared I her heart. Yes, she was not alone, if only…… Unfortunately, there was no ‘if’ in this world.

“I am sorry for disturbing you, I think I should return.” Jingjing stood up and her beautiful face turned back into one which radiated coldness. She wore the veil again she left with her four maids.

Long Yi pulled Liuli and placed her on his lap. He buried his head into her hair and took a deep breath. He wanted to erase all of the uneasiness in his heart with her delicate fragrance. If he and Mu Hanyan truly stood on the opposite side one day, would he be able to steel up his heart and ruthlessly destroy her?

“Young Master, it’s tickling me, hehe……” When Liuli felt Long Yi’s breath on her sensitive ear, she couldn’t help but sway her body.

With that perfectly round and elastic buttocks rubbing against his thighs, Long Yi’s little brother immediately stood tall and straight. It ferociously pressed against the crack in Liuli’s buttocks.

“Young Master……” The charming body of Liuli softened and her entire body became burning hot. She hugged onto Long Yi’s neck and exhaled an orchid-like fragrance. Long Yi was instantly aroused and his heart became impatient.

Long Yi caressed Liuli’s back and his hands reached through her armpits. He pinched her ** and he said with a smirk, “Liuli, accompany this Young Master to the bath.”

Long Yi soaked in that cool water along with Liuli and he immediately felt refreshed. As for Liuli, this mermaid, she was even more overjoyed. She was naturally more comfortable when in water.

Liuli leaned on Long Yi’s bosom and let out a moan as Long Yi pinched and kneaded her plump, snow-white mounds on her chest.  Those pink ** stood erect and they poked through the cracks of Long Yi’s fingers. They were standing up due to his teasing and they were incomparably attractive.

Passing through her smooth and soft lower abdomen, the devil’s claw of Long Yi passed through Liuli’s ** and entered the forbidden area which was covered with fine hair. He teased the mermaid’s innermost **.

Liuli trembled and a layer of pink color appeared on her white skin. She looked exceptionally beautiful. She couldn’t endure it any longer and she turned over. She kissed Long Yi’s sturdy chest and stomach. Her snow-white buttocks rose above the water surface showcasing her devilish curve.

Now, Liuli’s head was completely submerged underwater. She didn’t have any problems breathing underwater. She opened her red lips and Long Yi’s terrifying little brother slowly entered her mouth and her fragrant tongue began to lick up and down. A wave of pleasure swept across Long Yi and his body started to tremble. The technique of this girl was getting better and better. She had already surpassed the several sisters before her.

After a long time, Long Yi roared in a low voice and he instantly appeared behind Liuli. Aiming little Long Yi at her perfectly round snow-white buttocks, he thrust forward. A bewitching ** voice immediately resounded in the bathroom. Their moans could be heard for a long time.

When they were doing the deed in the bathroom, a hint of pitch-black shadow flew out from the city lord residence. After flying out of the White Cloud City’s city lord residence, the shadow disappeared into the dim light of night……

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