Chapter 498: Encountering Red Lady by chance

Jingjing directly ignored the gazes directed at her and she muttered, “What about that fellow?”

This time, she left the boat because she truly wanted to look for that man she met yesterday. Although he was nothing special to look at, he gave her a special feeling. However, White Cloud City was a vast sea of people. Jingjing didn’t have a huge intelligence network like Mu Hanyan. She was only close with these four maids who had grown up together with her since she was young.

The only reason she came to the Bounty Hunter Guild was to try her luck. This summer day was scorching hot. Most of the people who had money and some abilities would head to his bar. As such, Jingjing thought that she would be able to meet Long Yi here.

After making a waiter who was shuttling back and forth bring fruit wine to her table, Jingjing fell into contemplation. Who was that man? Just by looking at Mu Hanyan’s expression, JIngjing knew that the relationship between Mu Hanyan and that man wasn’t simple. She had never seen Mu Hanyan’s emotions fluctuate. Especially when it was about a man. However, that ordinary looking man was able to accomplish that…

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“Beautiful Miss, I was wondering if I could have to honor to share this table with you?” An elegant and handsome youth walking over to Jingjing’s table and asked politely. He was wearing magnificent clothes and he held a glass of wine as he walked over gracefully.

“Scram…….” Jingjing who was already vexed, didn’t mince her words at all. She was busy guessing the relationship between Long Yi and Mu Hanyan and she didn’t have the time to bother with a fly.

The complexion of this youth suddenly changed and his elegant bearing shattered. He heard the jeering of everyone around him. He had really lost all of his face this time.

“Jingjing girl, you seemed to have forgotten about me. If I were to reveal your identity, I believe that many people would be willing to obtain you through different means. They would pull out everything in order to obtain you…” That youth drew his head closer and whispered into Jingjing’s ear. He inhaled the faint fragrance of these ladies while he was at it.

Jingjing looked up with a frown. This fellow was that youth who thought he was special last night.

“I will say it again, scram.” When she spoke to him again, her tone was even colder. The maids around her held the hilt of their sword and they were ready to attack the moment Jingjing ordered them to.

“Smelly b*tch, don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit! Are you prepared to stay in this Bounty Hunter Bar throughout your life?” The handsome face of this youth twisted and he cursed. No matter how much he cursed, he remembered the rule of the Bounty Hunter Bar. People in the bar could fool around with women. They could hold drinking competitions and they could even curse at each other. However, none of them were allowed to fight inside the bar. If they had a personal grievance, they were allowed to resolve everything outside. The Bounty Hunter Bar would not interfere.

All of a sudden, the youth felt as though his body was floating in the air. He made an arc in the sky. Fortunately, this youth was an Advance Fighter. He twisted his waist and stabilized himself in the sky. However, when he fell to the ground, he staggered and collided against several tables. He looked as though he was in a sorry state the moment he stood up.

“A grown man threatening a woman. You truly have no sense of shame. If you know your place, then disappear, otherwise……” A sweet and charming voice resounded in the hall and everyone stood up. All of them looked towards the origin of the voice.

The person who spoke was a beautiful woman wearing fiery red skintight clothing. Her clothing was so tight that it appeared as if her towering peaks were about to break free of the clothing. However, she had a slender waist and her beautiful eyes were scanning the area. She had a huge fiery red long bow draped on her shoulder.

“Red Lady, it’s Red Lady!” Someone whispered the identity of this woman. She was dressed so bewitchingly, in addition to the illustrious Scarlet Blood on her shoulder. There was only one person in the world who had such style and it was Red Lady.

That youth was clearly not an ignorant person. He stood up and immediately left the Bounty Hunter Bar. Although Red Lady was beautiful and flirtatious to the bones, her title of an S ranked mercenary was genuine. Although the Lightning Mercenary Group was annihilated in the Lightning God Forbidden Area, she survived alone and her whereabouts were uncertain. After completing more missions, her reputation became even better.

“Younger sister, do you mind if this big sister sits here?” Red Lady asked softly with a smile on her face. She looked at the woman who wore a veil as she asked. Her intuition told her that the identity of this woman was not simple.

“Please sit.” Jingjing curiously sized up Red Lady who had an extremely hot figure. She had also heard about the reputation of this woman. Jingjing was naturally willing to find out more about Red Lady.

The bar regained its hustle and bustle. Frequently, some people would take advantage of the time they passed by the table to stealthily look at Red Lady’s figure from up close.

Sitting in the special area of the Bounty Hunter Bar, Long Yi stared at Red Lady who was outside the magic glass. At this moment, he was so excited that he was unable to control his heart. Since parting from the Lightning God Forbidden Area, it had already been more than a year. He never expected that he was able to meet her here today.

“Brother Long, do you know Red Lady?” Mad Lion asked Long Yi when he saw the expression on Long Yi face. Mad Lion greatly admired this woman who had an illustrious reputation in the Mercenary World.

Long Yi nodded his head and whispered, “Yes, she is my old friend. I never thought that I would meet her here.”

“Don’t you want to go there and talk about the past?” Mad Lion asked with a smile.

“Of course I do, however, there is no hard in waiting.” Long Yi said with a smile. Although he was somewhat impatient in his heart, when he saw Red Lady and Jingjing sitting together, he forcibly calmed himself down.

Red Lady smiled and started talking to Jingjing. As a leader of an A-ranked mercenary group that was within the top ten groups on the continent, Red Lady knew how to deal with different people.

“You are the girl, Jingjing of the Red Sleeve Boat?” When she heard the identity of Jingjing, Red Lady was startled. Although Jingjing’s reputation had already spread far and wide, she was still a prostitute. However, she didn’t have the aura of a prostitute around her. Instead, she had a kind of inborn noble aura. According to her intuition, Red Lady felt like Jingjing was a Miss with a noble background.

“Big sister is looking down on this little sister.” Jingjing said in dejection.

“Absolutely not. When I saw your graceful being, I thought that you were the princess of some country.” Red Lady patted on Jingjing’s little hand and said apologetically.

Jingjing slightly trembled and sighed softly……

Red Lady took a glass of Warrior’s Glory and drank a mouthful of it. She liked this kind of strong liquor the adventures drank. Although this drink was strong, it didn’t irritate her nose. When the drink entered the stomach, Red Lady could feel a sizzling heat dispersing throughout her limbs. She was captivated by this kind of feeling.

All of a sudden, her jade hand holding the glass of wine paused. Her gaze wandered around the special area of the Bounty Hunter Bar which was separated from here by a magic glass. Her heart trembled for an unknown reason. She felt that someone was looking at her from inside this special area. She felt as though the gaze resting on her was very special and familiar.

“Big sister, what’s wrong?” Seeing as Red Lady was in a daze, Jingjing couldn’t help but ask.

“Nothing.” Red Lady smiled and said. She couldn’t go to that special area because she had not joined the Bounty Hunter Guild. All the missions she had done before were either given to her personally by someone or done by cooperating with people.

Time passed minute after minute. The scorching hot sun gradually sank into the horizon and White Cloud City that was baked for the entire day gradually become nice and cool. Outside, the crowd began to fill the streets.

Red Lady and Jingjing were very talkative and they chatted all the way into the evening. They only stopped when they heard the magic clock ring. This indicated that the afternoon was over and nighttime was coming.

“Big sister, this little sister is really happy that I can become friends with you. However, I have to go now.” Jingjing sighed softly with an inexplicably lonely look.

Red lady was also reluctant to part. This woman gave her a very special feeling. From the conversation with her, she could feel the pain and helplessness Jingjing occasionally revealed. What exactly caused this noble girl to be driven into prostitution?

“Big sister will go back with you. In these last few years, big sister had saved up some money. I wonder if it will be enough to redeem you.” Red Lady thought for a bit and said. She felt that she and this girl Jingjing were kindred spirits. As such, she wanted to help Jingjing out.

Redeem? Jingjing forced a smile and shook her head, “Regardless of how much money big sister has, you will not be able to redeem this little sister. This little sister appreciates big sister’s kindness.”

“Why is that?” Red Lady asked in surprise. Although she was very experienced, she had never worked with prostitutes before.

“Please don’t ask. Big sister, this little sister has some difficulties……” Jingjing shook her head. When she saw a figure walking out from the special area of the Bounty Hunter Bar, she revealed a happy expression.

Long Yi was caressing the mustache above his lips as he walked over with Mad Lion.

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The beautiful eyes of Red Lady flashed and she nodded her head to Mad Lion with a slight smile. After acknowledging Mad Lion, she looked at Long Yi who was casually walking towards her. This person……  He gave her a familiar feeling.

“It’s a small world, Jingjing… We meet again.” Long Yi smiled and went up to Jingjing. He sized Red Lady up before looking away. He wanted to see whether Red Lady would recognize him or not.

Jingjing looked very happy to see Long Yi. After what happened last night, she felt an inexplicable closeness towards this youth who only had an ordinary appearance. Perhaps the feeling had something to do with her wanting to pull him over to her side. A woman’s instinct made her believe that as long as this man was willing, he could extricate her from her predicament.

“It has been a few years but Red Lady’s graceful bearing is still unchanged.” Mad Lion boldly greeted Red Lady with a smile on his face

“Big brother Mad Lion’s elegant demeanor grows more and more…” Red Lady chuckled and said. She truly admired Mad Lion, this Mercenary King. No matter whether it was strength or behavior, Mad Lion was worthy of his reputation.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone in this bar became focused on the three of them. With two S ranked mercenaries of the Blue Waves Continent standing together, how could they not be shocked? Even those people in the special area joined the onlookers. All of them looked at Long Yi and his group as they chatted with each other in the middle of the bar.

After exchanging pleasantries, Red Lady’s gaze subconsciously fell onto Long Yi again. Although his appearance was not something she recognized, his expression and cheeky smile were very familiar to her.

“Brother Long, how about we change the location and drink a few more cups?” Mad Lion laughed heartily and proposed.

Brother Long? Red Lady was startled. In an instant, she narrowed her eyes and she saw the light. When everyone was dumbstruck, she ferociously walked in front of Long Yi and she pinched his waist. With a snort, she scolded Long Yi, “Good, stinking brat! You actually dare to play with this big sister. Do you think that this big sister will not recognize you after changing your appearance?”

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