Chapter 497: The thoughts of Mu Hanyan

When Mad Lion heard what Long Yi said, Mad Lion was stunned and he stared at Niur who was in Long Yi’s bosom. He stuttered, “With……  With her? Are you mistaken?”

“Brother Mo Yan, are you doubting me? Just tell me whether or not you are willing to bet with me.” Long Yi looked at Mad Lion with a smile and said.

Mad Lion came back to his senses and curiously sized up the innocent and artless Niur. Even though he knew that there was something odd with this bet, he was Mad Lion after all. He wasn’t going to shrink back from the challenge at all. Slamming his hand on the table, he replied, “Fine. I’ll take up the challenge.”

“Niur, what are you waiting for?” Long Yi smacked Niur’s butt and his face had a sinister expression on it. He looked like his evil plot succeeded. One should know that Niur’s stomach was a bottomless pit. There was nothing able to fill her stomach.

Niur had been waiting eagerly for some time already. When she got Long Yi’s approval, she opened her small mouth. All of the good wine in the jar turned into a continuous stream of water and it entered her mouth. She emptied a wine jar in three seconds flat. As for Mad Lion who was still drinking from a wine jar, his jaws dropped when he saw how little Niur drank the wine. Dropping his wine jar, he stared at Niur as she emptied the remaining jars of wine on the ground.

“I admit defeat. What kind of freak is your daughter?” When he saw that Niur was greedily looking at the wine of jar in front of him, he made a wry smile. He raised the white flag and admitted defeat.

“Heh heh, then… As for my condition…” Long Yi smiled and looked at Mad Lion. He didn’t even try to cover up his eagerness.

“If you agree to bet, you must accept the loss. You can put forth any condition. If I, Mad Lion, show so much as a frown, I’ll be damned. I wasn’t given birth by my mother and I wasn’t raised by my father if I refuse your condition.” Mad Lion emptied the rest of his wine and he let out a long breath. The smell of alcohol lingered in the air.

The smile on Long Yi’s face became even more magnificent. Long Yi started to size up Mad Lion repeatedly as if he was buying chicken from a butcher. The gaze which he used to look at Mad Lion gave Mad Lion goosebumps.

“Brother Mo Yan haven’t joined the Bounty Hunter Guild right?” Long Yi casually asked.

“Not yet.” Mad Lion curiously looked at Long Yi. He didn’t know why Long Yi would ask such a question.

“Actually, my condition isn’t difficult at all. I just want you to join the Bounty Hunter Guild and take charge of it. I’m pretty sure you already know about the rewards the Bounty Hunter Guild gives. You’ll never be treated unfairly there.” Long Yi said with a smile. Although the Bounty Hunter Guild had expanded and developed rapidly under his control, Long Yi felt as though there was something missing. There were many top experts who had joined the guild and the development of the guild relied solely on Arnold and Alpha. Long Yi felt as though the two of them were not enough to hold the guild together. Most of the experts were proud and untamable fellows. If the guild didn’t have a peak expert with both reputation and strength to oversee it, the guild would become extremely hard to manage.

“Take direct charge of the guild?” The eyes of Mad Lion flashed. Taking direct charge of the guild was a completely different matter than if he were to join the guild. All of a sudden, Mad Lion realized something. He understood why the Bounty Hunter Guild was able to rise up so abruptly in this troubled times. As it turned out, Long Yi was the manipulator behind the scenes.

Mad Lion appeared somewhat hesitant. The current leader of the Mercenary Guild had helped him during his most difficult times. That was the only reason he stayed in the Mercenary Guild all these years.

However, a promise was worth a thousand pieces of gold. Since he had agreed with Long Yi to complete one of his demands. Anyway, Mad Lion knew that he had never formally signed an agreement with the leader of the Mercenary Guild. After a short moment of hesitation, Mad Lion looked at Long Yi and said, “Fine, I agree to this condition.”


White Cloud Lake which was always noisy at night had already turned quiet. The gaily-painted pleasure-boats which had different designs were all gathered at the shore of the White Clouds Lake. Other than the rustling sounds of willows being gently blown by the wind, this White Cloud Lake appeared to have fallen into a deep slumber under this scorching sun.

This place where lovely spring scenes could be seen at night was always quiet in the morning. They did their business in the night and they would stop to rest in the daytime. In the morning, all the girls were sleeping.

That gorgeous Red Sleeve Boat was anchored in its dedicated dock. Other than the yawning guards, there was no one else near the boat.

“Lulu, how is the investigation of that man going?” Mu Hanyan sat in her private compartment and asked the beautiful lade.

“Replying to Miss, this subordinate has already investigated. That man has two wives. He has a maid and a little girl around him as well. He entered White Moon City yesterday from the direction of the Nalan Empire and now, he resides in Phoenix Inn. According to the latest report, this man drank wine with Mad Lion in a restaurant today. When they listened to what Mad Lion said, Mad Lion addressed the man as ‘brother Long’.” Lulu respectfully replied.

“Brother Long?” The eyes of Mu Hanyan flashed and her complexion changed. In the end, a smile appeared on her face.

“Lulu, go to the city lord residence and give Ha Lei my message. Tell him to go to Phoenix Inn to visit his master.” Mu Hanyan stood up and said to Lulu.

“Yes, Miss.” Lulu accepted the command and left the room. There was a strange feeling in her heart. Wasn’t the Miss Ha Lei’s master? How could his master be that man? Anyway, that wasn’t something she was going to ask Mu Hanyan.

Mu Hanyan’s smile slowly turned bitter and astringent. Then, swirling her wine cup, she looked at that fruit wine which resembled blood as it swirled around in her cup.

All of a sudden, Mu Hanyan frowned. She stood up and pulled open the door of her private compartment. She saw Jingjing wearing a veil walking towards the first floor of the Red Sleeve Boat. Her four sword maids were following behind her.

“Where are you going?” Mu Hanyan coldly asked. She knew that Jingjing hated her. She also felt a kind of inexplicable indifference and coldness towards Jingjing.

“Going window-shopping. Can’t I do that? Could it be that you want to interfere with this as well?” Jingjing paused and stared at Mu Hanyan with a taunting expression.

“Aren’t you going to look for him?” Mu Hanyan didn’t pay any attention to Jingjing’s taunting gaze. However, Mu Hanyan’s voice had a trace of undetectable anger.

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Jingjing seemed to be lost in thought when she looked at Mu Hanyan. With a chuckle, she replied Mu Hanyan, “Yes, I want to go and look for him. Although that person’s appearance isn’t too good, I like him. Not only do I want to look for him, I want to give my body to him.”

Mu Hanyan’s gaze instantly turned ice-cold. Her usual bewitching temperament could overturn all living creatures. However, she was so cold right now that everyone who saw her would tremble in their shoes. She could actually possess two completely different sides of herself at the same time. That was really strange.

“Angry? Hehe, you are such a cold-hearted person. You can also become jealous over a man? I never would have thought that it was possible… This is really a miracle.” Jingjing’s trembling body stopped all of a sudden and she snorted coldly at Mu Hanyan. She walked to the first floor of the Red Sleeve Boat without turning her head.

Mu Hanyan took a deep breath. The expression on her face was extremely complicated. She had always thought that even if she had a relationship with a man, she would be able to control herself relying on her intellect. However, at this moment, she discovered that her feeling for that man had already far exceeded her expectation. How was she going to face him in the future?

Even though the scorching sun directly overhead was showing no quarters as it roasted this bustling city, the heat seemed to be bearable. Maybe it was because of the green water and blue mountains surrounding the area. They seemed to have absorbed a lot of the heat.

There were not too many people on the street and steam was curling up from the white slabstones on the ground. If anyone were to crack a raw egg on the street, the egg would be fried in less than a minute.

At this moment, the teahouses, pubs, and so on that had magic cooling devices were densely populated places. In the cool environment, close friends got together in groups of twos and threes as they drank ice tea or cold fruit wine.

As White Cloud City was a first-tier city, the Bounty Hunter Bar naturally existed here. It had vaguely replaced the position of the Adventurer Bar as the place where numerous adventurers went.

At this moment, Long Yi and Mad Lion were sitting in a special area of the Bounty Hunter Bar. They were chatting with each other casually. Don’t look at the boorish appearance of Mad Lion. He had a thorough understanding of the history and present situation of the entire Blue Waves Continent. How could an aloof Mercenary King be a boorish fellow who only knew how to fight? He definitely had enough knowledge about the entire continent if he wanted to travel freely across the continent.

“The trend of the world is that, that which is long divided must unify and that which is long unified must divide. Now, the balance of the Blue Waves Continent has already been broken. According to the present tendency, the entire Blue Waves Continent is bound to fall under the domination of one lord.” Mad Lion drank a mouthful of good wine a strong smell of alcohol left his mouth. Now, Mad Lion was already on Long Yi’s side. They no longer had to hide anything when talking to each other. Not to mention the fact that Mad Lion actually wanted to be Long Yi’s friend.

“So, who is that one lord according to you?” Long Yi tapped the table with his finger and asked with a smile.

Mad Lion smiled and he straightforwardly replied, “I am afraid that even the common people have already heard of the dispute inside the Violent Dragon Empire. Still, how can I, this rough fellow, have a say in the matter of the lord?”

Long Yi laughed. Although the Ximen Clan seemed to possess the advantage right now, he knew that it was possible for everything to change in an instant. Without the proper understanding of the situation, all of his efforts would be wasted.

“Hengduan Mountain is also a variable. As far as I know, the current Patriarch of the Bimeng Clan is a very ambitious fellow. They might attack us from the dark.” Mad Lion warned.

Long Yi naturally knew about this. He also knew that Yin Jian and Bertha would not disappoint him. According to the intelligence from the Hengduan Mountain, Bertha already had successfully established herself among the beast-men clans. It was even easier for him to infiltrate the beast-men clans now.

All of a sudden, Mad Lion’s gaze rested on the noisy hall. It seemed as though he was able to sense something across the magic glass which separated the special area and the other parts of the bar.

“Brother Long, your mistress is here.” Mad Lion said with a lewd smile.

Long Yi followed the gaze of Mad Lion and saw Jingjing wearing a veil. She was seated at an empty table with her four beautiful sword maids. They attracted numerous lecherous and greedy gazes. Although they had never seen the true face of Jingjing, everyone could guess how beautiful she was just by looking at her figure and her temperament. Moreover, the appearance of those four maids was incomparably beautiful. They assumed that the Miss should be even prettier compared to the four of them.

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