Chapter 496: Mad Lion, the bet between the two

In a scented lady’s chamber, Mu Hanyan was standing upright as she coldly stared at Jingjing who was sitting on the sofa. Jingjing was looking at her nails and she seemed to be unconcerned by Mu Hanyan’s presence. Mu Hanyan seemed to be irritated as she looked at Jingjing.

“I will ask you again. What did you say to that man just a moment ago?” Mu Hanyan restrained her anger and asked Jingjing. She had a cold expression on her face.

Jingjing looked up at Mu Hanyan and casually replied to her, “A man and a woman in bed… What do you think we were talking about?”

“You……” Mu Hanyan glared at Jingjing. There was a hint of killing intent which flashed through her eyes.

“What? What are you mad at? Can it be that you are jealous of me?” Jingjing nevertheless ignored Mu Hanyan. A taunting smile slowly appeared on her face as she looked at Mu Hanyan.

The killing intent flashing through Mu Hanyan’s ice-cold eyes dissipated all of a sudden. With a bewitching smile, Mu Hanyan reminded JIngjing, “Don’t forget, you are not alone.”

Jingjing was stunned and the nail file in her hand trembled. A trace of blood seeped out from the edge of her finger. However, Jingjing looked at the blood flowing from her fingertips with an indifferent look. It was as though the blood wasn’t her’s at all.

“Conduct yourself well. Don’t let me find you playing any tricks. Otherwise……” Mu Hanayn coldly snorted and disappeared from that room.

After Mu Hanyan disappeared, Jingjing’s suppressed emotions erupted. Her entire body trembled and she gritted her teeth. The look in her eyes displayed her intense hatred. When her emotion was about to get out of control, a familiar warm feeling welled up in her glabella. The warm feeling coursed through her entire body and she felt as though a gentle and soft hand caressed her body. Her emotions slowly stabilized.

“Is it him?” That ordinary face and the cheeky smile appeared in her mind. She subconsciously felt a hint of warmth in her ice-cold heart.


It was five in the morning. The sun was rising from the east and the air had already begun to heat up.

“Father, Father, wake up.” An immature voice resounded beside Long Yi’s ear and his body started to sway.

“Niur, why did you wake me up so early in the morning?” Long Yi half opened his eyes and pulled the little Niur into his bosom. He made her lie on his chest.

“Hungry…” Niur said with a wronged expression on her face.

Long Yi made a wry smile and replied to her, “Didn’t that old man with a beard give you breakfast?”

“It was so little! That’s not enough for Niur!” Niur rubbed her head on Long Yi’s chest as she expressed her rage.

“Fine, fine. If you rub any more, you will peel off father’s skin.” Long Yi hugged Niur and got up. After washing his face and rinsing his mouth, he carefully looked at that ordinary appearance reflected on the magic mirror. He nodded his head with satisfaction.

The moment he left his room, he saw Liuxu, Liuli, and Feng Ling staring at him.

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“Wow, why are all of you looking at me so eagerly? It is wrong to do something perverted in broad daylight. How about at night……  Aiyo! Are you all rebelling against me?”

Long Yi held on to Niur as he jumped left and ran right. He dodged the wine bottles, trays, even pillows, which were thrown towards him by the three girls. They vented their anger and shame by throwing whatever they could find at Long Yi. As for Niur, she found this amusing and she chuckled happily.

When they finally calmed down, the hall was in a messy state. Long Yi understood that the three women were also starving. In the end, he said, “The breakfast delivered by that manager was insufficient for Niur. Could it be that it was insufficient for you three as well?”

“We all ate nothing. Niur ate everything within ten seconds.” Feng Ling found it extremely funny. Then, she added, “Furthermore, last night, we strolled everywhere but we didn’t get to buy anything we liked. Not to mention the fact that we didn’t even buy anything to eat even though we were starving. You didn’t even notice that your wives were about to starve to death!”

“This… The three of you have no money?” Long Yi was startled and he asked.

“I escaped in a hurry. All the money I had was already spent.” Feng Ling replied.

“Then, what about you? I know that people of the Dragon Race like to hoard treasures. You aren’t stingy to this level, are you?” Long Yi suspiciously shot a glance at Liuxu. He knew that there were countless treasures in that crystal dragon palace. He didn’t believe that Liuxu didn’t carry any of it with her.

Liuxu ferociously glared at Long Yi and snapped, “All the things I brought with me have been already eaten up by Niur as snacks. I don’t even have a single silver coin left.”

When he thought about it, it seemed as though he was truly an incompetent husband. Long Yi hollowly smiled and to make up for it, he led everyone outside the Phoenix Inn.

In order to taste different snacks and eat different delicacies, it was the best if they could look for roadside stalls. It didn’t matter where or when it was. Roadside stalls were always the best.

This White Cloud City was a first tier big city. Naturally, there were many snack streets. After asking for directions, they walked towards their destination. Although it was referred to as a snack street, it was actually just a small alley which was around two hundred meters long. However, no one should look down on this alley. Even though it was still early morning, it was already filled with many people. Mercenaries, magicians, merchants, and even common people all squeezed into the alley. This place was boisterous and the aroma of food caused the greedy worm in everyone’s stomach to protest non-stop.

Right now, Long Yi’s group appeared extremely ordinary. No one paid any attention to them. They bought food from several street stalls and ate all of them with the oil flowing down the side of their mouth. Especially Niur. Her appetite and speed she ate truly frightened the shopkeepers who owned the stores on the street.

Just when Long Yi planned to return back to the Phoenix Inn, the surrounding people started clamoring.

“Quickly look, isn’t that the Mercenary King Mad Lion?” A mercenary asked his companion.

“That’s right, it’s really him! Just by looking at his fists, I know that he is the true Mercenary King Mad Lion. Let’s go and greet him!” That companion carefully looked towards the huge figure and he exclaimed with excitement. One should know that Mad Lion was the idol of all mercenaries. He was the super top dog who held the title of ‘Mercenary King’ three times in a row.

Practically everyone in Blue Waves Continent knew Mad Lion’s name. All of them also knew that the moment he raised his bloody fists, no one would be able to leave alive. As such, even though there were people who hated him, no one dared to provoke him.

As for Mad Lion, he was indifferent to this type of situation. He was chewing on the delicacies as if no one else was present. He was also extremely generous. Since he earned a huge amount of money after completing each mission, he didn’t care much about money.

“Brother Long, we meet again!” Seeing Long Yi in the midst of the crowd, Mad Lion’s eyes started to shine. After making his way through the crowd, he walked over to Long Yi and he laughed loudly.


Long Yi made a wry smile and he sighed softly when he saw the number of people staring at him. Now, it was difficult for him to not attract any attention.

“It seems like the fate which brings people together is not shallow. Since I was able to meet brother Mo Yan in the streets, how about we go for a drink? Long Yi caressed his mustache and said with a smile.

“Of course. Last night, you were favored by that girl, Jingjing, and you stayed overnight in the Red Sleeve Boat. How can we not celebrate?” Mad Lion laughed out loud and patted Long Yi’s shoulders.

As soon as he finished speaking, countless murderous gazes suddenly focused on Long Yi. People laid equal stress on the name, Jingjing, and pureness. All of the men regarded her as the unattainable fairy in their heart. However, now they found out that this fellow with ordinary looks and boorish appearance actually slept with the girl, Jingjing. How could they not get angry?

Naturally, other than the onlooking crowd, the expression of Feng Ling and Long Yi also changed. The complexion of Long Yi changed because Feng Ling’s jade hand ‘gently’ caressed his waist.

“Smelly husband, you scoundrel! No wonder you came back so late last night!” Feng Ling snorted.

Long Yi gnashed his teeth and glared at Mad Lion. Long Yi was 100% certain that this fellow did it on purpose.

Although the public sentiment was wrathful, due to Mad Lion’s reputation, no one dared to raise their hand against Long Yi. They knew that even if they attacked, that guy would not be the one to suffer.

After looking for a restaurant, they sat down. At this moment, it was still early in the day. As such, there were not many people in the restaurant. The group managed to find a quiet seat inside the restaurant.

“Brother Mo Yan, just a moment ago, you were too ruthless. Today, if you don’t drink three jars of wine as a punishment, don’t think that this Young Master will let you off.” Long Yi said with a smile.

The moment the words left Long Yi’s mouth, the door of the private compartment opened. More than ten waiters brought in half human-sized wine jars with great difficulty and placed them on the floor with a bang. After opening the jars, the waiters left the room.

“My husband, do you want to drink to your death? This amount of wine is enough to drown you” Feng Ling rolled her eyes and said to Long Yi.

“When men drink wine, women shouldn’t interfere. Obediently serve me from the side.” Long Yi said sternly.

Feng Ling was startled. Sticking out her tongue, she replied, “Yes, my husband.”

At this moment, Liuli got behind Long Yi and began massaging his shoulders. Feng Ling stood to the side and served him drinks. Only Liuxu who was carrying Niur sat to the side with her cold gaze fixed on Long Yi. She was cursing him in her heart. She was thinking about how Long Yi was a man who only cared about his reputation.

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Mad Lion truly envied Long Yi and he laughed, “Young Master Ximen is so fortunate. You really make me jealous of you.”

“Less nonsense, you should first drink three jars of wine as a punishment. If you don’t, we can’t be brothers.” Long Yi said with a smile. With a wave of his hand, three jars of wine floated in front of Mad Lion.

Mad Lion didn’t stand on ceremony. He grabbed a wine jar and broke the seal. He began drinking the wine with big gulps. Although these three wine jars added up to more than 150 pounds, the wine was not that strong. Ordinary people might not be able to drink ten pounds or so, but Long Yi was sure that Mad Lion would be able to easily finish the wine. If he was really as weak as he pretended to be, he wouldn’t be the Mercenary King.

Only the sounds of gulping resounded in the room and three jars of wine were completely drunk by Mad Lion. Mad Lion exhaled a long breath and his complexion was somewhat flushed. However, his eyes were still as clear as before.

“Okay. My brother, today, the two of us shall finish all the alcohol in this restaurant.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Mad Lion’s eyes also shone with excitement as he said, “Fine, let’s do that. Today, we brothers will not return unless we are drunk.”

“Father, I also want to drink!” Niur suddenly rushed into Long Yi’s bosom from Liuxu’s embrace with lightning speed. She started acting like a spoilt child as she pestered at Long Yi.

Mad Lion was startled and he rubbed his eyes. Could it be that he had blurred vision? How could this young girl who looked less than three years old be so fast?

Long Yi looked at Niur and said with a smile, “Brother Mo Yan, how about we make a bet?”

“What’s the bet?” Mad Lion asked with interest.

“I bet that you can’t drink as much as my daughter. If you win, I’ll agree to any one request of yours. If you lose, you shall agree to one of my conditions. How about it?” Long Yi smiled slyly just like an old fox.

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