Chapter 495: Messy relationship and the objective of Mu Hanyan

Long Yi was startled in his heart. This woman was crazy. He let go of her small leg and turned sideways. A soft whisper could be heard and white light flashed. However, the white light disappeared in an instant. Although it seemed as though nothing happened, the place where Long Yi was lying on just a moment got completely destroyed. A palm-sized black hole had appeared and the quilt and mattress had been turned into ash.

At this moment, Jingjing’s beautiful face was twisted and her beautiful eyes unexpectedly emitted deep resentment. Long Yi could tell that she had already lost control of her emotion.

Long Yi didn’t hesitate. He used his finger to poke her shoulder at lightning speed before using his other hand to press on her glabella. He slowly injected his spirit power and internal force into her body.

After a good while, Jingjing’s twisted face returned to normal. The resentment in her eyes dissipated. However, her complexion was pale and her eyes were vacant.

“Many thanks.” Jingjing looked at Long Yi and there was a complicated feeling in her heart.

“Don’t mention it. You nearly scared me to death. You… Why do you have such a strong feeling of resentment? Who do you hate?” Long Yi looked at the black hole in the center of the bed and asked carefully. He was afraid that he would trigger her emotional backlash again.

Jingjing shook her head and sat on the bed hugging her knees. She appeared just like a helpless little girl. Long Yi immediately felt that she was extremely pitiful. As long as they were not his enemy, Long Yi was very lenient towards women. Not to mention the fact that Jingjing was a woman who greatly resembled Mist Fairy.

“Do you know what that Mist Fairy is doing in Blue Moon City?” Jingjing looked up at Long Yi’s face. When she saw that there was a look of empathy in his eyes, her heart felt warm and her tone became gentle and soft.

This fellow was a strange man. Although he looked like an ordinary young man and a pervert who liked to take cheap advantage of girls, she could tell that he was someone more than that. He really didn’t care about her beauty. At best, he was curious about her. When she saw how he was able to easily dodge her attack and was able to soothe her entangling vile emotions, Jingjing knew that he couldn’t be an ordinary man.

“This…… I am not very clear. Mist Fairy always appears and disappears mysteriously.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. When he saw Jingjing’s disappointed look, his heart started to jump. Then, he suddenly added, “A friend of mine told me that that Mist Fairy was seriously injured. He didn’t know how she was injured but her soul seemed to have received serious damage. She was bleeding from seven apertures and she looked very frightening.”

“Her soul suffered serious damage? Is that true?” Jingjing urgently asked. When Long Yi looked at her appearance, he realized that she looked pretty happy. She didn’t look worried in the slightest.

Long Yi looked at Jingjing with a strange expression on his face. He already realized that Jingjing and Mist Fairy had a close relationship with each other. Seeing as how their appearance greatly resembled each other, Long Yi thought that they might be sisters. However, their relationship seemed pretty bad.

“What are you looking at? I have already finished asking what I wanted to ask. Now, scram.” Jingjing rolled her eyes and said.

“You are tossing my away after using me. This is wrong of you. In any case, I want some repayment.” Long Yi said with an indignant look.

“Then, what do you want as repayment?” Jingjing asked with a smile. She could already guess this stinking lecher’s dirty thoughts.

“My 20 Amethyst Coins! You have to return them to me. That is not a small sum of money.” Long Yi spread out his palm and said without any shame.

Jingjing’s smile instantly froze. She thought that this bastard wanted……

“What? Are you unwilling? Then… how about becoming my woman? Although your appearance is barely acceptable, your tea preparation method isn’t bad. Bringing you along with me will not make me lose face…” Now that Long Yi talked so much, he suddenly shut his mouth. He saw that Jingjing’s beautiful face had already turned extremely dark. He started to think about whether he should start to make his escape.

“It is not impossible for me to become your woman.” Jingjing gnashed her teeth and said.


“You just have to help me kill that Mist Fairy.” Jingjing added.

“Cough cough…… Take it as if I never said anything.” Long Yi nearly died choking on his own saliva. He turned over and jumped out of the bed. Kill Mist Fairy? Not to mention whether he had the ability or not, even if he had the ability, it was a near impossible task. Moreover, although it was unclear whether she was an enemy or a friend, at the very least, she and Mu Hanyan had helped him a lot up till now.

“Coward.” Jingjing was somewhat disappointed and she also got off the bed after arranging her clothing.

“This… It is already late. My beloved wives are waiting for me at home. I cannot accompany you any longer.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Get out of here right now!” Jingjing snorted and sat on the sofa in the hall. She turned her head to one side and ignored Long Yi.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the room. After he took two steps, he stopped walking. His body suddenly shook and his black pupils flashed. He quickly rushed out of the room.

When Long Yi stopped walking, Jingjing thought that Long Yi had changed his mind and she was secretly delighted in her heart. However, Long Yi disappeared the next moment. This made her feel extremely disappointed. She couldn’t help but to stand up and chase after Long Yi. However, when she reached the entrance of the room, she realized that the corridor was empty. Long Yi had already disappeared without a trace.

“Who else can help me in this world?” Jingjing muttered and sighed softly. Turning around, she returned into her chamber.


“Miss, Ha Lei has come.” The door of the secret room slid open once again and Lulu respectfully said from the entrance.

Mu Hanyan nodded her head and stood up. After she walked out of the secret room, the wall closed without leaving a single trace.

The door opened and a tall person whose entire body was covered with a black robe entered. He saw Mu Hanyan sitting on the sofa and greeted respectfully in his hoarse voice, “Subordinate Ha Lei greets Miss.”

“No need to be courteous, take a seat.” Mu Hanyan indifferently nodded her head. Her noble bearing made people unable to look directly at her.


At this moment, Long Yi was on the lake surface not too far away from the Red Sleeve Boat. His dashing eyebrows were knitted together. This Ha Lei had formed a soul contract with him. Moreover, Ha Lei and he had a master and servant relationship. When Ha Lai approached him, he would be able to sense Ha Lei. However, Ha Lei would be unable to sense Long Yi unless Long Yi was willing to let Ha Lei sense him.

“Ha Lei…… What is he here for? He wants to join in the fun?” Long Yi approached the boat and sensed that Ha Lei’s aura was coming from a room on the second floor. According to Long YI’s observations, this room wasn’t a private compartment for guests.

For no reason, Long Yi thought about the scene where the saw Mu Hanyan and that Wind Master Archmage. If this Red Sleeve Boat was truly opened by Mu Hanyan, could there be a relationship between Ha Lei and Mu Hanyan?

After pondering for a long time, a smile appeared on the face of Long Yi. He slowly sent his true qi towards the window of that room from his fingertip. He was sure that there was a powerful barrier surrounding the room.

His true qi slowly approached and easily pierced through the wooden board. It started to erode the barrier surrounding the room.

Mu Hanyan was listening to the report from Ha Lei when she realized something wrong. Suddenly, her heart jumped and she quickly looked toward the window. After that, she stood up and immediately sent an attack towards the window. As for Ha Lei, his nerve was stretch taut as he followed closely behind her.

The window opened with a bang before swinging close. That wisp of true qi that attempted to drill through the barrier quietly dissipated in the air.

Mu Hanyan shook her head in confusion. She felt that something was wrong. Could it be because of him? The figure of Long Yi appeared in Mu Hanyan’s mind. Did he discover her presence on the Red Sleeve Boat?

In the center of White Cloud Lake, a head popped out from the surface of the water. Long Yi flung his head back to get rid of the water droplets on his face. A cold smile slowly formed on his face. His true qi had already got him the result he wanted. When that window opened and closed for a moment, he clearly saw Mu Hanyan standing in the room together with Ha Lei.

“Ha Lei… Mu Hanyan… Seems like your hand stretches far.” Long Yi muttered. The mysterious Ha Lei was also among them. This matter wasn’t simple at all.

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To a certain extent, Ha Lei represented the dark force behind Long Zhan. In the past, Mu Hanyan came into contact with his sister-in-law, Liu Shi. Putting it that way, Mu Hanyan had to be inextricably linked with the dark force behind Long Zhan. Moreover, when the two princes were competing for power in Blue Moon City, she was able to easily make Lafaer, the person who represented the Dark Church, retreat. This showed that her relation with the Dark Church was not simple at all. Only God knew how many secret pieces she had.

Although this woman kept on saying that she wanted to help him, when he discovered more things about her, Long Yi became even more afraid of her. He started to raise his guard against Mu Hanyan. What was her aim? It was not likely that she wanted to help him. That was simply impossible. This woman Mu Hanyan was too mysterious and her schemes were too deep. Mu Hanyan might have had some affection for Long Yi. However, Long Yi was afraid that her affection towards him might disappear the moment they had to fight against each other. Long YI was unable to completely understand her and knew that she might not be influenced by anything else.

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Long Yi shook his head. Currently, he had no other choice but to plan ahead. For Mu Hanyan to help him, her objective was definitely not simple.

Long Yi looked at the Red Sleeve Boat which was floating casually on the lake. He thought that swimming in the lake in such a beautiful night was a pleasant experience.

Before long, a shadow soared into the sky above the Red Sleeve Boat. It instantly disappeared into the night sky.

Long Yi faintly smiled he retracted his aura. He quickly chased after the shadow.

“City lord residence?” Long Yi saw Ha Lei entering the City Lord residence of White Cloud City as he stood far away. His eyes flashed and Long Yi started to laugh.

“Ha Lei, City Lord residence, Divine Wind Legion… So that’s how it is.” Regardless of the relation between Ha Lei and Mu Hanyan, he had been an obedient dog so far. Not to mention the fact that Ha Lei was unable to defy Long Yi’s orders because of the soul contract. First, Ha Lei would crash into the Divine Wind Legion. Now that he was dispatched to White Cloud City as the city lord, it seemed as though Long Zhan’s schemes were about to fall through. Then, with the Ximen Clan and the Nalan Empire joining hands, how would Long Zhan ever have enough power to win the battle?

Ha Lei might have been dispatched to White Cloud City as the city lord due to Mu Hanyan’s arrangement. However, Long Yi didn’t care so much about it. Their current objective was the same anyway. That was the unification of the Blue Waves Continent.

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