Chapter 122: I’ll Really Take Them Off

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character held some hope in his eyes as he thought about the clues he found.

He didn’t even think about anything as he said, “Hong Chen, do you want to use the toilet?”

Hong Chen was originally frowning her eyebrows and felt like Su Ke was showing the first signs of insanity. Who knew that this brat would actually ask her this kind of question.

In a flash, her cheeks went red.

“Eh!” Su Ke thought about what he just said and felt like it was kind of rude and he embarrassedly shook his head.

“He he, I’m just asking, just asking!”


However, Hong Chen’s face didn’t go back to normal, it got even redder instead. She had crimson cheeks and misty eyes as she placed her cup on the coffee table and looked down.

How could Su Ke know that his question would ignite a flame in her?

Hong Chen didn’t feel it at first, but after Su Ke said that, she suddenly felt the urge to pee.

“What do I do? If I knew that this would happen, I wouldn’t have drunk that cup of water!” Hong Chen had drunk a lot of beer when working at Jin Se Hua Nian. If not, she wouldn’t have been drugged by Zhang Wen Long. After she got home and drank another cup of water, her bladder suddenly became full and she couldn’t stop thinking about the toilet.


The more she wanted to suppress the feeling, the more urgent she felt.

She then started to rub her thighs together and her breathing became more erratic as she bowed her head and clenched her hands into fists.

She wanted to squeeze her thighs together at first, but she realized that her body was still too weak.

In a moment, she felt despair. God! What exactly should I do?

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There was no way to go to the toilet. It couldn’t be that she had to wet her pants?

Su Ke finally realized Hong Chen’s plight and stared at her curiously, wanting to know what happened.


Hong Chen raised her head and made eye contact with Su Ke and stared at his innocent appearance, “What are you looking at!?”

She then remembered his words that caused this situation and immediately exploded, “I need to go to the toilet!”

Su Ke’s eyes widened with a stunned expression, “Ah? You’re saying that you want to use the toilet?”

Hong Chen tilted her head and said imposingly, “That’s right!”

She knew that this was the only way for her to overcome her embarrassment as she furiously glared at Su Ke.

Having been shouted at by her, Su Ke quickly contracted his neck and walked back to the sofa before speaking with a cautious tone, “Then… do you need my help?”


“I can’t move right now, so how am I going to go? Roll?” Hong Chen glared at him with her almond eyes and her rabbits seem to feel her internal anger as they unceasingly bounced up and down.

“Oh!” Su Ke didn’t expect that such a casual remark would actually turn out to be true.

However, even though he found the problem, how could he solve it? How could he help Hong Chen resolve her physiological needs? Did he need to carry her to use the toilet?

Hong Chen was feeling so urgent she felt like she was going to go crazy. It felt like her bladder would burst at any minute. She was facing a similar problem to Su Ke, so what should she do?


“Why don’t I carry you in!? After that…. you can do the rest yourself?” Su Ke said in a small voice, trying to feel out her reaction.

“En!” Hong Chen nodded since she didn’t have a choice anymore.

However, after seeing Su Ke rise from the sofa and walk over to her, her heart started pounding and the roiling in her stomach got worst.

Su Ke scratched his scalp as he walked over to Hong Chen and picked her up in a princess carry like before.

Hong Chen didn’t care and just quickly waved her hands in the direction of the toilet, “That way!”


Su Ke opened the door with a “Kacha” and immediately saw a few of Hong Chen’s bras and panties hung on one side.

His nose twitched as he smelled the slight fragrance of jasmine coming off of them.

He wanted to confirm the smell, but he suddenly realized that he still held Hong Chen in his arms who was waiting to use the toilet.

Her face was really red as she followed his line of sight. Since she was living alone, she kept things very casual. Naturally, this means that her bathroom is her domain and her undergarments were hung everywhere so that they would be easy to wear or take off.

Who knew that Su Ke, an uninvited guest, would come in here one day!


“I’m done, this is really embarrassing!” Hong Chen glanced at the black lacy underwear she just washed yesterday; it had an open framework design and looked like a fishing net, which was very good for ventilation and was extremely beautiful.

However, Hong Chen felt like she was going to faint.

Su Ke gulped audibly and restricted his gaze as he carefully put Hong Chen on the toilet seat before standing up to leave.

He then suddenly heard Hong Chen call for him, “Wei, Su Ke!”

“En? Are you done?” Su Ke opened the door slightly before walking in.


Hong Chen stared at Su Ke with her mouth open, but she couldn’t say anything.

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Her face was full of embarrassment and her eyes beseeched Su Ke with a pitiful expression.

“What is it?”

“Can you help me? I can’t take them off!”

When Hong Chen said this, it sounded like she was going to cry as she quickly bowed her head. She put in a bunch of effort just now when Su Ke left,  but she could only pull them down halfway. Since she didn’t have any strength in her legs, she couldn’t even lift up her butt.

“Eh!” Su Ke’s eyes went black and his mind went blank.


He then anxiously repeated her words like he didn’t hear what she said, “You want me to…, to take them off?”

Hong Chen could only temporarily let Su Ke have his delusions as she said, “Just close your eyes! Stop delaying and hurry up!”

After she said this, her entire body trembled.

“Eh! Then, then I’m going to take them off!”

Su Ke saw that even though Hong Chen had bowed her head, she still nodded.

He gritted his teeth and slowly knelt down with his eyes closed.

As his hands wandered downwards, he slowly reached closer to Hong Chen’s waist.


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