Chapter 123: Getting Pleasure from Helping People

Hong Chen was so anxious, she kept trembling as she held down her miniskirt with her small hand and covered herself up. She watched as Su Ke2Su KeMain Character slowly bent down with his eyes closed, but couldn’t calm down.

Su Ke gulped audibly. Even though he was already kneeling down, his thighs were trembling.

As he got closer to her, the fragrance from Hong Chen’s body grew stronger and he could hear his heartbeat getting faster and faster.


He slowly crept his hands forward under a sea of darkness, but in this blackness, an image of a beautiful woman appeared.

Like he had night vision; Hong Chen’s silhouette, posture, and her shy and embarrassed movements were engraved in his mind.

While going against the image in his mind, Su Ke moved forward slightly and immediately felt something soft and flexible press against his shoulder.

Hong Chen put her arm around his neck in a tight embrace.


“En!” Su Ke breathed out of his nose and his chin was surrounded by her two exquisite peaks, so deep that even his mouth and nose were also submerged within the tender flesh.

Her skin was as smooth as silk and had a sweet and seductive smell.

He raised his head slightly with a lot of difficulty so that he could breathe.

At this moment, his shoulder suddenly sunk and Hong Chen suddenly put more strength into her arms. He slowly pulled her body above the toilet as she said quietly, “Hurry up!”

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Hong Chen’s breathing was really erratic as she propped herself up using Su Ke’s shoulders.

Only then did she slowly lift herself up and feel like she was going to lose all of her strength in the next second, making her very anxious.

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“En, en!” Su Ke started sweating and his reached out hands were just hanging there like a Chinese vampire on Tv. His heart was already feeling confused, but now he really had to take Hong Chen’s underwear off?

He had seen her underwear in Jin Se Hua Nian and he touched them with his own hands while he was carrying her. She was wearing pure white cotton underwear that gripped her butt tightly.

Did he have to peel it off?


Hong Chen felt the energy in her arms slowly deplete while Su Ke’s nose kept breathing air into her collar, making her even more powerless.

A feeling of weakness slowly spread from her chest.

“Hurry up, Su Ke!”

Just as Hong Chen spoke, it felt like her strength found an exit and her arms loosened around Su Ke’s neck, causing her to scream in alarm.

Su Ke completely relied on his instincts as he grabbed Hong Chen’s waist directly with his left hand. He had to make a decision since this was an emergency.

Thinking until here, he lifted up her skirt with his right hand without saying anything.


He could feel the soft and silky feeling of her cotton underwear with his thumb, making his heart beat even faster. However, it wasn’t the time for that now.

He then moved his palms upwards, his thumb hooking the edge of her panties and pulling them down.

He didn’t know if it’s because Hong Chen’s butt was too round, or because her skin is too delicate and silky, but Su Ke used almost zero effort to pull her underwear down to her knees before it stopped.


If people said that Su Ke didn’t touch Hong Chen’s butt at all, then that would be a lie.

He was feeling rather thrilled as he pulled them down; with just a small pause he may have gone astray.

When he was done, Su Ke quickly put Hong Chen back down with his eyes still tightly shut.

His heart was already beating really fast and could burst out at any moment as he inhaled loudly and deeply.

Hong Chen’s voice was trembling as he said, “Su Ke, leave quickly!”

It sounded like she wanted to cry as she pushed Su Ke out of the bathroom.


“Eh!” Su Ke didn’t wait for her to repeat herself as he quickly turned and walked out.

Only then did he open his eyes and immediately hear a sound like a tap being opened, like a river winding its way down a mountain.

He was stunned and paused for a moment before realizing what was going on.

“F*ck! She’s peeing!”

He immediately put his hands over his ears and closed the door behind him.

His heart was pounding as he leaned against the door with an anxious expression on his face.

It sounded like the noise was right beside his ears.

Unbidden, the image of Hong Chen on the toilet seat came to mind and his mouth went dry.


He quickly found a cup and got some ice water, drinking it down loudly.

His body was enveloped in the cold for a moment before he finally calmed down.

He roughly shook his head and got the image out of his mind.

While carrying his cup, he surveyed his surroundings once again.

There were a lot of pictures on the wall that very quickly caught Su Ke’s attention.

He didn’t expect to see pictures of her through the years. As expected, she was a beautiful child.

Unexpectedly though, Hong Chen was a tomboy when she was young and her gender was hard to distinguish. However, from high school to university, she started to grow into her looks and had good features, a slender body, and an ever-present smile.


“Oh right, the task!”

Since he was so anxious just now, he completely forgot about the new task.

He didn’t know if he really finished it or not, so he quickly entered the space and it was as expected.

“Task: Resolve Hong Chen’s physiological needs (Complete). Reward: RMB 1000.”

After seeing that the task was complete, Su Ke heaved out a breath of relief, “Hu!!”

Even though he got pleasure from helping people, he still scolded the system in his heart.

‘Can you write the tasks more clearly? Resolving a physiological need? You scared me to death!’


Su Ke whispered to himself, but he didn’t extract the reward yet when he suddenly heard Hong Chen’s voice from the bathroom, “Su Ke!”

He listened carefully, but there was no sound, so he quickly tiptoed over to the bathroom and

placed his ear against it. However, before he could hear what was going on inside, the door was suddenly pulled open and his body fell forward, causing him to stagger.


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