Chapter 608 – F*ck, How Shameless!

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Those polite words were meant to distance himself away from her.

Bai Li Zi Xi continued to smile gently before she gracefully retreated and sat at her table on the side.

Her seat was also located at the Upper Section, not far from where Ji Mo Ya was seated.

When she sat down, a commotion started amongst the female guests.

“She’s also a woman, why is she allowed to seat on the Upper Section?”

“Ssshh, she will be the Saintess tomorrow, a Saintess has many special rights and has enough qualifications….”

“Then why must she be placed near Young Master Ya?”

“What do you think? Why is she assigned to seat beside Young Master Ya? It looks like the rumors about her being his future wife candidate is true…”

Huan Qing Yan smirked, this so-called Ji Mo Ya’s welcoming banquet seems to be fishy!

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She had the feeling that something big would happen!

That this was not a simple welcoming banquet where everyone could simply enjoy a meal.

She viciously glared at Ji Mo Ya and Ji Mo Ya returned her a casual and carefree grin.

Low voices immediately resounded nearby, “She dared to glare at Young Master Ya? She truly doesn’t know her place! Is Young Master Ya someone she could glare at?”

“But Young Master Ya returned a smile to her, he did not even displayed a reaction to Bai Li Zi Xi and also ignored the other noble ladies, yet he returned a smile at her.”

“From the looks of it, he really adores her! How envious!”

“Get out, she is only a plaything. Be it beauty she could not match up to Mu Rong Xin Nuo, be it cultivation she could not match up to Bai Li Zi Xi. I bet that she would be gone in less than two years.”


Huan Qing Yan felt embarrassed, she only exchanged a glanced with Ji Mo Ya and a series of commotion happened.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng at the Male Guests Section also look at her with a meaningful gaze that was filled with sarcasm.

Huan Qing Yan started to feel some pressure.

So be it, she would just deal with him properly after the banquet.

If he did not solve this harem wannabes, she would also create her own harem, lets see whose harem would be bigger.

She did not believe that with her looks and cultivation, she would lose out to him, in addition, she also has the trump card of having the identity of a Spirit Chef!

In this Spirit Treasure Continent where you could become strong just by eating, she felt that this trump card of hers would enhance her ability to establish a harem without any problems.


As everyone immersed in the food and drinks of the banquet, the Old Dragon Turtle beside Plant Sage brought out a vat of wine and slowly started to drink from it. Suddenly, the monkey nearby came to steal the wine vat.

“D*mn monkey, you dare to steal Daddy Turtle’s wine! Return it to me!”

“Come and catch Grandpa Monkey if you can!”

The two Half-Sage level Spirit Treasures entered a staring contest before they started exchanging blows.

The Wine Sage used an opening and stole the wine from his own Spirit Treasure and poured its contents into his mouth…

The act was so fast that the two spirit treasures was caught in a daze.

Then the Old Dragon Turtle and Wine Monkey cursed simultaneously, “F*ck, how shameless!”

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The Wine Sage had already started to become intoxicated and walked with swaying steps after toasting drinks multiple times with others during the banquet, now with the extra vat of wine he started to lose control of himself.

He stood up with a drunk look and walked towards the center of the hall while giggling.

And started to practice a series of Drunken Fists.

Each step he took seemed chaotic and irregular, yet there was a mysterious energy within it.

As his steps and fists was displayed, the aura he suppressed within his body started to gush out like a tidal wave… reaching an unfathomable level.

Huan Qing Yan and everyone else stared with wide eyes at the Half-Sage’s performance, this was a rare opportunity!

As the Wine Sage waved and threw kicks and punches, a layer of faint mist started to appear around his body and got thicker as time goes by. In the end, it filled the entire hall; when the masses inhaled the mist, a thick stench of alcohol entered their nostrils.

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