Chapter 609 – Seduce

It reeked of alcohol!

At that moment, a strange thing happened, a spirit treasure in an illusion state appeared!

Everyone looked at it curiously while its owner was startled at its appearance!

Next, the masses also forget about their confusion.

Because the Drunken Fist of the Wine Sage had summoned one spirit treasure after the other from the young people in the hall.

There were all sorts of spirit treasure from illusion states to physical states, all of them were called out…

Huan Qing Yan felt curious at first, and later on she felt that something was going on with her as well.

Her Pig Spirit Treasure within her wrist felt like it was in a haste too, it was an urgent feeling as though it wanted to come out.

The Leaf Spirit Treasure also slowly poked out its head; when Huan Qing Yan noticed it, she quickly shooed it back inside.

She looked at her surroundings, everyone was showing the same surprised expression as hers, their Spirit Treasures seemed to be uncontrollably trying to come out without their master’s permission.

Those spirit treasures that flew out, they would follow the Wine Sage and display the dance of Drunken Fists with him…

On a closer look, every move of the Wine Sage would emit an invisible alcoholic energy that would be absorbed by the spirit treasures and make them intoxicated.

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Everytime they absorbed the energy, the spirit treasures would display a joyous and relaxed expression.

Someone shouted excitedly, “The Wine Sage is displaying his Drunken Fists! Everyone don’t suppress your spirit treasures, quickly let them out!”

“That’s right, the Spirit Drunken Fists of the Wine Sage would give your spirit treasures great benefits!”


With that shout, people like Huan Qing Yan who were trying their best to suppress their spirit treasures immediately relaxed and let their spirit treasures appear.

Only an idiot would let go of a good opportunity like this where a Half-Sage would help nourish your spirit treasure.

No wonder the spirit treasures were trying to come out without their master’s orders…

Huan Qing Yan looked at Ji Mo Ya…

Ji Mo Ya lightly nodded towards her, and only then did she release her Pig Spirit Treasure.

As for the Leaf Spirit Treasure, Huan Qing Yan wanteed to be cautious so she did not release it, even though Leafy just wanted to extend its head out, it was also suppressed by Huan Qing Yan.

At the same time, she consoled it, “Later, I will cook some Immortal Scarlet Root for you, so stop causing a scene.”

Only then did Leafy calmed down.

The Wine Sage was currently surrounded by all sorts of spirit treasures.

The Wine Sage looked at Ji Mo Ya and noticed that he was looking calm and composed.

The Wine Sage was not willing to lose.

“Brat, this Sage doesn’t believe that I cannot call out that spirit treasure of yours.”

He specially sent a punch towards Ji Mo Ya’s direction…

A thick whiff of wine fragrance instantly reached the entire Upper Section, causing the King Spirit Masters to uncontrollably swallow their saliva.

Showing that the enticement was really powerful!

But Ji Mo Ya was still calm and composed.

Suddenly, a crisp bird call resounded from beside him, a rainbow colored Luan Bird came out from Bai Li Zi Xi!

Its beautiful body looked like a bundle of flames that was burning in midair, its long feathers displayed a series of five colors as it beats its wings, catching the attention of everyone.

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The Wine Sage did not manage to seduce Ji Mo Ya’s spirit treasure, but instead seduced Bai Li Zi Xi’s spirit treasure instead.

The two of them were not far from each other, but the Wine Sage had been targeting Ji Mo Ya.

From this result, one was able to determine whose cultivation was higher and whose was lower.

However, Ji Mo Ya had been a famous genius while Bai Li Zi Xi was still a woman, losing to him did not make anyone felt that she had lost any face.

Bai Li Zi Xi smiled without speaking, the amorous intent in her eyes was blooming like a beautiful flower.

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