Chapter 610 – Spirit Treasure Matchmaking

“Lass, what a beautiful spirit treasure!” the Wine Sage praised and then focused on Ji Mo Ya again.

Ji Mo Ya revealed a bitter smile, before the Wine Sage could throw another attack, he voluntarily called out his Dragon Spirit Treasure.

A powerful draconic roar shocked the entire hall!

With a majestic silver-white physical body that shined brightly, when the body of over thirty meters moved, it would create an invisible pressure on people, one that was filled with power, a perfect combination of violence and beauty.

“I thank the Wine Sage for giving me pointers today.”

The Wine Sage said in frustration, “Kid, aren’t you giving this old man too little face, humph!”

Within the hall, all sorts of spirit treasures were gathered, from big to small, long to short, plant types, animal types, bird types, there were even fish types…

All of them were copying the Wine Sage’s every movement and stance, as they moved, they would compete to absorb the thick Spirit Wine Energy within the air.

When the Wine Sage completed a set of Drunken Fists, all the spirit treasures were in a state of intoxication.

However, they were not in a rush to return to their master’s bodies but started to interact with each other.

The old fellas in the Upper Section started to smile as they watch the spirit treasures chase after each other while occasionally giving some comments.

Huan Qing Yan felt strange, ‘Dammit, several spirit treasures are chasing the butt of the Pig Spirit Treasure, what the heck is that about?’

Were they bullying her pig spirit treasure because its cultivation was low?

Yet it did not look like it was being bullied, more like they were trying to get in its good books.

While her Pig Spirit Treasure displayed an arrogant look as it pointed its nose upwards into the air.

An expression that shows that it was looking down on those spirit treasure that were chasing it!

While the one with the most followers, was Ji Mo Ya’s Dragon Spirit Treasure. Behind its butt were several dozens of underlings of all shapes and sizes…

The Dragon Spirit Treasure also displayed an expression of nonchalance as well.

That Luan Spirit Treasure also had several spirit treasures chasing behind it as well.

The people within the hall were in a great discussion, “Oh god, Lord Wine Sage had… caused all of our spirit treasures to go drunk!”

“Sshh, it is Lord Wine Sage’s way of showing kindness. That event that he created is actually a form of matchmaking for us to find a Dual Cultivation Partner. If two spirit treasures are found to have a great compatibility and their owners cultivate as a pair, the benefits and speed of improvement they would gain will be great…”

“I did not expect that the spirit treasure that suits my Rabbit Spirit Treasure is actually a Carrot Spirit Treasure! *Sobs*, I want to cry!”

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“A Wolf Spirit Treasure is currently chasing my Lamb Spirit Treasure… do they really suit each other?”


Only then did Huan Qing Yan understood the general gist of things.

This was basically a Spirit Treasure Matchmaking Banquet!

When the owners of suitable spirit treasures become partners in Dual Cultivation, their cultivation speed would double with half the effort required.

They might advertise it as Ji Mo Ya’s Welcoming Banquet, but in fact many young people who did not know each other were invited to attend, the banquet was just a front to create a chance for the youngsters to gather and to matchmake their spirit treasures.

When she looked at the spirit treasures in the air, generally, those with high Star Talents were the ones that have the most popularity, each one would have several spirit treasures following it… under such a scenario, the high Star Talent one would display a proud look, some might hesitantly choose one while some would reject all of their pursuers.

There were also naturally suitable spirit treasures who would match and play together happily, however, those were rare circumstances.

Looking at the entire hall, only three spirit treasures attracted the most attention from everyone.

The first was naturally Ji Mo Ya’s Dragon Spirit Treasure, it has the most followers.

The second was Bai Li Zi Xi’s Luan Sprit Treasure. It has quite a number of followers.

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The third was actually Huan Qing Yan’s Pig Spirit Treasure… it also has several followers.

The Pig Spirit was still an illusion state spirit treasure, thus the nine shining stars hanging on the top of its head created an impressive and blinding sight…

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